Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why You Must Finish With At Least A 2.1

This piece is for those undergraduates that will like to seek for jobs after school but do not have solid connection. A 1st class or 2.1 will help you AVOID or ALLEVIATE  the Labour Market frustration. Nevertheless, the ones that have influential parents, uncles and aunts can also take a cue from it because it is easier to help someone with a good result.

I am a recent graduate from a Nigerian Federal University. I finished with a strong 2.1 but I wish I made a 1st class. I would have made that First class if I were very hard working. I know many people are like me, they would have had better grades if they were more serious. What I'm saying in essence is that most of us are powerful beyond measures but we do not realize how powerful we could be.

Finishing with a 2.1 is just about having 3.5 out of total 5.0 CGPA. One can achieve this by mixing Bs with Cs in your courses. I had many friends that didn't have solid academic background, weren't very quick at learning but struggled to finish with 3.5, 3.6 after a lot of hard work. Not to talk of many of you that are sharp, it's just that you are too lazy. I was also a lazy brat but that's bygone because I've learnt my lessons.

As a result of the very high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, employers use all possible strategies to pre screen as many as possible applicants and the most popular is the class of degree.

9 out of every 10 Graduate Trainee adverts ask for a minimum of 2.1. The other thing they use in pre screening is age and many also require to have a minimum of 5 credits including maths and english @ one sitting for O'level.

Now let's analyze it: By the time KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC, Akintola Deloitte, Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Total, Schlumberger, Diamond Bank, GTB, Zenith, First Bank, Nigerian Stock Exchange, P&G, Unilever, Honey well, Nestle, Cadbury, Guiness, Nigerian Breweries, Consolidated Breweries, PZ Cussons, etc all advertise graduate trainee positions and they all ask for a minimum of 2.1. How do you think someone that finished with a 2.2 will feel?

I'm currently observing NYSC and I've been applying for jobs. Many of my fellow corps members always ask me to share latest job openings with them but many of them have not been able to apply for any because they finished with below 2.1. I hope we all have an idea how frustrating this could be, for you not to have the privilege to prove yourself even when you might be better and more employable than some of us that finished with 2.1 and 1st class. 

As I'm writing this piece, I have two friends that just got job offers from a reputable multinational company in Nigeria. Guess what? They are both still serving and will resume immediately after NYSC in October. You know what? One of them finished with a 1st class and the other with a strong 2.1.

I know some of you will ask about me, I'm also at the last stage of interview and I have reached some recruitment stages in other good companies. All I need is Almighty God's favour and your prayers can also help land a job offer in some days time *lol*.

Many of us have been misled. We've been made to believe that even if you finish with good grades, you still won't get a good job in Nigeria if you don't have connection. For those that will listen, I can confidently tell you that we still have Firms that act with INTEGRITY in Nigeria,  Organizations that will hire you based on your abilities, Companies that will not compromise standards, Employers that will give you an offer without knowing even a gate man.  Many Multinationals in Nigeria fall in that category. At least, I know of Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG) and Procter & Gamble(P&G). We have many others but those are the two I've had comprehensive experience with.

Finishing with a 2.1 is very easy only if one can put in the required effort and above all pray to God. For the atheists, just keep working hard, working smart and always have a destination. I know you will believe in God someday*lmao*

In Conclusion, one of the commonest things in life is seeing talented people that are unsuccessful. Many of us are gifted but we are just too lazy to make the best use of our potential. If Talent sleeps, Hard work will outshine Talent.

Source: Nairaland
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  1. And also get acquainted with the prospectus, so that not to get disappointed soon. Nice advice you have gave - never give up and try your best!