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Full Transcript Of Maiden President Buhari's Media Chat

Full Transcript Of Maiden President Buhari's Media Chat

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President Buhari appeals to Nigerian journalists to do more investigative journalism about important national issues.

Regarding the continuous detention of Sambo Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu: Buhari said, “If you see the atrocities those committed against this country, we can’t allow them to jump bail.”

Buhari: “The Minister of Finance and the Central Bank have to sit down immediately to look at ways to help students who are already outside the country to overcome the challenges posed by the foreign exchange limitation policy.”

President Buhari says foreign exchange will be made available to the productive sector of the economy and not for luxury items.

Buhari: “Our parastatals would be realigned in view of the lesser number of Ministries we have now.
“We are being economically stretched.”

The process of government agencies earning monies and spending them and giving government change will have to stop. All government monies have to be paid to the Federation Account and a budget submitted for their operations.

Buhari: “China agreed to pay 70% of cost of railway projects between Lagos and Kaduna and Lagos and Calabar, but previous government failed to pay counterpart funding of 30%.
“You cannot get a better deal anywhere in the world.
“I can’t see the National assembly paying 4.5 Billion Naira to buy cars after collecting transport allowance. I will revisit that story.
“We have to live within our means.”

Buhari: “Most government officials are new in office. We said Agriculture and Solid minerals are the easiest way to get people employed and our budget would show that.
“We have virtually all forms of solid minerals across Nigeria.
“We would employ youth, give them crash programme on Education and send them to teach at Primary schools.
“Fashola was not made a super Minister for nothing.”

Nigerians are expected to send in their questions via twitter, using the hashtag #askbuhari

Buhari: I turned down a N400million car proposal for the presidency. I said the cars I have are good enough for 10 years. We are having problem with the National Assembly regarding TSA. I have to holding a closed-door meeting with the National Assembly regarding the cars they are trying to buy. I hope they haven’t bought them yet. They can’t buy cars for themselves and also take money in car loans.

Buhari: “Our priority now is to get our refineries working. By the time we finish what we are doing., 60 per cent of the allocation of crude oil for local refining and 40 per cent would be used for crude oil swap.”

Buhari: Previous government failed to maintain four refineries, pump stations and pipelines, at a time Oil was sold at over a 0.

“By the end of next quarter, you will not be talking of subsidy. The price is so low that there is no need to subsidize anything.”
“I will not support devaluation of the Naira. I need to be convinced that there is need for the country to devalue the Naira. Is it against the dollar or pound?
“We have our priorities. To provided money to fund the projects we have already outlined, and not for those who want hard currency to import textile and toothpick.”

“Personally, I don’t support the devaluation of the Naira. We handed over a secured country in 1979, but by 1984, nobody knew how much Nigeria was owing.
“The situation now is aggravated by the downturn in the petroleum industry. It is now per barrel and we have debt service of about N1.5 trillion and we have commitment on the ground.
“We have to reorganize the NNPC. We have to introduce the TSA. There were 45 accounts in the NNPC alone. Ministry of Defence had about 70 accounts.
“We have got about N1.5 trillion through the TSA.
“The oil downturn is very unfortunate for this government.
“Check previous records. Over 90% were recurrent. No country can develop without capital projects. We were in very very bad shape.”

“When I said that the war has been technical won, I said the capacity of Boko Haram to unleash attacks from camps and barracks have been stopped.
“If Hijap is found to be a problem, the government will have no option than to take a decision on it. The people will have to consider between it and their security.”

“If this thing (suicide bombing) continues, Hijab would have to be banned.”

“I said the capacity of Boko Haram to attack institutions or communities have been stopped. But the use of IEDs has assumed a different proportion.”

On: Shiites/Military clash; why the silence?
“I was in touch with the governor of Kaduna state and the president of Iran talked to me about it.
“We have a system of investigation as a government and as the head of the federal government, I have to wait for official report before I comment.
“The Police and the SSS are doing their own role of finding out what happened.
“In any incident where lives and property were lost there is a standard way of doing things and people would be asked to come and give evidence.
“How can any group create a state within a state?
“I saw a clip in which some dissidents were virtually hitting the chest of Generals.”

“I expect the Kaduna State government will bring the report on the inquiry because the crisis happened in its domain. There are all sorts of allegations. So, we just have to wait for the report.”

“The President of Iran spoke to me about the situation. But, I told him that as a government we have a system we must follow. “As the head of the Federal Government, I told him I will have to wait for the official report from the Kaduna State government from their investigations.
“To be fair to the both sides, we have to wait for the report of the inquiry.”

President Buhari says he will only comment on the Shi’ite crisis after receiving reports of investigations by the police and Kaduna State Government.

“The Benin IDP camp is a good intention that went sour. “Despite the problem, the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, was kind enough to have found school for the children. “The Federal Government is aware of the situation and ready to take them to where they came from.”

Internally Displaced Persons
“We have about two million IDPs, over 70% are women and children. Over 65% of the children are orphans.
“Some Nigerians contributed money, about 25 Billion Naira, a committee was set up to utilise the funds.
“Within the week I was sworn in, I went to Chad and Niger.
“I was impressed with the goodwill they gave Nigeria on this issue.
“The G7 has sent training teams, and have given us some military hardware.
“We are more concerned with the orphans, a chance for them not to lose the opportunity for education. Some progress is being made on the ground.”

“We are working with Niger, Chad and Cameroun on the girls. We have no credible intelligence of where they are.”
“We want to be sure that the girls are complete, safe and sound before we attempt any form of negotiation on the girls.
“We are still keeping our option. If a credible leadership of Boko Haram is ready for negotiation without any condition we are ready to listen to them.”

“I have declared four times. All of them were done in the Ministry of Justice. If those agencies have refused to release my asset declaration documents, they should be held responsible to answer questions why they are keeping those declaration.
“If there is any member of my cabinet that is found to be corrupt, I will not only sack the person, I will prosecute the person.”

“By the end of the first quarter of next year, we will tell Nigerians how far we have gone on the fight against corruption. “I swore by the Holy Koran to defend the country’s constitution and the law. So, we will not put any body above the law.”

“I cannot make the mistake of appointing anyone with corruption.
“Whoever is found to be corrupt would not only be sacked but prosecuted.”

People on your party are being shielded from investigation?
“I don’t tolerate corruption and I did not pick anyone that will corrupt my government.
“It is the right of Nigerians to take them to court. I have not taken anybody who is facing corruption charges.”

The problem of NNPC is the involvement of international institutions such as shipping lines and financial institutions.
We would ask for the cooperation of other countries to get monies lodged from sales of oil in different accounts and not that of the Federal Government.
“I have declared my assets four times in the past. You have the constitutional right to go to the relevant government agency to go and seek for it.
“They were deposited at the Ministry of Justice. If Ministry of Justice cannot produce my asset declaration form, then they too should answer some questions.
“Why me alone, why not others who were governors and Ministers as well. I think I don’t have to ask them to give, it is your constitutional role.”

By the end of the first quarter of next year, we will tell Nigerians how far we have gone on the fight against corruption. I swore by the Holy Koran to defend the country’s constitution and the law. So, we will not put any body above the law.

Is there need to rejig the EFCC, ICPC?
Buhari: We have to be very sure of the documents we get and we have to cross check records sometimes across countries and in the EFCC.
Those who were engaged in the theft of oil were people of substance and have the wealth to hire the best of lawyers to defend them.
We need to submit fool-proof documents to succeed in prosecution.
How many people have ICPC prosecuted in the past? That is why we are being thorough now.
By the end of first quarter of next year, we would be in a position to tell Nigerians how far we have gone.

“We have to be patient and await outcome of courts decision. Government will only react through the Ministry of Justice after the courts have finished with matters before them
“We have documents showing where monies have been lodged.”

“Our constraint is that the accused persons have to defend themselves in court to defend themselves. So, we cannot release their names to the public until the issues are completed in court. Whatever we recover will be presented in court. “The documentation in court include bank statements and documents from Customs Service that are to be presented in court. Until then, we ask Nigerians to have patience.”

Mr. Akintemi fired the first shot. He asked the President how long the honeymoon with Nigerians would last.
He asked: How are we doing with the fight against corruption?
The President responded, saying the country was doing very well considering the circumstances.
“Thirty years ago as Head of State, we collected those we perceived to be corrupt and put them in protective custody, until they prove they were not guilty
“At present, those suspected of being corrupt are innocent until they are proven guilty
“We have documents showing Nigerian crude oil was lifted illegally and proceeds are put into personal accounts instead of Government account.
“We are in court with suspected corrupt persons and we cannot comment until the court are through.
“We can only appeal to Nigerians to be patient.”

The panel of interviewers are Kayode Akintemi (Channels TV), Ngozi Anyaegbulam (Media World International), Munir Dan Ali (Daily Trust) and Ibanga Isine (PREMIUM TIMES)

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Buhari Holds First Presidential Media Chat Tomorrow

President Muhammadu Buhari will host his first Presidential Media Chat tomorrow, Wednesday, December 30, 2015.

In the course of the programme, which willbe broadcast live on the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), President Buhari will answer questions from a panel of journalists on a broad range of current national issues.

The Presidential Media Chat will begin at 1900 hours. Other television and radio stations in the country may hook-up to NTA and FRCN to relay the programme to their viewers and listeners.

Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
December 29, 2015

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2015 OAU Peeps Recruitment Application Ends, 124 Applications Received

Over 120 students of Obafemi Awolowo University have indicated interest to join OAU Peeps News Agency. In the just closed recruitment application session of the Agency, the Agency has received 124 applications from students ranging from Postgraduate, Undergraduates and newly Admitted students. The applications cut across all the 11 faculties of the University and all levels as well.

The Agency appreciates the overwhelming interested students willing to join the Agency but however does not have enough capacity at the moment to accommodate all applicants. As such, test and interview will be conducted to recruit the most passionate admist the applicants. The test and interview sessions are expected to come up immediately the school re-opens. Applicants are enjoined to keep eye on the website for further information on this.

OAU Peeps News Agency metamorphosed into a full-fledged online News Magazine on July 21, 2014. We are a hub of information primarily designed to serve students, staff, alumni, aspirants and friends of Obafemi Awolowo University with the latest undiluted, truthful and real news on campus and beyond in the 21st century style of digital journalism.

Our media are aimed at also creating a great opportunity for the voiceless and commoners with unheard voices within and beyond OAU Community to speak their mind objectively. OAU Peeps News Agency among many other redefining virtues champions Freedom and Justice.

OAU Peeps News Agency creates an avenue for young, aspiring, talented and developing Journalists and Media practitioners to build their journalistic capacity by offering them a platform to express themselves and practise in the modern style even right from when they are still students.

OAU Loses Another Professor To Road Accident

The death of Professor Foluke Ogunleye, the author of 'Jabulile' and the former HOD of the Department of Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University.

She reportedly died in a ghastly motor accident yesterday. Prof. Ogunleye was the elder sister to Special Adviser (Media) to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Femi Adesina.

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2015 OAU Peeps Recruitment Application Closes Today (Apply Online)

2015 OAU Peeps Recruitment Application (Apply Online)

OAU Peeps News Agency metamorphosed into a full-fledged online News Magazine on July 21, 2014. We are a hub of information primarily designed to serve students, staff, alumni, aspirants and friends of Obafemi Awolowo University with the latest undiluted, truthful and real news on campus and beyond in the 21st century style of digital journalism.

Our media are aimed at also creating a great opportunity for the voiceless and commoners with unheard voices within and beyond OAU Community to speak their mind objectively. OAU Peeps News Agency among many other redefining virtues champions Freedom and Justice.

OAU Peeps News Agency creates an avenue for young, aspiring, talented and developing Journalists and Media practitioners to build their journalistic capacity by offering them the platform to express themselves and practice in the modern style even right from when they are still students.

As parts of plans to ensure students of Obafemi Awolowo University are incorporated into this project, we are happy to announce that our recruitment exercise for this quarter has finally commenced.


To qualify for consideration, applicants MUST be:

- Registered FULL Time student of Obafemi Awolowo University (including UG, PG) or newly admitted students who are yet to resume.
- Ready and willing to work with other members (Team Spirit possession)
- Passionate to practice journalism


You are required to visit the 2015 OAU Peeps recruitment portal or visit where you will be able to fill the online application form. Interested applicants will be contacted in due course and intimated with other recruitment processes.


27th December, 2015

For further enquiry, kindly send us a mail via

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Learn Something Today; The Ranks In Nigeria Police Force

The Ranks In Nigeria Police Force are divided across three structures; Administrative, Authority and Organizational structure. The authority ranks in Nigeria police force (NPF), from top to bottom is the Inspector General of police down to the constable.

The Inspector-General of Police
In accordance with section 215(2) of the 1999 Constitution, section 6 of the Police Act, 1990, “the Force shall be commanded by the Inspector-General of Police”.

This simply means that orders, directives and instructions to carry out the duties with which the Police is carried, flows from the Inspector-General of Police, through the chain of Command, to any Officer positioned to implement such order.

The office of the Inspector General of Police is the highest rank in the Nigeria Police force.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police
According to section 7(1) of the Police Act, the Deputy Inspector General of Police is the second in Command of the Force and shall so act for him in the Inspector-General’s absence.

Section 5 of the Act makes room for as many DIGs as the Nigeria Police Council considers appropriate. Every other rank below the IG, takes order of Command from him, in the performance of their lawful duties.

The Asst. Inspector-General of Police
The Office of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police is provided for by section 5 and 8 of the Police Act. He shall act for the Inspector-General of Police in the event of the absence of the Inspector-General of Police and Deputy Inspector-General of Police

The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state)
Section 5 of the Police Act, in accordance with the provisions of section 215 (2), of the Nigeria Constitution, provides for the Office and rank of a Commissioner of Police who shall be in Control of contingents of the Police Force stationed in a State. He is subject however, to the command of the Inspector-General of Police or who-so-ever acts for him, in his absence.

Every other rank in the Force is legally provided for by section 5 of the Police Act. The Command structure of the Nigeria Police can be presented in order of hierarchy as in the chain here under.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police

The Asst. Commissioner of Police

The Chief Superintendent of Police

The Superintendent of Police

The Deputy Superintendent of Police

The Asst. Superintendent of Police

The Inspector of Police

Sergeant Major





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OAU: On Rumoured Cancellation Of An Academic Session (2015/2016 Session)

Merry Christmas to you all.

In recent weeks, we have received numerous messages, phone calls and texts from many of those that have been admitted asking when they are likely to resume on Obafemi Awolowo University as students.

Henry asked; Please sir i am still curious to know what OAU management has in mind for we aspirants still waiting for second list?

Our response
If I tell you that there is no valid information, you may not be contented, not even in the midst of so many rumours travelling in the Social Media.

On resumption of fresh students, from information currently at my disposal, you are likely to resume September, 2016. Reason being that there is a thickened rumour that the OAU Management is planning the cancellation of an academic session (2015/2016).

Your fate if that pulls through?
You will be more delayed than necessary until September, 2016. Those that will be affected the most IF that arrangement pulls through are those that will be taking the 2016 UTME. Being affected could be positive or negative.

POSITIVE: They may be merged with those on ground now (those already admitted and yet to resume) and resume September, 2016. What a miracle and fastening.

NEGATIVE: They may need to wait as long as mid-2017 to resume since a session before them may not commence until September, 2016. I smell this but I don't pray it should happen because you guys have stayed at home so long.

N:B - All these based on assumptions on the platter of information currently available. Things may take another turn in the next 5 minutes. That's Great Ife for you!

Season's Greetings From OAU Peeps Crew

Season's greetings to all our customers, friends and entire Great Ife community.

We celebrate you all during this yuletide for being part of our world in 2015. We say Merry Christmas and a glorious new year in advance.

Prince David Adetula
Manager/Editor in Chief
OAU Peeps News Agency

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Full Text Of President Muhammadu Buhari's 2016 Budget Address At The National Assembly


I am honoured and privileged to present the 2016 Budget proposal. This is my first address before this joint session of the National Assembly. I have come here today, not only to address members of the National Assembly, but also to speak directly to the men and women who placed us here.

2. I know the state of our economy is a source of concern for many. This has been further worsened by the unbridled corruption and security challenges we have faced in the last few years. From those who have lost their jobs, to those young people who have never had a job, to the people in the North East whose families and businesses were destroyed by insurgents, this has been a difficult period in our nation’s history, lessons that we must not forget or ignore, as we plan for the future.

3. By June 2014, oil prices averaged $112 per barrel. But as at today, the price is under $39 per barrel. This huge decline is having a painful effect on our economy. Consumption has declined at all levels. In both the private and public sectors, employers have struggled to meet their salary and other employee related obligations. The small business owners and traders have been particularly hard hit by this state of affairs.

4. Fellow Nigerians, the confidence of many might be shaken. However, I stand before you today promising that we will secure our country, rebuild our economy, and make the Federal Republic of Nigeria stronger than it has ever been.

5. The answers to our problems are not beyond us. They exist on our farmlands; our corporations; in the universities in the hearts and minds of our entrepreneurs; through the gallantry of our Armed Forces; and the resolute spirit of Nigerians, especially the youth, who have refused to give up despite all the obstacles confronting them.

6. This Budget proposal, the first by our Government, seeks to stimulate the economy, making it more competitive by focusing on infrastructural development; delivering inclusive growth; and prioritizing the welfare of Nigerians. We believe that this budget, while helping industry, commerce and investment to pick up, will as a matter of urgency, address the immediate problems of youth unemployment and the terrible living conditions of the extremely poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

7. In the medium to longer term, we remain committed to economic diversification through import substitution and export promotion. This will build resilience in our economy. It will guarantee that the problems we have today, will not confront our children and their children. This shall be our legacy for generations to come.

2015: A Year of Global and Domestic Challenges
8. Today, it is widely acknowledged that the global economy has slowed down. This is particularly the case with emerging markets such as Nigeria. However, despite the weak emerging market growth rates, our domestic security challenges, declining oil prices, and the attendant difficulties in providing foreign exchange to meet market demands, the Nigerian economy grew by 2.84% in the third quarter of 2015.

9. We have, and will continue to implement strategies that will maintain macroeconomic stability and manage the oil price shocks we are experiencing.

10. Upon the inauguration of this administration on 29th May 2015, we engaged key stakeholders from various sectors of our economy and interfaced with the heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in order to understand the true state of our nation. What we found prompted us to take certain strategic decisions.

11. On the economy, we injected new leadership at the helm of our revenue generating agencies including the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), and the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS). We implemented the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which, so far, has provided greater visibility of Government revenues and cash flows. We intervened to support States to navigate their fiscal challenges by restructuring their commercial bank loans and by providing facilities to enable them to pay salary arrears.

12. We have demonstrated a strong will to fight corruption. I am sure you will agree that the sheer scale of corruption and impunity of the past explains in part, the economic challenges we now face. On these initiatives, and the many more to come, we shall not be deterred. We will pursue the recovery of everything that belongs to the people of Nigeria. No matter where it is hidden. No matter how long it will take.

2015 Budget Performance
13. Distinguished and honourable members of the National Assembly, I now present a review of the 2015 Budget. That Budget was based on a benchmark oil price of $53 per barrel, oil production of 2.28 million barrels per day and an exchange rate of N190 to the US$.

14. The projected revenue was N3.45 trillion, with an outlay of N4.49 trillion, implying a deficit of N1.04 trillion. Due largely to under-provisioning by the previous administration for fuel subsidy and the costs required to support the military operations in the North East, the Government had to obtain National Assembly’s approval for a supplementary budget of N575.5 billion. I take this opportunity to thank all members of the National Assembly for the prompt passage of that Bill.

2016: Budget Assumptions
15. After reviewing the trends in the global oil industry, we have set a benchmark price of $38 per barrel and a production estimate of 2.2 million barrels per day for 2016. We have focused on non-oil revenues by broadening our tax base and improving the effectiveness of our revenue collecting agencies.

16. Also, with the full implementation of the Treasury Single Account, we expect significant improvements in the collection and remittance of independent revenues. To further support the drive for increased remittances, we will ensure that all MDAs present their budgets in advance, and remit their operating surpluses as required by section 22 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

17. We are determined to ensure that our resources are managed prudently and utilized solely for the public good. To set the proper tone, one of our early decisions was the adoption of a zero based budgeting approach, which ensures that resources are aligned with Government’s priorities and allocated efficiently. This budgeting method, a clear departure from previous budgeting activities, will optimize the impact of public expenditure.

18. In addition to the proper linkage of budgeting to strategic planning, we are enhancing the utilization of the Government Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (GIFMIS) to improve financial management. The recently established Efficiency Unit is working across MDAs to identify and eliminate wasteful spending, duplication and other inefficiencies. We engaged costing experts to scrutinize the 2016 budget proposals. They have already identified certain cost areas that can be centralized for economies to be made.

19. We have directed the extension of the Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS) to all MDAs to reap its full benefits. We will also strengthen the controls over our personnel and pension costs with the imminent introduction of the Continuous Audit Process (CAP). These initiatives will ensure personnel costs are reduced. Our commitment to a lean and cost effective government remains a priority, and the initiatives we are introducing will signal a fundamental change in how Government spends public revenue.

2016: Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Growth
20. The 2016 budget, as outlined, is designed to ensure that we revive our economy, deliver inclusive growth to Nigerians and create a significant number of jobs.

21. We aim to ensure macroeconomic stability by achieving a real GDP growth rate of 4.37% and managing inflation. To achieve this, we will ensure the aligning of fiscal, monetary, trade and industrial policies.

22. As we focus on inclusive growth, we are conscious of the current rate of unemployment and underemployment. This is a challenge we are determined to meet; and this budget is the platform for putting more Nigerians to work. I can assure you that this administration will have a job creation focus in every aspect of the execution of this budget. Nigeria’s job creation drive will be private sector led. We will encourage this by a reduction in tax rates for smaller businesses as well as subsidized funding for priority sectors such as agriculture and solid minerals.

23. As an emergency measure, to address the chronic shortage of teachers in public schools across the country, we also will partner with State and Local Governments to recruit, train and deploy 500,000 unemployed graduates and NCE holders. These graduate teachers will be deployed to primary schools, thereby, enhancing the provision of basic education especially in our rural areas.

24. We also intend to partner with State and Local Governments to provide financial training and loans to market women, traders and artisans, through their cooperative societies. We believe that this segment of our society is not only critical to our plan for growing small businesses, but it is also an important platform to create jobs and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.

25. Furthermore, through the office of the Vice President, we are working with various development partners to design an implementable and transparent conditional cash transfer program for the poorest and most vulnerable. This program will be implemented in phases. Already, the compilation of registers of the poorest persons is ongoing. In the coming weeks, we will present the full programme, which will include our home-grown public primary school feeding and free education for science, technology and education students in our tertiary institutions. Indeed, this will mark a historic milestone for us as a nation.

The 2016 Budget
26. Distinguished members of the National Assembly, I now present, the 2016 Budget proposals of the Federal Government. Based on the assumptions I presented earlier, we have proposed a budget of N6.08 trillion with a revenue projection of N3.86 trillion resulting in a deficit of N2.22 trillion.

27. The deficit, which is equivalent to 2.16% of Nigeria’s GDP, will take our overall debt profile to 14% of our GDP. This remains well within acceptable fiscal limits. Our deficit will be financed by a combination of domestic borrowing of N984 billion, and foreign borrowing of N900 billion totaling N1.84 trillion. Over the medium term, we expect to increase revenues and reduce overheads, to bring the fiscal deficit down to 1.3% of GDP by 2018.

28. In 2016, oil related revenues are expected to contribute N820 billion. Non-oil revenues, comprising Company Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Customs and Excise duties, and Federation Account levies, will contribute N1.45 trillion. Finally, by enforcing strict compliance with the Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2007 and public expenditure reforms in all MDAs, we have projected up to N1.51 trillion from independent revenues.

29. Although we are working to diversify our economy, we will not lose sight of the need to restructure the oil and gas sector which has been marred by corruption and plagued with inefficiencies. Accordingly, I have directed the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to adjust its pricing template to reflect competitive and market driven components. We believe this can lower input costs and attain efficiency savings that will enable PPPRA to keep the selling price for all marketers of petrol at N87 per liter for now.

30. The current fuel scarcity with long queues at petrol stations all over the country causing social dislocation is very unfortunate. Government profoundly apologizes to Nigerians for this prolonged hardship and misery. It is as a result of market speculators and resistance to change by some stakeholders. Government is working very hard to end these shortages and bring fuel to the pumps all over the country.

31. I have also directed the NNPC to explore alternate funding models that will enable us to honour our obligations in Joint Ventures (JVs) and deep offshore fields. We are confident that these measures can be achieved and will lower the burden that the traditional cash calls have imposed on our budget and cash flows as well as contribute towards shoring up our national reserves.

32. To deliver our development objectives, we have increased the capital expenditure portion of the budget from N557 billion in the 2015 budget to N1.8 trillion, in the 2016 budget. Distinguished and honourable members of the National Assembly, for the first time in many years, capital expenditure will represent 30% of our total budget. In future years we intend to raise the percentage allocation for capital expenditure.

33. This is a fulfillment of our promise to align expenditure to our long-term objectives, and a sign of government’s commitment to sustainable development. This increased capital expenditure commits significant resources to critical sectors such as Works, Power and Housing – N433.4 billion; Transport – N202.0 billion; Special Intervention Programs – N200.0 billion; Defence – N134.6 billion; and Interior – N53.1 billion. These investments in infrastructure and security are meant to support our reforms in the Agriculture, Solid Minerals and other core job creating sectors of our economy.

34. We will invest to safeguard lives and property.

35. We will invest in equipping our farmers with the right tools, technology and techniques.

36. We will invest in empowering and enabling our miners to operate in a safe, secure and humane environment.

37. We will invest in training our youths, through the revival of our technical and vocational institutions, to ensure they are competent enough to seize the opportunities that will arise from this economic revival.

38. Indeed, the future looks bright. And I ask that we all work together to make this vision a reality. The 223% year on year growth in capital expenditure demonstrates our desire to make Nigeria more competitive, and start the journey to deliver sustainable development in our country.
39. In fulfillment of our promise to run a lean government, we have proposed a 9% reduction in non-debt recurrent expenditure, from N2.59 trillion in the 2015 Budget to N2.35 trillion in 2016. Furthermore, we have budgeted N300 billion for Special Intervention Programs, which takes the total amount for non-debt recurrent expenditure to N2.65 trillion.

39. As I mentioned earlier, the Efficiency Unit set up by this Administration together with effective implementation of GIFMIS and IPPIS will drive a reduction of overheads by at least 7%, personnel costs by 8% and other service wide votes by 19%. Distinguished and honourable members, this budget will be executed to provide optimum value by ensuring every naira spent by this Government, counts.

40. We will devote a significant portion of our recurrent expenditure to institutions that provide critical government services. We will spend N369.6 billion in Education; N294.5 billion in Defence; N221.7 billion in Health and N145.3 billion in the Ministry of Interior. This will ensure our teachers, armed forces personnel, doctors, nurses, police men, fire fighters, prison service officers and many more critical service providers are paid competitively and on time.

41. Distinguished and honourable members of the National Assembly, our 2016 borrowings will be principally directed to fund our capital projects. Furthermore, the sum of N113 billion will be set aside for a Sinking Fund towards the retirement of maturing loans; while N1.36 trillion has been provided for foreign and domestic debt service. This calls for prudent management on our part, both of the debt portfolio and the deployment of our hard earned foreign exchange earnings.

42. I am aware of the problems many Nigerians currently have in accessing foreign exchange for their various purposes – from our traders and business operators who rely on imported inputs; to manufacturers needing to import sophisticated equipment and spare parts; to our airlines operators who need foreign exchange to meet their international regulatory obligations; to the financial services sector and capital markets who are key actors in the global arena.

43. These are clearly due to the current inadequacies in the supply of foreign exchange to Nigerians who need it. I am however assured by the Governor of Central Bank that the Bank is currently fine-tuning its foreign exchange management to introduce some flexibility and encourage additional inflow of foreign currency to help ease the pressure.

44. We are carefully assessing our exchange rate regime keeping in mind our willingness to attract foreign investors but at the same time, managing and controlling inflation to level that will not harm the average Nigerians. Nigeria is open for business. But the interest of all Nigerians must be protected. Indeed, tough decisions will have to be made. But this does not necessarily mean increasing the level of pain already being experienced by most Nigerians.

45. So to the investors, business owners and industrialists, we are aware of your pains. To the farmers, traders and entrepreneurs, we also hear you. The status quo cannot continue. The rent seeking will stop. The artificial current demand will end. Our monetary, fiscal and social development policies are aligned.

46. Mr. Senate President, Mr. Speaker, distinguished members of the National Assembly, in spite of the global economic uncertainties; we must remain steadfast in our commitment to steer this country back to greatness.

47. The Nigerian economy needs to move away from dependency on oil. Our growth must be inclusive. Nigerians must be part of the growth story. As a Government, we shall deliver security, jobs and infrastructure. This is the right of all Nigerians.

48. I know many people will say “I have heard this before”. Indeed, trust in Government, due to the abuse and negligence of the past, is at an all-time low. This means we must go back to basics. Our actions will speak for us. My team of dedicated, committed and patriotic Nigerians is well aware of the task ahead and I can assure you that we are taking on the challenge.

49. We will not betray the trust reposed in us.

50. We will welcome and be responsive to your feedback and criticisms.

51. We are here to serve. And indeed, Nigerians will get the service they have longed for and which they rightly deserve.

52. We as a Government cannot do it alone. We will require the support of all civil servants, the organized labour, industry groups, the press and of course, our religious and traditional institutions. This is a call for all of us to stand and serve our country.

53. This Budget represents a major step in delivering a new opportunity for Nigeria. It demonstrates our confident optimism that despite the challenging times, we have the will, resourcefulness and commitment to deliver prosperity to our people. And by the Grace of Almighty God and the sheer will and determination of the Nigerian people, we will come out stronger and more united than ever.

54. Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Professor Owolarafe's Inaugural Lecture Holds Today

Professor O. K. Owolarafe of the Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University will on Tuesday, 22nd December, 2015  deliver the 282nd Inaugural Lecture at Oduduwa Hall of the institution by 5:00pm.

The theme of his lecture is ''Building a Paradise in Nigeria - The R & D Option for Small and Medium Scale Agro-Allied Industries"

Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: OAU SU Leaders Call For Prayers

Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: OAU SU Leaders Call For Prayers

On the Panel some Union officers are currently facing over the Prof. Y. K. Yusuf saga, 'There have been several rumours that seem to be affecting the Studentship of the Union leadership, we need the support and prayers of the generality of Great Ife students' the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union officers have pleaded.

In a Press Statement issued by the Leadership of the Union, the current state of the struggle against poor welfare conditions of students has been appraised including the Panel some Union Officers are currently facing.

Below is the full Press Statement.



Great Ife,
It is apposite at this critical point of our union's history to salute the doggedness, tenacity and continuous consciousness of members of the Great Ife studentry. The Union will not at this period fail to keep the generality of Great Ife Students abreast as far as the Struggle for better welfare, "Suspension of Union Activities", The query and panel set up on the Professor Y.K Yusuf, Cancellation of Session, Resumption and many other salient developments.

Upon the bad welfare condition we experience on campus ranging from bad water supply to unstable electric supply, dilapidated structures and many others. Great Ife Students saw it no longer bearable most especially after several period of diplomacy without hope in sight. The last straw that broke the camel was the erratic water and light for 3 consecutive days without any memo from the management notifying the public on the development as darkness took over campus for days. A congress of students was demanded and subsequently called on Friday, November 27, 2015. The Congress being the highest decision making organ of the union decided to go on a one day lecture boycott so as to press home our popular demands.
November 30 was massive as thousands came out to register their grievances in a peaceful demonstration. December 1 was greeted with hope of expectation that the administrators would call the union representatives to meeting to address the sordid situation. Rumours got thick that the varsity had been shutdown as Students were to proceed on an indefinite Mid Semester break.

"Tell no lies, Claim no easy victory, tell it to the people the way it is"-Amilcar Cabral
It was well established that the fear of disruption of convocation and a repeat of history was one of the reason the break was imposed, a less than 24 hours demonstration have warranted no shutdown. However, it was surprising as such was not intended and would never be the intention of an administration that brought glory to image of the ivory tower through the union scholarship scheme which saved the studentship of 85 Students. The Union wrote to appropriate quarters to debunk and further assert our concern interest in a genuine and moral course. We wrote and met with the Ooni and promised him a peaceful ceremony. As against the widely spread rumour, the convocation went peaceful and was successful, thanks to the collaborative effort of the union.

December 2, a circular of evacuation was pasted instructing students to leave campus. On the 3rd of December, another special release with Ref no: RO.2/Vol. VI/180 from office of the registrar gave the notice on the Suspension of the Union Activities. A lot of Unions both within and outside have risen to condemn the Suspension of the Students' Union.
On the 4th of December, three union officers, the President , Gen Sec and the PRO were served official query on account of disruption of EGL 206 Class, Verbally Abuse, Rudeness to the Professor and Refusal to obey Instruction. The union executives responded to these query within the 48 hours ultimatum.
On the 16th December, 2015, we received a letter inviting us to a panel set up by the university to investigate the Allegation of Disruption of Lecture, Rudeness and Refusal To Obey Instruction of Professor Y.K Yusuf. The Panel was slated for the following day, December 17. At the panel, we explained our side of the story and debunked the allegation of assault on the lecture. Although, we were chastised at the panel for wanting to disrupt the academic calender but we re-affirm to them our unquenchable and unrepentant thirst for Stable Academic Calender which was a cardinal point of our electoral promises, we also demanded quick re-opening of the University. The result of the panel as i write is not out as we have heard that they will report to the University senate.

Sometimes last week, some reports emanated from some quarters that the University administrators intend to scrap the session, however, the truth have surfaced against such. It is germane to inform you that we have confirmed from good Authorities that the administrators had proposed to members of ASUU a 56 working days leave which will definitely elongate resumption to sometimes in March or April. The ASUU fortunately at their congress kick against the leave and demand immediate opening of the University in January.

The Professor Y.K Yusuf issue is one the union have been making effort to resolve from the father to children perspective. We never at any time had the intention to disparage the personality of the respected professor. The personality of the professor is one that have always supported the students course. It is however unfortunate that the University is capitalizing on this issue. There have several rumours that seems to be affecting the Studentship of the Union leadership, we need the support and prayers of the generality of Great Ife students. Our course is a moral one. It is also imperative to know that the Union has several means suggestible to the management on how to go about the renovation.

The Students' Union is at critical stage where it needs the support of the over 30,001 students. The struggle against bad welfare condition is not one for the Students' union leadership alone but the generality of Great Ife Students who have so far shown the substance they are made of as the media has been agog with OAU News in the past few weeks.

No doubt, this period is a time when our consciousness is put to test. The struggle for improved welfare condition have taken a different dimension which is unprecedented in the history of struggle- the heavy publicity of our agitations on the pages of new papers, channels I-reports, Sahara Reporters, and other social media platforms have all redefine students' Union struggle. This demands are being well pressed home as it already get the attention of the presidency, the Ooni of Ife and press commentators. At this junction, Great Ife students should not loss trust in our leadership as we continue to agitation for re-opening of the
university and improved welfare


Oluwaseun Oketooto
Secretary General
Omotayo Akande (TY)

Mid-Semester Break: ASUU Demands Re-opening Of The University

Mid-Semester Break: ASUU Demands Re-opening Of Obafemi Awolowo University

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Obafemi Awolowo University has thrown her weight behind the interest of the Great Ife students by demanding the re-opening of the University early January, 2016.

As part of the resolution reached at the end of the ASUU Congress which held on Thursday, 17th December 2015 to consider University's administration's proposal of an annual leave for all academics among other things, the Congress resolved that the matter of an annual leave for academics is paramount but it should be at the end of the session. This is against the a 56-day leave proposed by the University authority which will begin after the Christmas break.

The academic staff said they only recognize the current university closure as a mid-semester break and nothing more, thereby demanding the reopening of the university for the continuation of 2014/2015 academic session by early January, 2016.

"It will be inappropriate for academics to proceed on a collective leave when students are suspended from academic work by the university, indefinite.

"ASUU only recognizes the Senate decision that the University is currently on a mid-semester break and no more.

"The University authorities should re-open the University for the continuation of 2014/2015 academic session by early January, 2016.

"In the interest of the students and the larger University community, the time lost during the current mid-semester break should be provided by the University administration on resumption of academic work."

It will the recalled that the OAU authority told the students to proceed on an indefinite mid-semester break on December 2, 2015. This is the second mid-semester break in the 2014/2015 academic session.

Former Students' Union President, Ibikunle Appreciates OAU Students Upon Graduation

Former Students' Union President, Ibikunle Appreciates OAU Students Upon Graduation

The previous Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union President, Ibikunle Motunrayo has taken to the social media to appreciate all those that contributed to his management of the OAU Students' Union when he was the President including the generality of Ife students.

Below is the long appreciation note which he titled 'My touchy and touching appreciations'

Thank you God for the great Grace so far, am a product of grace;

Thank you my mum for the motherly and spiritual backing till date, you are everything to me;

Thank you my aunt, Mrs Ejimoh Alao and the Late Barrister Rasaq Alao for giving me that huge N3,000 in 1999 to pay for my secondary school admission fee therefore saving me from dropping out, thank you for standing in when my dad rejected me and my uncle turned me and grandma back in 1999;

Thank you my cousins, brothers and sisters, immediate and extended, blood and non-blood related, for your support and motivation; Thank U my cousins for providing me with your bags, textbooks , Edet-goes-to-school shoes and Yaba-bought shirts and baggy trousers to feel among in school and among peers back then.( Yes, I wore Yaba shirts! What of you? You wan form abi?) Thank U Mr Seni and Yinka Ashaye and Olugbenga Samuel Ibikunle for motivating me to go further to study law after my ND education. Thank you my numerous brothers and mates in TAC choir then and on the streets of Sagamu, Shomolu and Bariga.

Thank you Mrs Awolesi's, Mrs Adeboye's and Elder Olaoye's families and few others for being there when many forgot me and my mum in TAC Sagamu District;

For your fervent prayers, especially when I was the President of one of the most radical and challenging Student Union in the Universe, thank you Pastor Adegoke, Pastor Adenekan and Ex-TACSFON Pastor Ebenezer. And particularly current OAU TACSFON Pastor Akano, Mr Emmanuel, Miss Ife Makinde and others that we did have vigils together at sport complex ( I know many will find this incredible! Guys, it happened, I ran to God!)

For the immeasurable love and affection I was showered in OAU, I say thank you my ex-classmates and the whole students of the faculty of Law, present and past; thank you members and Alumni of Moot and Mock Team, Equity Chambers, Red Cross, ACJ NAOS, Man O' War OAU; thank you to the ex-Angola Hall mates and Juniors, guys am indebted; thank U to all my mamas in Moremi, Sports, Alumni and Mozambique Halls( though am not a fine boy, I was blessed with ladies and mamas in OAU who ruled my campaign and administration! Winks*) thank you to all current members and Alumni of all the 13 faculties, 8 halls of residence, Parakin Estate, Maintenance/Jolly/Fine Touch hostels and other off-campus residences for believing in me; thank you to my colleagues, the most supportive CEC members, the SRC members led by my indefatigable friend, RBT, the Judiciary led by Oriloye Fuad, my brother from another mother since Part 1, my ever gallant and intelligence driven security team, my Strategy/Media Teams- during campaign and administration, the HEC,among others; thank you to TACSFON and UJCM OAU, all fellowships, MSSN and Muslim brothers and sisters( funny enough, until recently, many can not say with certainty my religion on campus because of the strong cordiality I maintained with the two religion societies)

To staff unions in OAU especially ASUU, to the Great Ife Alumni Body, to my ex union leaders, particularly those who supported , a big thank you for adopting me as your mentee; to my ever supportive lecturers, Doctors and Professors, you have been very wonderful! To those OAU staff who were our insiders and informants, you are celebrated; in the same vein, I say a big thank you to my teachers in primary and secondary schools.

And also to those who were(as many have apologised and made peace) , or are still, my antagonists , a big thank you for as Edmund Burke once said 'He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper'. In fact, beside my quest to succeed in life so as to cater for my family through my profession and vigorously pursue the end to peoples' misery and poverty in Nigeria through my profession and participation in politics, you are the next reason.

I say thank you to those who I would have naturally mentioned their names but tactically decided not to mention either because they are people who may not want to attract unnecessary attention to their names as a result of their social, political and business standing, or they are those I do not want to engender the envy of their colleagues or friends to them. Deep down in you, you know I would have mentioned you but...!

And to all my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, especially those who will always like, comment, retweet, share or favourite my posts, tweets and pictures, I say a big thank you!

To you all, may you walk and never tumble! May you and your family continue to increase in good health and financial abundance Insha Allah Insha Jesus!(As usual abi?, winks) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

Isaac Motunrayo Ibikunle,

Sunday, 20 December 2015

5 Important Things A Nigerian Undergraduate Must Work On Before Graduation

5 Important Things A Nigerian Undergraduate Must Work On Before Graduation

This article was sent in by an anonymous person but we feel it is worth sharing as undergraduates can pick one or two clues from it.

1. Spoken English
It is so sad that majority of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions do not bother about polishing their spoken and written English before graduation. Some graduates speak English worse than a toddler, making one to wonder what they spent 16 years doing in school. You hear utter statements like "he come and slap me and I come and beat him". If you say such to an interviewer, even with First Class honours clearly written on your CV, he will probably think you bribed your way through school. The use of words like 'yeah', 'goddamn', 'omo', 'sh*t', 'f**k' e.t.c should be stopped because they do not portray you as a decent person.

2. Mode of dressing
Looking fly on campus was one of the things I enjoyed during my undergraduate days. It was fun because you had so much of the opposite sex around to admire you. The moment I graduated, my orientation changed. Not that a graduate should stop wearing denims and sneakers, but sagging and putting on studs with crazy hairstyles should come to a stop if such a person wants to fit into the corporate world. In the corporate world, you get to mingle with matured or married men with enough decency. Sagging in their midst will make you look kiddo. Just because your favourite musician Davido sags his trousers does not mean you should do the same. He gets paid to do that while you could get fired for doing the same.

3. Spendthrift attitude
The first time I heard someone say his salary is N70,000, I hissed and mocked him in my mind because that was the same amount we students spent on phones just to oppress each other. Now I have seen people earning less than N45,000 even with years of experience. What kind of person do you think you will turn out to be when all you want is the latest expensive gadgets? In the real world, no one cares about the kind of phone you use. Even on campuses in Nigeria these days, girls have stopped falling for a guy because of the phone he uses, they now trip for flashy cars. So, before you spend that huge amount on a phone, ask yourself this question: "is it going to improve my standard of living?". I did not know I could turn my smart phone to a mini laptop with WPS, Excel e.t.c until I got employed. My phone was all about BBM, WhatsApp and Facebook. I now saw the full potential of the phone. You need to cut down on your spending. Also, get the idea of clubbing off your mind or it might ruin your pocket. The money saved from disciplining yourself can be used to start something great. Use your head!

4. Laziness
You remember how you used to complain about the large notebooks you have to read for exams? If you lack a good reading culture, it is certain you will be bereft of ideas to contribute to a company's growth. You are always seen reading gossip blogs where you are updated with the lifestyle of celebrities but lack the idea of what the top 20 questions interviewers ask. Scaling through campus days as a lazy person does not mean such is likely to continue in the real world. Carrying on with laziness is what leads to prostitution, where a lady feels she can use her body to fetch her daily bread instead of her brain, or where a guy still expects his uncle to be the one to help him achieve his targets even after getting him a job through nepotism. You get to wonder why they spent 16 years developing their brain in school.

5. Pride
I remember when I was in my final year at school, I was always happy about what the future held for me. I knew I was going to get a job that pays N350,000 immediately I graduated. Reality slapped me in the face when my first offer was a job paying N30,000. I had no choice but to take up the offer because I was already tired of adding more months to the six months I had spent at home sleeping. Luckily for me, that job paved the way for a better one because it gave me the needed experience recruiters want to see on a CV. I have now realized that N350,000 is only feasible for those in the oil sector and those with huge years of experience, not a fresh graduate who does not know his left from his right. As you are about graduating, never see any job as demeaning. Take it up while you continue searching for a better one. This gives you experience. A bird in hand is better than a million in the bush. Remember, you are a nobody and no one gives a damn about you out there. So, drop your pride and use your head and hands or end up spending years still eating your mum's food with insults.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

AAUA's First Class Graduates Offered Automatic Employment

AAUA's First Class Graduates Offered Automatic Employment

The Executive Governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko has today announced automatic employment offer to willing best graduates of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko.

During the conferment of Degrees and Award/Prizes at the 6th Convocation ceremony of the institution which held at OBJ Hall, the governor who is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University admitted that it is the duty of the government to encourage graduands with brilliant academic performance and as such offered the First Class students automatic employment. He further stressed the need for the graduands to keep aiming high even as he wishes them well as they go into the labour market.

"Its is the responsibility of government to encourage achievements of brilliant minds. I am happy to announce automatic employment to willing best graduates to Ondo State Civil Service.

"I congratulate the graduands and i wish them well as they go into the labour market."

It will be recalled the Obafemi Awolowo University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Bamitale Omole in what seems like a contrasting decision announced the stop of automatic employment for graduands who make First Class honours from the university.

African Regional Youth Forum For World Heritage 2016 In South Africa (Fully Funded)

African Regional Youth Forum For World Heritage 2016 In South Africa (Fully Funded)

The African World Heritage Fund and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in partnership with the Robben Island Museum are pleased to announce a call for participants for a regional youth forum from the 28th April to the 4th May 2016 at the Robben Island World Heritage Site in Cape Town, South Africa.

This forum will address young people and seek to provide a sustainable platform for youth in Africa that could increase the involvement of youth in the promotion and protection of World Heritage in Africa, and also deliver essential feedback to UNESCO, the World Heritage Committee and the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) on youth challenges, accomplishments and actions related to the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the region. This is the first regional youth forum on World Heritage in Africa addressing Anglophone youth. A second forum is planned for 2017 targeting francophone youth in Africa.

Young citizens from the African continent;
Aged from 20 to 28 years old with fluent English (no interpretation will be provided);
Available to attend for the full length of the event and invest time to prepare and follow up the forum;
Motivated, active and driven individuals interested in engaging in a World Heritage network of young African youth and eager to implement the outcomes of the forum in their home countries;
Individuals passionate about heritage in their country.

Selection Criteria
The following items will be strongly considered during selection:

Profile confirms with requirements;
Completed application package (form, CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter & video);
Diversity and complementarities of experiences among participants;
Potential to act as multiplier;
Gender and geographic balance;

The costs for the forum will be covered by the organizers; the African World Heritage Fund and Robben Island Museum (i.e. airfare, accommodation, meals and local transport within South Africa during the forum).

Application Process
The complete application package should be submitted at the latest on the 31st January 2016 (9am GMT) via the following email address:

Announcement_Africa Youth Forum 2016
Application Form_Youth Forum 2016

For any queries or problems during application process, please contact AWHF (Pamela Mac Quilkan: with copy to UNESCO (Carméla Quin: Please note that applications sent to these emails will not be accepted, please send to the stipulated email address:

Successful applicants will be informed by 26th February 2016 at the latest.

Deadline: January 31, 2016

For more information, visit the official website.

Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: Students' Union Officers Face Panel

Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: Students' Union Officers Face Panel

Two Central Executive Council (CEC) members of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union on Thursday faced an inquiry panel set up the University Management to investigate the alleged assault on the former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Y. K. Yusuf last month.

The Union Officers invited to face the Panel include; the Public Relations Officer of the Students' Union, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant and the President of the Union, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY.

TY and Kant has however since denied the allegation of assault saying they are cultured individuals and will not assault such a member of Staff.

Read details of the incidence here if you missed the story then.

SSANU Declares Indefinite Strike

SSANU Declares Indefinite Strike

SENIOR university staff under the aegis of Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities (SSANU) will begin an indefinite strike action from December 24 to protest the sack of over 2,000 staff teachers.

The National President of SSANU, Samson Ugwoke, explained in Abuja yesterday that the universities’ councils employed the affected staff from 31 universities for more than 10 years.

He said further that the directive to disengage the staff schools’ teachers emanated from a circular purportedly written on behalf of the Minister of Education and signed by the Deputy Director in the ministry, Fayemi E. O. dated April 21, 2015, with an attached memorandum and report from the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission, dated March 5, 2014 and February 2014 respectively.

The directive asked agencies that had been funding the personnel costs of staff primary schools in the federal budget to stop the practice with immediate effect.

SSANU said that as a corollary to the above directive, the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission through a circular dated August 27, 2014, directed that personnel/teachers of schools affiliated to institutions and agencies like staff schools should on no account be included in the nominal roll of such institutions.

Ugwoke said December was given as a deadline for the removal of personnel/teachers of university staff schools from the payroll of government, adding that the implication was that the category of workers numbering over 2,000 from over 30 universities would be thrown into the unemployment market.

While announcing the commencement of indefinite strike from Thursday, December 24, SSANU said that university staff schools “are integral part of the university system, established as welfare and municipal services for scholars and staff.”


Friday, 18 December 2015