Tuesday, 5 August 2014

We Will Respond To All Allegations At The Appropriate Time -Ibikunle

 (As at 5th August, 2014)


A leader is like a refuse dump, dirt are thrown into a dump. Only a good leader knows what to take/ use and what to discard from all the dirt thrown into the dump. It is in the spirit of the foregoing that I decided to respond to the several allegations raised here. I am not surprised at the lies, hypocrisy and deceit that have flooded the social media in the last few days but as a detailed reply is being compiled, I want Great Ife students to know the following:


It is no longer news that the entire state is heated up politically and several attempts have been made to get the leadership of the Union involved in the process, not by the political gladiators themselves but by their respective agents amongst us (some present students, past unionists and even some alumni of this institution). Great IFE, this includes the PDP, APC and even the Labour Party. My response to them all has been simple; ‘’ whoever wants us to be identified with them should first help us in telling their principals to help us resolve our on-going crises. The increase in the school fee that has kept us at home for a while now, after then I would not even have to mobilise Great Ife students to come to their support but the students themselves will see such an individual as the messiah and chant his praises across the entire state. Also we have also been telling them to do projects for OAU students such as buses for mobility, scholarships for the indigent, etc ’’. Great IFE! After that none has come back to me. Only for them to start raising baseless and unfounded allegations about us. Let me use this medium to warn all those behind this to stop dragging the image and sacredness of the Union into their greedy, selfish and pecuniary interests. As much as we don’t have any issue with your party affiliation, please desist from dragging the Union into your political diatribes. We did not identify with any political party as a Union and will not do so.The fact that certain senior cadres have issues with me because of my non-alignment does not mean you should dig the grave of the union you claimed to have in mind!


Yes, Sen. Iyiola Omisore donated a bus to the Union. So many opinions have been aired about the bus as to why it has to come now; or why it should be him donating a bus to the Union and so on. To the brilliant students of politics and strategies, the whole eyebrows about the collection are political. Great IFE, the whole story relating to the bus will be highlighted in the subsequent response.


Great IFE students, you elected us to lead you and that we MUST do without betraying your trust. In the immortal words of Uthman Dan Fodio, ‘’Conscience is an open wound that only the truth can heal’’. We won’t trade words with her here because we understand all that has been happening. Great IFE, we will provide details of all that have been happening thus far, stating the roles assigned to everyone and providing the results thus far, so you can decide for yourselves who is ACTING the saint for pecuniary interests and who is ACTUALLY serving your interest.
Until you hear from the Leadership, Great IFE students, I must commend your standing by us and the confidence you repose in us thus far. I must also not forget to add that: May I not live to see that day that I will betray your trust and mandate! So help me God! (Hope everyone, including Olori, can also say this without any fear of the unknown?)
La lucha sigue!

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