Monday, 22 September 2014

'Ibikunle Plans 'Maradonic' Congress' -Student

By Emeka Chukwudi

Mr Ibikunle Isaac ‘Maradona’ is up to it again. Information from reliable sources reveals that the President is secretly planning to call an unpopular Congress of students, today, Monday 22nd September, 2014. The essence of this unannounced, unpopular Congress plans is to ensure that mass of students are not informed regarding the Congress, while Ibikunle secretly mobilizes his cult-friends to beat up students who dare speak against his impunity and ineptitude. My source informed me that Ibikunle and RBT had held a secret meeting at Asherifa with some known cultists, who are notorious for terrorizing the area. The meeting had resolved that Ibikunle’s men should deal with anyone who raises question on Ibikunle’s at the Congress.

It should be noted that Awoites accosted Ibikunle last Sunday, and demanded that he calls a Congress meeting of students on several issues ranging from suspension, review of the fee-hike struggle, welfare conditions and clarifications on the activities of some officers of the students’ union. Clearly there is clear indication that the recent actions of Ibikunle have earned him an obvious vote of no confidence among the majority of students. Hence, the possibility of impeaching him at any Congress meeting is very high. In a recent event, Ibikunle had ordered that Braggar, another cultist loyal to Ibikunle, should beat up a fresh student at his residence in Awo block 8, claiming that the student intruded his restricted residential area. Of course Ibikunle was nearly beaten in Awo hall, when the rumour was confirmed by Awoites themselves – Ibikunle had to flee Awo alongside his dangerous-looking bandits called security.

With all this, Ibikunle cannot resist calling a Congress of students because he cannot live peacefully with Awoites, who are politically vigilant and greatly detest his recent atrocities. But instead of making the Congress popular so that he can clear the air on several issues indicting him, and to fashion way forward on several issues bedeviling the union too, especially the issues of welfare and suspension of eight students’ activists, Ibikunle has only decided to maneuver attendance so that such meeting would not be effective. This is one of the maradonic and ‘hide and seek’ games which Ibikunle has been playing with Great Ife students since the beginning of his administration.

Students should recall that when school was opened recently after the forceful closure, Ibikunle told students that he would conduct referendum instead of calling a Congress of students. He argued pathetically that Congresses are not well populated. Of course this is a lie. The low attendance that has been recorded in Congresses so far is as a result of the inefficiency of the Ibikunle’s administration and the dearth of publicity, given the ineptitude of Bamidele. Now, the individuals who so much ‘want’ well-populated Congress meeting do not want to mobilize for it.

Wayforward: Students should taunt the permutation and the maradonic play of this treacherous union leadership by going en masse to the Congress venue. Great Ife students must insist that Ibikunle be moderated openly for his connection in the Awo beating. He should give a full report of the state of the union and the increment struggle, especially the issues exposed by the Vice President of the Union. Students must be vigilant of the Cultists, who Ibikunle has mobilized to disrupt the Congress meeting. Any suspicious person should be questioned.

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