Saturday, 6 September 2014

We Are Vindicated -Senator Omisore

We are amused by the attempt of Osun State office of the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC) to muddle facts and play sophistry over incontrovertible indictment of two of its key staff for their involvement in the rigging of the August 9 governorship election. We are watching to see if the national headquarters of INEC will also consent to this plot to cover up the involvement of it staff using a nebulous administrative lapses.

We would not have bothered to join issue with the state office of INEC but the need to set records straight supersedes all other considerations. We therefore challenged INEC office in Osun state to provide answers to the following questions: What offence was committed to warrant suspension of the two electoral officers? In an electoral setting, what offence constitutes administrative lapses?

Nigerians cannot be deceived by attempt to play with language. INEC should call a spade a spade and not farm implement. The Electoral Officer of Obokun who tampered with election materials meant for August 9 election was cleared by INEC on the ground that it was a minor misdemeanor.INEC should explain to Nigerians why minor misdemeanor now warrant suspension again. Why are all these coming up again after the Peoples Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate, Senator Iyiola Omisore filed his petition before the Tribunal?

We make bold to say that the vestige of the former Resident Electoral Commissioner, Rufus Akeju who had doctored the Data Capturing Machine and other electoral materials to give APC undue advantage will continue to haunt Osun INEC until the controversial REC is made to account for his misdeeds.

We had on August 27 alerted the good people of Osun state that we have uncovered earth shaking revelations about how electoral heist was perpetrated on August 9 gubernatorial election by the APC.

We have also stated in the press statement that we are aware of the deceit -driven propaganda machinery that is at the beck and call of APC will be unleashed by the time the tribunal begins it's sitting.

We have it on good authority that after it was discovered that APC legal team will not be able to pass the litmus test at the tribunal because of the gargantuan electoral harakiri it perpetrated on August 9, some hack writers and jejenu opinion writers have been contracted to commence media fireworks against the tribunal in order to discredit it.

Some of these paid agents are those who maintain regular column in Nigerian newspapers. Their modus operandi is to create the impression that the tribunal will be biased and will not be able to dispense justice.Already, some of these paid agents have written ' epistle' about how the election was militarized. They will also advance puerile argument that if Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola could muster enough courage to rig the gubernatorial election, he should be regarded as 'superman' based on the so called 'militarization' by the federal government.

We want to assure the good people of Osun state and well meaning Nigerians to ignore these cash and carry writers as we move to reveal more shocking revelations about our so- called progressives who have corrupted the electoral process because of their desperation to hang to power at all cost.

We want to assure our teeming supporters that we shall do all the needful within the ambit of law to retrieve the stolen mandate that was freely bestowed on the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Iyiola Omisore on August 9, 2014 from the impostors. This is a Rescue Mission to retrieve our collective patrimony from election riggers and manipulators whose ball pen has robbed the Osun indigenes of their fair share of the national cake.

Victor Oriola
Press Officer
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