Friday, 5 September 2014

Fees Hike Referendum: Students Defy Lectures To Participate

The Referendum earlier announced by the Students' Union went on smoothly yesterday across the designated Polling Centres on campus. The Referendum was part of the resolutions of the Students' Union Parliament in its last Sitting. It is expected to play a pivotal role in the determination of the next line of action on the fee hike.

Some Polling Centres monitored by our Correspondents including that of Faculty of Administration, College of Health Sciences, Faculty of Sciences among others witnessed a low turnout during our period there. Many of the students do not really find it important to participate. The Ad-Hoc staffs at the Faculty of Sciences had to go into classes been held in BOOC which was filled to capacity to distribute the Referendum paper so that students there could participate. Since the lecture that was supposed to take them was not around, some of the students moved out to fill and submit their Referendum paper.

Many students have also criticized the publicity given to the Referendum. They complained they only got to know about the Referendum thesame morning it was held. Some also left their opinion doubting the objectivity of the Poll as they believed it will not reflect the opinion of over 20,000 Great Ife students as participation was no way near encouraging to them. A Part 4 student of the Department of Psychology who does not want his name mentioned said a Congress initiated the struggle and it should be thesame Congress of students that should decided the fate of it.

The Union leaders together with the Referendum Committee are expected to announce the result of that Poll which will decide the next line of action for the struggle but from our sampled opinion of students, they want the struggle to continue, but in a diplomatic manner.

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