Sunday, 7 December 2014

OAU SU PRO, Bamidele Pleads With Critics As 2014 Fades

With just 23 days to the end of year 2014, Comrade Bamidele Oludare, the Public Relations Officer of Great Ife Students' Union has come out publicly to seek for the understanding of his critics. Below is the recent Release from him:


From the depth of my heart and in full consciousness of my thought and action I write this. I implore my die hard critics to read and think twice before disagreeing with me on this for this is a real reflection of the person called BAMIDELE OLUDARE J.


Fraternal greetings to the generality of Great IFE students and members of the Great IFE community. It is important that I begin with appreciation of all who have always provided the unflinching support needed to perform my duties as the Public Relations Officer of our prestigious Union. Without dissipating words on irrelevances or the irrecoverable past, permit me to pick issues from the most recent happening on the University campus: the issue of cultist invasion into the University and my said affiliation or role as the case may be in the same. I MAKE BOLD TO SAY GREATEST IFE, I AM NOT A CULTIST. I NEVER MOBILISED CULTISTS INTO THE UNIVERSITY. My presence at the SUB was not to beat up anyone.

However, just as one may not be able to avoid the human being in him/her is what i believe led to my immediate statement on social media about the whole issue. It is important that i say at this point that I have no personal issues with the suspended students. It is visible to all and sundry that we have our ideological differences but we only continue to play into the hands of the devil when we refuse to tolerate our differences and manage our excesses. It remains a statement of fact that those differences in ideology and principle are what make the beauty of the Union, the sweet taste of our existence as students and the preparation of our minds for the world ahead of us. To all and sundry who might have been put in a state of fear as a result of all of these I tender my apologies.
At this point I consider it imperative that I address holistically any other issue that might have been before now beginning from the struggle against increment in fees to every other issue that may directly or indirectly appear that Great IFE students were sold for pieces of gold and silver that I AM NOT A PARTY TO ANY OF ALL THESE. I have never collected anything from anyone against the interest of the generality of Great IFE students. I have only done my duty as it was expected. This is not a defence for any one either in the Union or not that may be found culpable of such acts but myself alone.

He who comes to equity must come with clean hands they say. I, at this period in history, have come with a clean heart and a ready mind to give qualitative service and to make restitution with the Generality of Great IFE students who gave me this mandate. I am not oblivious of the call to wake up to the reality of my failure to perform well as far as my duties are concerned. I apologise to all who voted me and have always supported me if I have in any way disappointed you. I have returned to my thought bank to map out strategies for better service to the generality of Great IFE students and the Great IFE community as a whole.

This is a product of my desire to see a peaceful union and a refusal at this point to heed the clarion call of the generality of Students will mean I have chosen the part of destruction. If anyone either consciously or unconsciously has insulted me, rained abuses or even curses on me, my family and my unborn generation, I use this medium to say I am sorry and I forgive you as I expect forgiveness and prayers from you.

To my critics who I before now see as antagonist, I implore you to see an iota of truth in this and let’s put our energies together for the benefit of our generation. This article is not to mean I am now an ANTI-Ibikunle person, NEVER! I belong to his administration and will work with him in the interest and only in the interest of great IFE students.

Great IFE Students’ Union
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