Monday, 13 October 2014

Opinion: Will You Burn Your Bsc Certificate For 50 Million Naira?

I ran into a discussion by a group of friends recently where they were asking one another if they could burn their Bsc certificate for 50 million naira. You need to hear the hilarious responses from these
Now posing thesame question to you peeps, can you burn your own University degree certificate for 50 million naira?
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  1. I go burn am shaparly... na 50miller we dey tok here

  2. luk at u guyz 50million wil finish. even theif might come to steal it as a matter of neccesity. nw come to think of it, wat u've been struglin to get 4 d past 27 to 30years u wil nw burn it off kos of chicken change? If u use d morning to invest it wont yeild anything kos of yr stupidity idea dat makes u burn yr life koz of money dat if u buy one sound car it wil remain jst litl change sha. Guyz lets think very wel oo life hasnt gone worst like dat ooo.

  3. Nah naija we dey, burn it and by anoda one asap, at least u don work for am

    1. Lmao... but can someone buy a Certificate?

  4. to say d truth if dis com to reality majority of d graduates wil comply and even 4get d stress dey av passd 2ru b4 getin watz so cald certificate

  5. if u burn it off then u r nomore graduate koz no documenatry evidence wil prove to us dat u'v undergone university training. Even u dnt worth any post in dis politics stuff koz u wil burn nigeria document precious to her kos of money if u get d opportunity 2b president. Nd if one can do dat dn it means level of poverty is at high rate do u expect dangote worth 25bilions dollars to burn his university certificate koz of 50m?

  6. Friends in da house,
    Do we go to school to get the certificate in the first instance or to study and acquire knowledge?
    Do we go to school to get a certificate so that we can join politics?
    Something got me thinking when I discovered that most of our graduates do not know the reason of going to school.
    We need to better our lives and the that of others