Monday, 29 September 2014

Synagogue Building Collapse Was Controlled Demolition – Emmanuel TV

The Synagogue Church Of All Nation says the collapsed building in the church premises was a controlled demolition, demanding for an investigation into the matter.

A spokesman for a media outfit of the church, Emmanuel Television, Mr Ken Emeakayi, said footages from the CCTV in the church premises showed that a strange aircraft hovered over the building four times before it collapsed.

He told Channels Television on Monday that the aircraft might have been there to detonate explosive devices that may have been planted in the building prior to the collapse.

“We are investigating the incident for the world to know what actually happened. When you look at the clip you will see that it was not just the aircraft hovering. At the point of the incident, there was explosion.

“It is possible they were either dropped or planted and the aircraft will have to come and detonate it.

“The persons in the building said that the noise they heard suggested that it was an explosion.
“Those involved in the act may not have been aware of the security cameras.

“With modern technologies explosive devices could be detonated without a loud noise.

“There were about four explosives that were detonated in the building from the much the CCTv could capture and because we know that there would be fragments from the explosive, we are calling for an investigation,” he said.

The Emmanuel Tv spokesman said that the presiding priest, Prophet TB Joshua, could have been the target, explaining that the incident occurred after the same strange aircraft had hovered around a prayer ground where the pastor usually holds prayer sessions in the morning.

“A strange helicopter was hovering around the prayer mountain when the man of God was there. It was the time he was supposed to be at the mountain but he had left. They thought he was still there but he has gone back to the church.Collapsed Synagogue guest house Building.

“After the man of God left the prayer mountain, this same aircraft came to the church premises. The first time it was sighted was at 11:30am local time at a very low altitude hovering over this story building and we have clips.

“It was about 40 feet from the building. The same aircraft hovered about four times. At an interval of nine minutes, five minutes,” he said.

Mr Emeakayi said that the church had submitted the video clips to security agencies for investigation but that they had not received any news about how far the investigation had gone.

He dismissed allegations that the construction of the building did not follow standard rules, stressing that the church had followed every requirement.

There have been rumours that the approval for the building was for a fewer number of floors, but Mr Emeakayi said that the church had approval to erect a 12-story building in the place but had only stopped at six floors.

Contrary to the claims of the spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency south-west region, Ibrahim Farinloye, that members of the church prevented the agency from gaining access into were the building was, Mr Emeakayi said that the persons referred to as members of the church must be sympathisers.

He further asked the agencies investigating the incident to focus on the whole issue and not on an isolated case of building structure standard, insisting that their story about the strange aircraft and the controlled demolition should equally be investigated.

President Goodluck Jonathan had visited the site of collapsed building, promising to ensure that the cause of the collapse was investigated.

Source: Channels TV
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