Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Your Silence Could Have Been The Saving Grace!

Mahatma Gandhi sometimes said ‘’Speak only if it improves upon your silence’’

Need I say that Madam Olori has just ignited the fire that may never be quenched by any water in the next few years amidst students of Obafemi Awolowo University? Unknownly to our Students’ Union Vice President, her opinion about 15 hours ago has brought the Students’ Union into proper disarray.

As if sleeping yesterday night with heavy thoughts on my mind about Olori’s response was not enough, I woke up this morning to tune my freaky old radio set to my Local Radio Channel to hear the everyday News Diet, alas!  the News of OAU students division over Omisore’s bus gift was a major headline. I stay outside Osun State, so you can calculate the coverage of that news if it can reach me here. Without mincing words, her yesterday’s response was a major player.

I keep asking myself, why has the SU VP chosen this delicate time to break her alleged Golden Silence that no longer holds value? Why now?? I feel Olori just gave in too cheaply due to pressure from certain ‘Ideological Persons’. I know the Olori we voted as our VP will not do that on a good day and right mind of reasoning. She would rather wait for this whole matter of #OAUsaysNO to be resolved first before washing the dirty linen of our Union in the public. Haba! She once proved that. I could remember how she passionately pleaded with Ife students some months back to cork their grievances until the appropriate time when it will be dully addressed. Ibikunle was almost at the verge of impeachment this very moment I am referring to after rumour yet to be addressed that our Union officers, Olori inclusive collected N70,000 from this same Omisore. If not for the silence and understanding Olori begged for then, this problem could have emanated earlier. How then, that thesame person is sparking disunity at this crucial moment when victory is just around the corner?
Even as I refuse to take this issue personal, I want to recognise the role played so far by Comrade Engels, I think his write up inspired many to leave the genesis of our reason for been at home and putting what should be secondary to be primary. We will eventually not forget you so soon. Remember, there have been several outbursts lately that you have something against Ibikunle in person beyond the way they see it looks ordinarily. Personally, I disagree with them but you have further strengthened their views with this unnecessary arousal at this crucial moment.

As much I would love not to make any public comment on the so called Greek gift, I want to state that no matter any gift and wherever it is coming from, we are no fools and kids. Great Ife students, especially our friends who are indigene of Osun state know better who should govern them for the next four years irrespective of what any reservation any Union/Person/Ideological Group may have against any of the contestants. I took my time to conduct a quick survey of the opinion of my Osun friends on the coming Poll, I must tell anyone who cares to listen, it was a VERY close decision result between the two top candidates for the election. Howbeit, that our so called criticism tends to preach a particular message? Please I crave your indulgence to think more about this.

*Laughing loud* NANS is not even left out in the promotional campaign against our Union. I suppose I read an article yesterday from NANS concerning their position on this matter. My question is, what gives NANS the moral justification to point an accusing finger at any person on this matter? I think the moral decadence in NANS should be a big problem that should be addressed rather than the disagreement in our Union that has always proved too chronic for their cheap drugs of intervention.
Now that our Students’ Union seems divided along various interest lines, you will agree with me that the hope of coming out with a reasonable result from #OAUsaysNO remains a big doubt. I want to advice Ibikunle and leadership to cease fire on the school fees matter before things degenerate to something that may be more difficult and wild. I know the Management is already capitalizing on our division to attack us and fortifying ourselves against this may not be feasible any longer as the strength and support the Union officers would need for this can be questioned. Personally, I am yet to pay the hiked fee but I have started to press buttons from everywhere to ensure I meet up with the deadline. I plead with my fellow Great Ife students that are yet to pay to please go and do so if they have the money.

I will like to end my epistle with these words; Those that seek, pray, fight and promote a state of anarchy for our dear Union may not be able to survive the heat when it begins! 


Long Live Great Ife Students’ Union!
Long Live Obafemi Awolowo University!!
Long Live The State of Osun!!!
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!
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