Saturday, 29 November 2014

Comrade Oye Slaps Fresher, Case To Be Moderated Today

By Olanrewaju Oyedeji

Angola Hall of Residence in Obafemi Awolowo University was another theatre of protest yesterday as students fought against alleged infringement on the right of their colleague who was slapped and abused by the Financial Secretary of the Students' Union, Awoyemi Omolayo Sogo a.k.a Comrade Oye.

The Financial Secretary came with the President of OAU SU to commission the water project supposedly done by the Ibikunle led administration.After the commissioning, Comrade Oye was involved in an argument with a Part 1 English student named Joy, he threatened to slap the Part 1 guy who saw it as a joke. Comrade Oye carried out his threat and landed a slap on face of Joy, not feeling any remorse for his actions, the aforementioned comrade threatened to slap the freshman again. This irked Angolans who witnessed the saga demanded that he apologize which Comrade Oye declined.
Students saw this as an affront on their right and clamoured that he be given the Scientific Maximum Shishi(SMS) since he would not apologize. The SU President who was also present at the scene could not achieve anything with his entreaties as the students remain angered. Things almost got out of hand when students in their numbers mobbed Comrade Oye stating that he would not leave unless if he is made to pass through SMS. Com Oye was eventually whisked to the Health Centre to prevent further attack on tghe Union officer.

Not Moved by this action, Comrade Ibiyemi, the Angola Hall chairman mobilized Angola Hall residents to move enmass to the Health Centre insisting that justice must be served.

After much deliberation and an undertaking signed by Angolans and Students Union CEC members, the case was adjourned till 12pm today for proper moderation.
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