Friday, 28 November 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan Visits OAU (Live-Blog Inside Oduduwa Hall)

Good Morning and welcome to our live-blog of #GEJINOAU at about 7:30 this Morning various men in uniforms were all over the School gate screaming on top of their Voices, desperately searching Ladies bags, Students backpack, Vehicles etc.

The Student Union provided buses to convey students into school, but some could not wait for the too long queue as they took to the streets with their legs because of their exams.

Business Ventures such as Fivers, Forks & Fingers, Kapersy around the SUB are locked, the same with DHL, Micro-Finance Bank, Kays Chippy around oduduwa hall.

On the other hand SSC 201 is going on in various venues in school including Odlt 1 and 2.
Accident in front of SUB bike man hits a metallic Colored Camry 2008 Model with FG plate number, thank God no casualties.
SUB Cark park is filled with exotic rides.

Black Toyota tinted Jeeps are all over campus.

PDP Entourage Arrives Oduduwa hall four 30 seater buses and one luxurious bus in colorful.
Men in uniform: Students keep your phones, No pictures

Royal Fathers Arrive

Olujudo, Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Alara of Aramuko, Alaaye of Efon, Olooye of Oye, Oorin of ekiti, Orangun Ila, Olu of iloro, Alani of ido ani.

Press Men from Nta Arrives.

National Association of Nigerian Students JCC Ekiti just arrived.

At last we got into Oduduwa hall, various royal fathers, elders, chiefs and other dignitaries are seated.

The Ooni of Ife Oba Sijuwade Okunade just walked in.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is in Oduduwa Hall.

He Greets all Royal fathers one on one.

Otunba Gbenga Daniels Speaking on why are we here

Ife is the cradle of the Yoruba race 3 reasons why we are here
1. To show Appreciation to the President
2. Moment of Great Expectation
3. Beginning of Recovering.

Prince Sijuwade Okunade reading the Ooni of Ife address.
Its an Opportunity to have a non- yoruba President in our amidst.
There are several other project abandon sir, majority of our traditional leaders are not happy with what they read daily in the Newspapers.

inside Oduduwa hall we can hear #teamoau shouting Ole, Ole

Ayo fayose Governor ekiti state just walked in.

Chief Olabode George. Topic: The Yourba People, Our defining Values and our place in the Source.
“We must work, plan together, we must begin anew, the road is long. This task of Yoruba oneness must. Be tackled.
We must rise up to take on place in history leading our Nation, we were the best and the brightness, our past leaders managed their dispute with maturity put away personal ambition, selfless, icons of truth and stability, they did not lose the sight of unity.

We must push toward the best among us our president has shown quality leadership and maturity in office he deserves a second time so he can reward our Zone .

Respect for Elders is one number in our Culture.” ~ Chief Olabode George.

“Before you hardly see a traditional ruler come out to publicly address people has am doing presently. I ask that we all work together to see the second standzard of the national anthem come to pass.” ~ Oragun Ila

“Come 2015 we the people of Yorubaland will vote Goodluck jonathan. ‘Pa Awolowo prophesied that one day we will have an ijaw Man as President.’ Iye Awolowo was there that day 1983.” ~ Chief Ebenzer Baba tope

Senator Femi Chairman National Conference:
Many Yoruba leaders had no shoes during their childhood days.
The Yorubas beileve in self determination. The Yorubas believe in equality of all race and ethic group.

#BringbackourPresidency crusade has been activated.

Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim
“Problem of Mr President is Poverty Rate in Nigeria. The World bank Data of Poverty Rate in Nigeria.
South West 16%
North East 50.2%
South South 20.2%
South East 32%
The South West gave 2.8million Votes to the president let’s partner with him and give him our votes come 2015. This gathering is greater than any individual.” ~ Jimoh Ibrahim

Engr. Iyiola Omisore
We are here as the Yoruba Nation, what ever we bound here is bound in heaven. We took ekiti, we are working to take Osun. Oyo, Lagos and Ogun will also follow as well.

Mulikat Akande Majority leader, House of Representative.
The lack of Cohesion in the South West has cost us to be relegated.

Ayo Fayose Governor Ekiti State:
I am glad and will continue to support you. We are dealing with Monster. My name is Ayo fayose Irumole toh gehn jollof rice.

You are a Complete gentleman. Obasanjo will not support but we will support you.

The President Federal Republic of Nigeria
I promise to build a better Nation

The Yoruba people are great people, there is no challenge facing us that we won’t overcome. The South west holds the economy of this Country, lagos and Ogun. We need to build good airports and Rail roads to connects these two states to other Southwest states. I have received good support from the people here, the President of Senate, Speaker of the House and Minsters has to come from different Geo-political Zones.

South West is the home of education, without education you can’t change the nation. Thank you very much.

Thanks so much for following our live-blog.

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