Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Female Student Passes Night In Awolowo Hall Block 8

What will we not see in Awolowo Hall of Obafemi Awolowo University? Just this morning, a female student who is strongly suspected to have slept overnight in a room very close to the room of Ibikunle (Students' Union President) emerged. She was sighted by our correspondent at about 8:15am today (5th November, 2014) brushing her teeth at the back veranda of the room.

Block 7 occupants who raised alarm as she brushes mocked her with the usual 'Aro' condemning her action. Some Block 7 occupants alleged that they have been seeing same lady since Sunday evening this week. Female folks have been coming to Awolowo Hall anytime of the day but sleeping over is very rare and it is something that should not be encouraged. Just last week, a complex rape case was reported on campus whereby a female student of OAU was raped in the perpetrator's room during the day (2pm) and this is one of those activities that instigate such.

Our female students are encouraged to always respect their compositions and understand that they are always at the receiving end. Prevention is better than cure!

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