Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Google Pulls Down Linda Ikeji's Blog Over Right Infringement

The Nigerian number one blogger, Linda Ikeji is definitely not having the best of time as Google has eventually pulled down her multi-million dollars Blog. It is quite unfortunate that this happened as a result of infringement right complains by one Mr Aye Dee. The matter got heightened when Linda on knowledge of his suit against her accused him of planning to bring down his Blog.

This is an excerpt of Linda's response then:

''I admit that I take content from other sites. Plenty of it sef, but the question is, which website in the world doesn't? If you go on, 50% of what is there is from other sources. Daily Mail UK takes from other sites, re-writes and give credit. UK Mirror takes from other sites. MediaTakeOut quotes other sources. E! Online, Us Weekly, People and even CNN take news from other sources and give credit, so why is mine an offense to the extent that my blog deserves to be shut down? Even in Nigeria, which site doesn't take news from other sites? Which? That is how media runs. Perez Hilton makes $10million a year from blogging and 50% of content on his site is not originally his. As long as you give credit...which I do! Except in cases where you don't know the original source of the story or photo. So many blogs take content from my site, how many of them have I gone after? In fact, I'm happy that they do so, I have nothing against it. If I take content from another site and they approach me to take it down despite giving credit, I will take it down. But that doesn't happen.

I try as much as possible to get as many exclusives as I can, but because I work from home my team is so small. I've been planning to employ more hands which I will do eventually and then get a proper office. I'm kinda glad this happened. It's now pushing me to act and take my business more seriously.

So Mr Aye Dee, Mr EE, Mr #bringmedown or whoever you are and Jeremy Weate (look who is talking and all the others talking, I am not afraid of you! You didn't bring me this far and you're not enough to bring me down. Like if you dream it, speak it, act it, hope it, envision it, see it, pray it....YOU are not enough! You can't bring a good woman down. You can try boo, or please keep trying...but you see this lady, she ain't going nowhere. You don't even know who you are dealing with. You don't know what drives me and how far I plan to go. I've been a hustler since I was 17, doing it on my own...on my own terms. Plus I have the backing of God...and of course my hundreds of thousands of readers. I repeat, YOU are not enough!''

As expected of the African number one blogger, she has diverted her audience to another location with a promise to sort things out soon.

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