Friday, 24 October 2014

ACJ Moves To Mediate Between Polar OAU Union Leadership

It is no longer rumour or a breaking news that the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union President, Comrade Ibikunle Isaac and the Vice President, Comrade Oladejo Funmi a.k.a Olori are not in good terms, thus the Union is experiencing its most unpalatable moment in recent years.

This can be corroborated with recent Press Statements issued from the offices of the two leading Union officers as they trade blames and point accusing fingers at themselves. They continue to give Great Ife students reasons to believe and conclude that there is more than meets the eye. Olori in her last Release which she titled OLORI: THE UNITY I WANT, IS THAT OF PURPOSE, tried to justify the 'Congress' she called on October 2 which has since been a subject of controversy amidst the student populace and which Ibikunle himself during the last Press Conference critically and constitutionally condemned. Now, who is telling the truth? Who should innocent Great Ife students believe? What are the hidden stories behind the polarization in our Union? What are the efforts of the Union officers in a bid to restore normalcy on campus? What is the real stance of the Union factions on the issue of the suspended OAU students?
In a bid to answer these questions and hopefully ensure that things that had fallen/is falling apart are brought back together, the Association of Campus Journalist(ACJ) has taken the bold step to hear both parties and shed light on those areas that are grey to Great Ife students. ACJ will be having a Closed Joint Interview for the two leading Union officers; The President and Vice President of the Students' Union which will be reported immediately to students of OAU.

Speaking on the proposed interview, the ACJ Chairman Guild of Editors, Ayodele Ibiyemi said that Journalists, as the conscience of the masses should be the voice of the ordinary people and cannot look away in a time like this when the studentry is extremely polarized. He further pointed out that the Closed Joint Interview is intended at giving the student the real picture of what is actually going on. In his words, "We intend to give people the truth as against the propaganda that is being peddled. We also intend to mediate between the opposing forces".

As at the time of filing this report, the Union President has consented to honour the invitation as ACJ still awaits the notification from the Vice President. The report of the Interview will be explicitly reported on our website immediately after the interview.
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