Thursday, 2 October 2014

Vice President Olori Called A Congress, Described Ibikunle as “Incompetent”

The Vice President of the OAU Students' Union, Oladejo Funmi a.k.a Olori exercised her constitutional power today as she called for a congress of all students to address “The State of the union and welfare.”

She emphasized on the incompetence of the very much agile President Ibikunle as she stressed that he could no longer discharge the functions of his office.

She wrote “Greatest Ife, at this point in the history of our union, when our welfare and collective interests are threatened by several forces and products of oppression, then we must never keep mute. By the virtue of Article 3, S24(1); that Vice-President shall act when the President cannot discharge the functions of his office, I have hereby invoke this section as well as Section 6 of the Students’ Union constitution. To this effect, there shall be a mother of all Congresses today, thursday, by 12pm (now 5pm) prompt. Venue: Sport Complex. Agendum: State of our union and welfare.”

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