Monday, 13 October 2014

Breech Of Agreement Led To Coca-Cola Concert Shutdown

REPORT: Coke Studio Bus Tour OAU Edition.

On behalf of the Students’ Union Social Committee, I want to appreciate OAU Students who came for the Coke Studio Africa Concert that held at the Sports Hall Car Park yesterday Friday 10th October 2014. I also want to thank the students for comporting themselves and being good ambassadors of the school. Thanks to the OAU Artistes, the Ushers and Security Body that ensured that the event was a success.

Coke Studio Bus Tour is a musical entertainment concert that aims at promoting talented student artistes on campuses.
The idea was to pick the best 10 talents in the school that would be given the opportunity “to perform on the day of the concert alongside any of our A-List artistes, the most talented ones will have the opportunity to drop their voices in our studio under the supervision of our studio manager” (quote from Coke Studio proposal).

Unfortunately, the organizers of the event failed in fulfilling their promise as changes were made to the entire plan at the last minute without informing the social committee. Only three Artistes were chosen and only some of the benefits were accorded to them. The concert was not supposed to be all about Coca-Cola and the A-List artistes alone but also about the talented students that were to be chosen. The A-List artistes were to be a spice and add color to the concert and not overshadow the upcoming artistes.

It was due to the breech of agreement that led to the shutdown of the concert by the Social Committee during the last performance. Obafemi Awolowo University is for Learning and Culture and the Students’ Union stands to moderate and correct any Organization or Body that disrespects the norms and culture of our prestigious university.

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Students' Union, OAU
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