Friday, 3 October 2014

Communique Of Yesterday's Congress (October 2, 2014)


“Every generation out of relative obscurity discovers its mission, either to fulfill it or betray it” Frantz Fanon.

In line with the provision and spirit of our most sacrosanct and efficient constitution, article II section 6 which states that
The legislative process of the union is herein vested in the CONGRESS and the student representative council and herein referred to as SRC.

Categorically however, section 6(2) in vesting legislative superiority in the mass of Great Ife Students states:
“CONGRESS shall take decisions on matter which in the opinion of the central executive council or the SRC are beyond their power.
After suffering total blackout for 6 days apiece in different weeks and considering the future efforts of both the CEC and the SRC, no gainsaying the fact that the ugly trend of total blackout is beyond these organs and must hence be referred to the CONGRESS.

It must however be noted that as a result of the imparse and the exigency of time, our dearest vice president in the absence of mr president in a brave and moremic style called for a congress of students to collectively fashion a way out of the dehumanizing welfare condition.

In strict compliance however with the provision of section 25(1) which states that:

“The union vice president shall act for the president in accordance with the provision of section 23 of this constitution”
Section 24, subsection 1 however states that the vice president shall act for the president if:
“The union president is absent from the campus or he is unable to perform the functions of his office by reason of illness”.
In this instance however, whether ailing or not, the union president is conspicuously absent from the university as at a time when his immediate constituency suffereth.

In a congress initially slated for 12pm but rescheduled due to sparse participation till 5pm, kick started at exactly 5:57pm with our revolutionary anthem. Greatest intellectual fighters for emancipation in their most Olympian style engaged in a battle of wits, and an intercourse of submissions yielded the following celestial and powerful submissions:
That the authorities having displayed the apex of managerial failure and inability to provide the basic necessities required for a condusive academic environment, Great Ife students henceforth embark on an indefinite lecture boycott until stable power and water supply is restored.

That the students union building be under LOCK and KEY until the president, Mr Isaac Ibikunle calls a congress of students whereat all union officers shall give due and comprehensive account of his|her stewardship, a congressional appraisal of the fee hike struggle, pre and post school closure and the probation and rustication of nine students.
That the leadership of the union embark on a massive press campaign to project and bring to the attention of the general public the rot and unacademic welfare condition confronting the university.

In conclusion, it must be noted that at the time of drafting this communiqué, our collective movement and powerful resolutions have started to yield immediate result.

This is a sure testimony that the oppressor is a cruel and inhuman being who can never understand the soft language of diplomacy . Thus, diplomacy can never be a better “alternative to the status quo” of aluta against all oppression.
It must also be noted that historically we have won greater and more concrete victories which goes beyond the ephemeral demands for water and light.

As congressmen and women, we must initiate and consistently mount heated and intense agitations calling for the uimmediate reinstatement of our nine members and quashing of probation charges against our activist.
“if we fight, we may win, but if we don’t fight, we have lost.”

Oladejo Funmi (Olori)
Vice President, OAU SU

Com. Oduntan Ahmed Azaro
Clerk of the S.R.C
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