Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Election Petition Tribunal Reports Divide NAOSS Congress

The Congress of National Association of Ondo State Students(NAOSS) ended in an unusual manner today as Congressmen failed to make resolutions on pending issues. A Congress that was called by the President of the Association was meant to hear the report of the Election Petition Tribunal earlier constituted to look into the alleged forgery perpetrated by the new President among other things.

Akeremale Oluseun a.k.a Oluomo, the NAOSS President was already presiding over the Congress until the Chairman of the Election Petition Tribunal, Hon. Banji raised an observation that the President is under investigation and so, he does not have the right justification to preside over the Congress. The Congress was quick to adopt the observation and the President had to step down for the Vice President to preside over the Congress. This decision did not go well with some Congressmen as they believe the President could only be disallowed in such manner only if he had been impeached.

With continued unrest amidst Congressmen in what looks like divided line of interests among them over the matter of the rumoured impeachment of the President, the congress atmosphere was electrified as they started to exchange words.

Intensed arguement started when Honourable Akin, the Fajuyi Hall Chairman and a NAOSSite raised the issue of constitutional adherence to the membership of the Election Petition Tribunal that was set up in an observation turned motion. Eminent, a 2014 presidential aspirant of the OAU Students' Union in his response insisted that there was an agendum yet unattended to which was the motion for the adoption of the last minute and request for counter motion and as such, no motion should be treated.

The General Secretary who was eventually delegated by the Vice President to preside over the Congress lost control of it as arguements got heated up and some Congress men including the Election Petition Tribunal chairman insisted that the Congress be adjourned based on what he perceived as a Congress without agenda.

A credible source privy to our correspondent explained the underlying reason for the commotion and attributed it to the decisions that the Election Petition Tribunal took. It said the Election Petition Tribunal had earlier resolved to impeach the President and at thesame time swear-in a new president without the knowledge of the remaining Executive Members and also the Congress that constituted it. According to our source, the Tribunal had gone ahead to swear-in the runner-up of the presidential election of the Association that brought Oluomo in as the President.

Despite pleas from popular student leaders, AY Toes and Hon. Phenomenon who were congressmen for amicable resolution of the pending matters irrespective of any self interest, the Congress failed to reach a decision on the matter as the General Secretary had to adjourn the Congress till Thursday, 27th September, 2014 on the basis he described as popular demand.

It will be recalled that Akeremale Oluseun a.k.a Oluomo in the last Congress was accused of forging the signature of Mr Iwakun Niyi, the President of his Local Government Association on the Reference letter he tendered to contest in the election that brought him in as the president. Akeremale Oluseun a.k.a Oluomo has since then debunked the allegation and described it as a false and a criminal accusation against him which amounts to slander and defamation of his character.

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