Saturday, 11 October 2014

Change House Holds First Closed Student Conference In OAU


If the Nigerian literacy rate is truly 61%, how come over 70% of Nigerians still live below 1 US Dollar per day? Thought they say an educated man can never be poor.

If going to school will automatically save us from poverty like they say; then why is Shina Semmy Shoremekun, a 2:1 graduate of OAU an Okada rider in Lagos?

If truly a university degree is the main thing, then why did 8,460 graduates, 713 Masters Holders, and 6 PHD holders applied for truck driver jobs at Dangote Group of Companies in 2012?

If for you the whole end of schooling is money then why have you not dropped out of school like Steve Jobs or Bill Gate and go make your so called money, or follow your so called “passion”?

Where is the equilibrium between my academics, my life passions and goals?

If for you schooling is all about acquiring knowledge, then why do you want to graduate? Why not stay back your whole life so you could acquire more knowledge?

How come we spend a minimum of 4 years and all we get is a cardboard we call Certificate and not a multi-million naira cheque to start a decent life?

Today, many questions hover around the minds of many about what schooling is all about and how it affects there overall success in life.

Come and find answers to all these questions at 360 Degrees; THE FIRST CLOSED STUDENT CONFERENCE IN OAU organized by Change House.

Also expect THE 360 degrees VIDEO THRILLER this Sunday. Let your appetite be on hold, let your expectations be keen and let your gaze be fixed. It will blow you away!

OAU Peeps will exclusively publish the 360 degrees Video Thriller; nothing like it!!!

Please NOTE: Attendance is strictly by invitation and quite a number of things as regards the Conference will only be disclosed to the prospective attendees.

For more information and update about the Conference,

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