Tuesday, 21 October 2014

An Ex-Predite Speaks As OAU Predegree Entrance Exam Commences

1. Please do not panic because you are going to see thousands of candidates coming to take the exam like you... But just believe in your self. To those that are not computer literate, do not think that "I don't think I will pass this exam because I do not know anything about computer", being a computer literate does not have anything to do with this exam.

2. Also, be time conscious but make sure you do not do 'over sabi' especially in the aspect of Use of English (English bad ehn! You go dey fail am but for your mind, you go dey apy say you go get am...lol).

3. Also, you would be given just an hour for the exam, please make sure your work, at least 3 minutes before the allotted time ends.
4. Make sure you eat before you go and also I will advice you not to leave IFE till the next day after your exam, why? Because, you might be sent a text message to come back and re-write your exam... (Last year when we had our entrance exam, a friend of mine left for Lagos immediately after the exam and was later sent an SMS to come and re-write his exam again the next day, but he could not make it...). NOTE- What might have caused this was the student's inability to submit before his/her time elapsed, or maybe the computer system he/she used. Should notice any fault on the system you want to use, please do not hesitate to inform the invigilators, do not be shy!

5. Please eat before you go to the hall o!. Now, I don't want you to go and write the exam, just go there and pass!!! Success is yours. May you all come out in flying colours (in sha allahu) (in Jesus name). Ah loff u all!!!!!

The adviser here is Adeyinka Hassan, an ex-predite and prospective student of the prestigious Africa's most beautiful campus, OAU.
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