Saturday, 31 January 2015

OAU Welcomes First Set Of e-Students

The Obafemi Awolowo University’s Center for Distance Learning (OAUCDL) today welcomed its pioneer set for the Online Distance Learning Programme. This was at the Matriculation Ceremony which held at the Oduduwa Hall of the OAU Main Campus.

The OAUCDL Online Distance Learning programme is accredited by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) and allows students to receive their lectures online using a customized study tablet (Vigitab).

The Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Bamitale Omole, whilst addressing the students, said: “you have the singular honor of being the first set of students in our eLearning programme, the first of its type in Nigeria. I congratulate you on being pioneers of the eLearning revolution in the country. I want to assure you that your distant learning mode of admission does not in any way imply inferiority in status, compared to our conventional students, either in terms of lecture delivery or the certificates you receive at the end of your programmes. Our university guards jealously the integrity of its degrees and diplomas whether obtained in the conventional or distance learning mode. Hence your various curricula have gone through the usual high standards of excellence of the University Senate for which Obafemi Awolowo University is well known.”

The Center for Distance Learning Director, Professor Bode Asubiojo, speaking also at the ceremony said: “This development is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we are pleased with it. We have replicated the classroom experience on a tablet device for students. For the first time, students can receive lectures, submit assignments, participate in forums, take quizzes, and even rewind their lecturers, all from the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they may be in Nigeria or abroad.”

The eLearning solution is powered by a Learning Management System (VigiLearn) that allows students to receive lectures, submit assignments, relate with peers, participate in group discussions and get graded without being physically within the four walls of a lecture room. The Vigitab is specifically built for Nigeria and allow for users to continue to study and receive lectures with limited internet connection.

“Our primary charge at the Center for Distance Learning of Obafemi Awolowo University is to provide quality education to the teeming number of Nigerian youths who possess the prerequisite qualifications for entry to Nigerian Universities but are denied admission owing to inadequate facilities on campus and the working class who are desirous of pursuing undergraduate and post graduate programmes whilst still retaining their jobs; the Online Distance Learning programme allows us to deliver on this objective.” Professor Asubiojo highlighted.

Courses on offer for the Online Distance Learning Programme are B.Sc. Accounting and Bachelor of Nursing Science. The Center plans to include more courses in the future.


INEC Ad-Hoc Job: Very Important Notice To All Applicants

All Ad-hoc staff (Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Senior Presiding Officers) that did not get the SMS and could not find their names on the display list at their LGA State of Residence should go back with acknowledgement slip for screening on Monday 2nd February, 2015. Time: 9am – 4pm.

Call: 0700-CALL-INEC (0700-2255-4632) for HELP!!!

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OAU Agricultural Students Embark On Lecture Boycott

Sequel to the congressional decision of the general students of the great faculty of Agriculture of Obafemi Awolowo University chapter last week, students in the Faculty of Agriculture made their grievances known to the management through a lecture boycott to protest the condition of their dilapidated lecture theatres and laboratory through a peaceful solidarity movement.

It was almost a hullabaloo when the National Association of Agricultural Students (NAAS) executives led by the president of the association drove the students out of the lecture room to converge at the Agric-Foyer. The president moved the motion to boycott the lecture as he sought the indulgence of the students to come out en-masse for the peaceful solidarity movement. The motion was eventually accepted by the assemblage which was followed by the mass movement of the students.

The president of the agricultural students however gave the management an ultimatum of 72 hours to respond to their request to renovate and make Ajose Lecture Theatre available for use by their students.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Chinko Ekun Officially Signed On To Olamide's YBNL Nation

The YBNL Nation boss, Olamide broke the news of the signing of one of OAU's finest hip hop star, Chinko Ekun along side another rapper Xino on his Instagram account.

OAU Peeps Congratulates Chinko Ekun and we wish him more success in his future endeavors.

OAU Premier League: Angolan Scores Last Minute Goal To Gain First Point

OAU Premier League: Angolan Scores Last Minute Goal To Gain First Point

OAU Premier League continued yesterday with the Fajuyians getting a draw from their game against the Angolans at the home of the latter. The first goal in the match came from the host through an Angolan by the alias Alfa, the Fajuyians equalized when the Angolan Keeper made a mistake that cost them a goal.

The Fajuyians eventually took the lead when their star player Aji saw the back of the net, a feat which the Angolans responded to a few minutes later. Aji then took the Fajuyians up the scoreline once again when he scored a free kick which raised a little controversy as the Angolans claimed that the referee had not blown the whistle when he played the spot kick. The goal was later counted and the game resumed.

Just as the Angolans were about giving up, their goal finally came in the last minute when the Angolan highest goal scorer, Clinton, headed in a goal for the host.

The league continues this weekend as the Angolans will once again face the Fajuyians at the dreaded Fajuyi hall stadium while the Awo machines would go to ETF to show the stuff they are made of.

In the other game, Aguero's hatrick for the Awoites was more than sufficient to dismantle the visiting team from ETF Hall as the game ended 6-0.

"My PVC This Time Is For A Better Nigeria" - Pastor Tunde Bakare

Oduduwa hall of Obafemi Awolowo University was the place to be on Wednesday 28th January 2015 as Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter rain Assembly spoke on the topic; Nigeria beyond 2015 in a lecture hosted by the Angola Hall Executives in collaboration with the Students' Union.

Pastor Tunde Bakare who was the running mate of General Muhammadu Buhari in the 2011 Presidential Elections under the umbrella of the then CPC said that even though it was expected of him to be loyal to the General, his PVC this time is for a better Nigeria. He also listed a few power blocs which influenced the elections in Nigeria some of which included The Past Leaders, Traditional rulers, Governors just to mention a few. He ultimately mentioned the strongest power block which he called the people power bloc urging the students and everybody present to participate in the forthcoming elections as they were the future of the country.
The Pastor gave quite a number of reasons why 2015 was an important year for Nigeria one of which is the fact that 2015 is Nigeria’s first post centenary year and there had been speculations that Nigeria was just an experiment of Lord Lugard with a time frame of 100 years. Based on this speculation the International community was carefully waiting to see result of Lord Lugard’s experiment. Another reason was the February elections which he said was a defining moment for Nigeria as the results could be the beginning of the change we had been waiting for or a big step towards the opposite.

Some of the other dignitaries who also spoke at the event was Yinka Odumakin, a one-time PRO of Great Ife Students Union and Student Activist, Comrade Ola Diamond, Comrade Christian Love, the hall Warden of Angola Hall, Mr Kuku. Awards were also presented to Pastor Tunde Bakare and Yinka Odumakin for their contributions to the development of the Country.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fresh Students To Collect Their Package At Debate Venue

The Vice President of the Students' Union, Oladejo Funmi a.k.a Olori has called on all fresh students of Obafemi Awolowo University to come around for the collection of their package.

In a message posted by the Secretary-General of the Students' Union this evening which is signed by the Vice President and the Secretary-General, Part one peeps are required to be present at Bamidele Aturu’s inaugural debate on 7th February, 2015 by 8am at Oduduwa hall to receive their package. The school I.D Card and Students’ Union receipt are the two criteria to be checked before the package is given to any fresher.

Below is the message:
Freshers’ Package! Freshers’ Package!! Freshers’ Package!!!

This is a call to all freshers to come for their package on 7th February 2015, at the Bamidele Aturu’s inaugural debate by 8am at Oduduwa hall. Come with your school I.D Card and Students’ union receipt.

Oladejo funmi Shittu I.Olatayo
Vice President Secretary-General

Nb: To participate in the debate, call 07061683032 or 08068655073 before 31/1/2015

Students' Union Speaker Names His New Baby (Pictures)

What a joyous moment at the Ikotun home of the Speaker of the Students' Union of Obafemi Awolowo University as Rt. Hon. Ramon Bola a.k.a RBT named his new baby girl.

The naming ceremony of Aleena who also bears Morenike, Ifeoluwa, Opemiposi was massively attended by Great Ife students especially Students' Union leaders. Below are pictures taken at the event.

Photo Credit: Students' Union, OAU

Voissapp Partners OAU Peeps For Reliable News Reportage

Voice Of Informed Social Students(VOISS) has eventually been launched in Obafemi Awolowo University partnering OAU Peeps News Agency as one of the media partners to serve the community with reliable news reports.

Voissapp is a social informative platform for communication and information dissemination on campus. Through the platform, students of a higher institution (OAU only for now) can post gists, communicate with course mates, receive information and materials from class reps and lecturers directly, get campus news from reliable sources. Information and upload of materials and lecture notes from class reps and lecturers at the corners notifies you both online and offline via sms.

The platform functions like most social networking site, you can post, like, dislike and comment on posts. Voissapp is your campus buddy. Now you shall not miss classes or miss a material due to lack of information.
According to the brains behind the project; the CS Team (Kelvin Umechukwu, Oyewale Ademola, Makanju Perfect, Odu Oluwafemi, Aladeusi Olakunle, Otuoniyo Harny, Adomokai Peter, Ogunyemi Timilehyin, Alaka Azeez, Ashiru Bamidele, Ayankoya Ibukun, Abidoye Victor), new features will soon be added to the application such as VOISS chat which will enable you to chat with friends on campus, meet new people on campus and get more social informative interaction. Other features are forum, VOISS timetable and so many more. The website is up and running and people can sign up now and start using it but the android app is still undergoing debugging and will be available on the play store for download on February 1. You can access the website by visiting

Awoites Disrupt OAU Premier League Match As Hall Edged Past Angola

The OAU premier league continued on Tuesday with the Angolans losing to the machines of Awo hall in a match played at the Awo Wembley and best described as half football, half combat.

The match was a very interesting one as one particular Awo machine who proved to be more than machine and more of a transformer bagged a hatrick against the Angolans. Another machine also cheated the Angolans with his height, nodding a throw in to give the machines a total of four goals which was enough for them to win the match. The transformer who was definitely the man of the match nicknamed after the Manchester City star; Sergio Aguero was definitely a beauty to behold with the ball and he definitely gave the Angola Defenders something to go home with.

On the other hand, the Angolans who had a rough first half suffering a 2-0 defeat in the half (courtesy of Aguero) brought their game on in the second half after making some substitutions. Their first goal happened a few minutes into the second half when an Angolan referred to as Alfa launched a shot from outside the box, an Angolan by the name Clinton also contributed to the score line giving the Angolans their second goal and the third goal was scored by a ruthless Angolan striker whom the machines later fouled to earn their second red card of the game after a machine had earlier been sent off on picking up his second yellow card.

The red cards caused controversies which later led to a couple of fights breaking out interrupting the match for several minutes. The Awoites of blocks 2 and 3 also contributed to the event by pouring scarce water on players and fans of both sides. The match finally resumed after the unofficial “break in transmission” with the efforts of the Angolans leading to no avail. The game eventually ended 4-3 in favour of the Awo Machines.

Also at ETF Stadium, the Gentlemen of ETF hall also taught the Fajuyians a few things in a 3-1 defeat. The league continues on Saturday

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

OAU Student Cries Out Over Inhuman Treatment Of Suspected Thief

The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart’------------- Maya Angelou

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t’-------Margaret Thatcher

Of the greatest Ife! It was with a melancholic state of heart that I picked my aluta pen and revolutionary note to challenge the audacity of some microscopic few who wallow in stupor because they are drunk on power and cannot prevent its effect on them; they stagger. These are men that have refused to grow out of the state of nature, which Thomas Hobbes described as short, brutish and nasty. They are the thieves who accuse the farm owner before he accuses them of theft. Before they got to the top, they knelt, kneeled and bent in order to get our votes. When they ascended the ladder, they became harbingers of doom. These men are those who emerged as members of the Awolowo Hall Executives with Apoel Gideon as the master planner of evil and unscrupulous acts.


On the afternoon of Saturday, 25th January 2015, Apoel Gideon, a part four student of law and the So called Secretary-General of Awolowo Hall, came to Awo block 4, room 108 to apprehend a student whom he claimed was a suspected thief (as at this time, I was not in the room). When I got to the room, I was informed about the incidence and I went straight to Gideon’s room where I met a moderation panel made up of Gideon, the Awo hall Chairman and one other student. I met the accused person in their midst being interrogated. I was impressed with the scene because it appeared to be a just moderation. I questioned the young man to know his level of guilt and I discovered that the incidence for which he was accused took place around 5:00 am, a time which I am sure the young man was still asleep on the said date of theft. Having satisfied that the accused person was innocent, I left the panel to their investigation with the statement, ‘I believe you are capable of making your finding’. I returned in less than thirty minutes only to find the accused person in unbearable pains and discomfort. As at then, the accused could not open one of his eyes. I told the panel that the system of moderation was barbaric, crude and a good description of jungle justice. Above all, this system of moderation is contrary to Section 36(5) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which states:

Every person who is charge with a criminal offence shall be presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty’.

This is also inconsistent with the provisions of Section 34(1)(a) of the Nigerian constitution which states:

Every individual is entitled to respect for the dignity of his person, and accordingly- no one shall be subject to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment

When asked for the reason for beating the accused person blue and black, the moderators claimed that he was guilty because he did not answer many of their questions and when he did, his statements were incoherent. I am not in support of not being able to hold on to one’s statement but am sure that this does not justify their illegal and degrading acts. Section 35(2) CFRN provides that:

Any person who is arrested or detained shall have the right to remain silent or avoid answering any question until after consultation with a legal practitioner or any other person of his choice’.

This section of the constitution explains that being silent when being questioned is supported by the law. On the issue of incoherent statement, it is clear that a person under duress is likely to say whatever he does not want to say as a result of fear or psychological effect of force or accusation.


It was recorded that Angola block J, room 108 was burgled by some avaricious students with kleptomaniac fingers on November 18, 2014. As claimed, five phones were stolen and this resulted in pains for the owners of the stolen items. One of these phones is a Blackberry Q10 which is very expensive and smart. The case was reported to the Secretary-General of Awo Hall before the end of last year and he claimed to start his investigation immediately. He claimed that he concluded his investigations before he came to arrest the accused. As a reasonable person, I asked to know the evidence to make the accused person culpable and he presented the evidence.


At first, only one evidence was brought against the accused person and that was what the childish and ignorant moderation was based on. When it finally occurred that they were fighting a lost battle, more evidence came up. I will list the evidence and try as much as possible to explain their relevance.

#Device Synchronization: The principal item that was stolen was a Blackberry10. The owner claimed that he synchronized his Twitter account with his Facebook account. The implication of this is that whichever account is logged into his facebook will appear on his Twitter timeline. He claimed that he logged into his Twitter account some days after the incidence and noticed that a Facebook account was connected to his Twitter. In anxiety, he went into the person’s profile, copied his name and saved some of his pictures. It was also claimed that two of his friends were there as witnesses to the event. As a person who had so many followers on Twitter, the phone owner thought it was wise to disconnect the two accounts immediately. The question to ask is ‘how did the accused person’s Facebook account linked with the Twitter account of the phone owner?

#Phone Tracker: The owner of the Blackberry phone also claimed that he and a number of people attempted to track the stolen phone with an application on the phone. According to him, he traced the phone to Awo Hall and the signal showed that the phone was at a place between a yellow building and annex.

#The female disguise: The owner of the Blackberry also claimed to have given the number he copied from the detected Facebook account to a lady in order that the lady might entice the thief with a beautiful pictures on whatsapp. The lady tried her best but the claimed thief did not yield to her proposal of dating.


Whoever looks at these pieces of evidence would be amazed at the brilliant job done by the owners of the stolen properties and the moderators of the case. Alas, a critical observation would reveal the errors embedded. Since I was awake before 3:00 am on the said date of theft, I am sure every roommate of mine was asleep and none left the room before 7:00 am. I woke the accused person from sleep around some minutes to 8am so that he would go to work on time. Let us take time to look at these:

#Phone Synchronization and the Facebook account: The computer is programmed in a way to display human follies. Computer experts at times usually make some mistakes in handling various gadgets. The accused was busy with designs of induction notepads for the November 27 induction of medical students. Since the printer is in Ibadan, he had to use internet facilities to send the designs to the printer. In the process, he visited Cybernet cafe in Awo hall to send the designs. As regular users of the internet, we all know that we are usually tempted to connect to Facebook to check status updates of friend. While connected to Facebook, the time expired and he left without logging out. I believe we all know how Facebook works. The person who claimed to detect the thief through his Twitter account logged into Twitter in the same cafe (he confirmed this several times during interrogation) and connected to Facebook. Familiarity with social media will reveal to us that the account that would be displayed is the one that was not logged out from the server. That was why the Twitter account connected with the accused person’s Facebook account which was not apparently logged out.

It was claimed that the Blackberry owner used the cafe to detect this around December 7, 2014 and the system would have been restarted before then and this would not allow an account on any server. There is a lie in this claim of lapse of time. Who on earth would not try to look for a Q10 Blackberry from November 18 to December 7? It simply means that the owner definitely used the cafe earlier than he claimed, even on the said date. How am I sure of this? The lady that was used to trail the accuse started to engage him in a chat via whatsapp in November. I got to know this because the accused informed me that a lady was disturbing him on whatsapp. I copied the lady’s phone number and I engaged the lady in a chat on December 5. This was after he had disturbed the accused for not less than four days. This means that the latest time the lady could have started a chat with the accuse was between 27 and 28 November when the phone was stolen (for proof of my chat with the lady, come Awo block 4, room 108 and ask for Taiwo or Afreeka). It shows that the owner of the lost phone logged into Twitter account on the same system that contained the accused person’s Facebook account that was not logged out. It is very much possible to access the page of an account that was not logged out before the expiration of time. If the phone owner is not trying to cover up for the wrong moderation of the Awo hall executives, why did he say he used the cafe a long time after the accused person had used it when he actually used it the day the phone was stolen? If you want to confirm how you can connect your Twitter account to a facebook account that was not logged out of a system, please visit me in the room I gave earlier.

#The Pictures that were saved: The one who claimed to detect the thief saved some of the pictures of the accused from Facebook and presented them to the lawless moderators who failed to apply any reasonability test because they wanted to appear as champions who know how to figure out thieves in order to come out victorious in subsequent elections. When the accuser was asked to produce the pictures he saved, he showed some pictures and he claimed they were uploaded via Blackberry. We logged into the accused person’s account in his presence and we saw that the picture he specified was uploaded on September 10. None of the pictures he provided was uploaded via Blackberry as he claimed. This means that he only went into the accused person uploaded pictures to lay charges on him thinking he was the thief. This was only possible because he thought the account he saw was connected to his Twitter. To corroborate this, we asked the accuser to log into his Twitter account so that we could see his activity log if it contains any info that connects him to the accused person. He did not do this with the claim that he has too many tweets and would not waste his time going through them. Another way to know if the accused actually used the stolen phone was to check all the devices he has ever used to connect to Facebook. This will show us all the platforms the accused has used to log into Facebook. The Chief Moderator, Gideon claimed that this would only prolong the matter and would not proffer a lasting solution. I am sure this is definitely to cover up for their failures to carry out proper investigation before lynching an innocent person. This has become very common in Awo hall. This barbaric act also took place on January 23, 2015 where an innocent victim was beaten and battered in block 8 before it was discovered that he was innocent. This foolishness must stop because we do not know the next innocent victim to suffer from this manifestation of the life in the state of nature.

#The moderators also had incoherent statements: The accused was said to be beaten at first for incoherent statement. Unfortunately, I also got the moderators for the same fault. The theft issue took place on November 18 and was reported to Apoel Gideon. When speaking with the Awo hall chairman, he said he was in Lagos when the case was reported and he only got the fact when he returned later (I can’t remember if he said he returned on the following day or after some days). Now see, the accuser said he showed two of his friends the details of the detected account and revoke the access to his Twitter account immediately. When confronting the hall chair with the evidence to show that the link was as a result of failure to log out from a system he used and that they acted on an evidence they did not verify, he said the access to the account was revoked in his presence. Don’t forget that the accuser said that the access was revoked immediately he detected the connection and that the hall chairman was not even in Ife when the case was reported to Gideon. How then was the connection revoked in his presence? Why were the statements incoherent if not that the hall chairman was trying to cover up the error of the moderators?

#The tracker that was used: The accuser claimed that he used an app to detect the phone in Awo hall. He claimed that the tracker showed that the phone was somewhere between a yellow block and Awo annex. We all know that the blocks facing Awo annex are block 1 and 2. If the phone was in block 1 or 2, why would someone in block 4 be in possession as at the said time? If it was possible to trace the phone to that extent, why not continue the tracing till the particular place it was? A tracker can lead you from here to Lagos by just following the pointer. Why not continue to follow the pointer to the particular room where the phone was?

#The claim that accuser failed a four unit course because his phone was stolen and that the accuser should be held responsible: The owner of the Q10 claimed he had register for UTME because he failed CHM 101 and other courses. One other person whose phone was stolen claimed he failed a lot of courses and would register for UTME on Monday, January 26. As a law student, I have been taught to listen when someone speaks and to pay attention to all details. I have been taught to make findings. In my further investigation, I discovered that the CHM 101 which the accuser claimed to have failed was not out as at the date of the moderation, January 24 and 25. The first science results was CHM 107, a one unit course which was released on Monday 26th January. Their failure was a major reason which they were allowed to lynch an innocent victim without control.

#Going voodoo: During the beating spree called moderation, Gideon (after hitting the accused person’s head on the strong Awo wall severally, having broken bottle on the floor and forced the accused person to lay on it as if it was a comfortable water bed) seemed to realize that he had dealt with a wrong person. In order to satisfy himself, he brought out a particular object to the accused person and said ‘ifa ki n puro, opele ki n seke’ meaning ‘the god of divination does not tell lies and the oracle does not deceive’. Having said this, he ordered the accused person to confess but he said he was innocent. I can never be sure but something tells me that this further convinced Gideon that the accused was innocent. We all know that it is impossible to accept the innocence because he knew the extent to which the accused had been beaten and its implication. The question would then be ‘what is Gideon’s vested interest in the case?’


A reasonable person would want to know why Gideon would want to support the accusers. The answer is not farfetched. It is apparent that Gideon and his team members had the gut to beat the accused person because they thought they had enough evidence to crucify him. The beating was so much that the accused person could not see with one of his eyes for two days. The beating was so much that none of the four hospitals we visited agreed to treat the victim. What a pity that the vulnerable are usually cheated for what they know nothing about! When the counter evidence showed that the accuser and the moderators jumped the gun and had made a mistake in their findings, it was not a good thing for them to accept their fault because they knew that people would take the issue up. This would also reveal the weakness of those that constitute the hall executive. This would reduce people’s trust in their moderation. They had to hold on tenaciously to their claim that the accused person was guilty because their integrity was about to be questioned. The only way to resolve the matter and still protect their integrity was to act as if they were doing the accused person a favour by begging the accusers on his behalf.


After the accused person had been beaten blue black, all parties concerned were called upon. There were three people from the accusing side and five people defending the accused person. Questions were raised and answers were given. At the end, the issue was not resolved based on evidence (after the accused person had been beaten mercilessly on a baseless evidence) because the moderators had something to protect – their offices and integrity. Gideon said the two parties should forget the issue on amicable terms to let peace reign. Let me reveal the truth behind that kind of terms. They wanted the case to end in a way that nobody would latter accuse Gideon and other moderators of beating up an innocent person. Gideon immediately told the phone owners to forget about their stolen items at that spot and they agreed (people who already threatened to collect one hundred thousand for the phones and even threatened to kill the accused). Is that how easy to forget about phones worth one hundred thousand naira? It left me with the belief that the moderators and the accusers already knew from facts that they picked up the wrong person and later discovered this. They had to look for a wise way to end the matter. The only way was to make it appear to the accused person that he was receiving a favour from them by not being asked to pay for the stolen items (items he did not steal). I have dealt with people who are more cunning and intelligent than they are; I know how to follow events, details and attitude.


The case was brought to an abrupt end but I have reasons to question the authority of students to beat up fellow students in the name of moderations. We say it is our tradition! What tradition allows the exploitation of innocent people? What tradition allows man inhumanity to man? What tradition allows my age mate or someone probably younger than I am to beat me up for what I know nothing about? What tradition would paint the society as barbaric and the people in it as uncivilized? What tradition should be repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience? Do we not know that a bad law is no law at all and a bad tradition is no tradition at all? Why would a number of students deliberately and consciously kick the national constitution in the face? Are we not supposed to be Intellectual Fighters for Emancipation (IFE)? Must this campus remain a place where the power drunk test the potency of their ill-acquired powers? For how long shall we fold our arms and watch this evil continue? This madness must stop! This barbaric attitude must be challenged! These enemies of natural justice must realize their follies! Why would someone moderating a case be drunk on alcohol (regal gin)! We can’t take it any longer! We are tired of living with fear of implication and unjustifiable punishments. Are these the leaders of tomorrow?

Let me bring this to an end with the words of Buckminster Fuller:

‘Those who play with the devil’s toys will be brought by
degrees to wield his sword’.


(I am not a contestant for any political position but an advocate of justice and legality)

PLEASE NOTE ESTEEMED READERS, as at the time of this article receipt, our own journalists in collaboration with the Press Team of Association of Campus Journalists(ACJ) have started making findings to ascertain to a reasonable height what actually went wrong. We will continually update you on the case as events unfold.

Election Break Indecision Worries OAU Students

Students of Obafemi Awolowo University have continued to express worries over the reported election break indecision by the university authority on whether to allow students go on break so as to be able to exercise their franchise come February 14 and February 28 or remain on campus as academic activities continue.

Speculations have suggested lately that the school management is been careful in reaching a concrete decision on the matter so as not to disrupt academic calendar at the expense of students exercising their franchise.

Some students have however said that either election break is given or not, nothing can stop them from traveling down to their respective states of origin to vote for the person they want come those election days since they are Nigerians. A student who prefers to remain anonymous who does not believe in the preservation approach said "What is the school management trying to do? Protect which calendar? OAU has a problem overtime with adhering to stipulated calendar, election break or no election break, our school is just slow"

There is an unconfirmed report that the school management is planning to make every Thursday and Friday prior to those election weekends lecture-free for those who wish to travel to vote to do so. If this is the case, students will have to risk traveling during about 48 hours to the election and return some hours after the election to be able to meet up with academic activities for the new week, at least for those that stay outside Osun state. While these proposed lecture-free days may not be useful to Great Ife students who are from cities and towns in the Northern and Eastern parts of the nation, those who stay somewhere in Osun state may find it helpful.
Also considering the bulk of OAU students who will be officiating on those election periods as electoral officers, the non-giving of election break will be a big blow to their willingness to serve their fatherland. Some students who are neither Electorates nor Electoral Officers wish to go back home because of the fear of what may happen during and after the elections.

The general election is expected to commence on February 14 with the presidential and national assembly elections followed by the the governorship and state house of assembly elections come February 28. February 21 is a provision for Run-off presidential election in a possible case where there is no clear winner as the law provides.

Presidential Debate Timetable Confirmed: Feb 1 & 8

The Nigeria Election Debate Group (NEDG) provided revised timetables for the anticipated presidential debates to SaharaReporters in an interview. A NEDG official, with the group for many years, confirmed that there will be a total of six televised vice presidential and presidential debates on Feb. 1 and Feb. 8.

Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate from the All Progressives Congress (APC), has not yet confirmed his attendance for any NEDG organized debate, according to a senior NEDG official. A letter was sent to SaharaReporters last week from The Nigeria Group, stating that APC should be weary of participating in any event organized by NEDG because of their alleged pro-Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stance. “NEDG cannot organize a credible debate…given its current composition,” and claimed that PDP received the debate questions in advance.
The debates are expected to feature the four leading political parties, including PDP and APC, but NEDG is currently waiting for the list of established political parties from the Independent National Election Commission (INEC), a NEDG official told Sahara Reporters.

It is expected that vice presidential debates will be held on Feb. 1 and the presidential debates will be held on Feb. 8. The structure will have 3 two-hour sessions per day, and are expected to be televised on AIT, NTA, TV Continental, and Silverbird TV. NEDG is in early discussions with famed Nigerian broadcast journalist John Momoh to be the moderator, and will include two additional panelists.

According to NEDG, the debate times will be 12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00, and 19:00-21:00 West Africa Time Zone.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Facebook's Whatsapp Comes To Desktop Computers

WhatsApp isn't just for smartphones anymore.

The chat application, which Facebook bought for more than $19 billion in October, will now extend its service so that it can be used on desktop and laptop computers. The app now lets people send and receive messages using a website, in addition to existing mobile apps.

The move expands WhatsApp's reach to even more devices, and underscores Facebook's desire to fuel the world's communications. The service, which has more than 600 million users, is one of the world's largest social chat platforms, and the expansion allows Facebook to make it even more accessible.
WhatsApp is not the only company making this effort. Apple's chat service, iMessage, started as a mobile-only application on the iPhone before the company brought it to desktop computers. Google's Hangouts service also works across devices, as does Microsoft's Skype. And while each company's approach is slightly different, chat is becoming one of the latest battlegrounds among companies hoping to tie customer's devices together under one service.

WhatsApp said its Web service, which launched Wednesday for Google's Android operating system, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, will "mirror" conversations on the smartphone app and users log in through their mobile device. That means customers will still need an Internet connection on their phones for WhatsApp to interact with desktops. But of course, Facebook is already working on this problem too, tying WhatsApp access into its project.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said in a Facebook post that "platform limitations" kept it from working with Apple's iPhone. The company didn't say when a Web-version that works with iPhones would be released.


Female Thief Caught In Akintola Hall

At about 3:00pm today, 26 January, 2015, residents of Akintola Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife apprehended a lady, Ajao Kehinde Adetola, in the act of taking cloth materials belonging to undisclosed people. She was said to have been accosted by a vigilant student who later called the attention of fellow students and the hall's porters.

In the age long tradition of OAU, the students demanded that the suspect be beaten and paraded as they also accused her of several similar thefts. The hall's management declined the students' request and called the University security unit to take over the situation. Students resident in the hall and the hall's executives in turn called the Students' Union Central Executive Council Security unit to assert their demands.

In the ensuing impasse, a consensus was eventually reached for the S.U security unit to take her to the S.U building for a brief interrogation and an official statement, after which she would be handed over to the university security for further pursuit of her case. These steps were adequately taken.
However, at the university senate building where the security unit has its office, more revelations were revealed about the lady. She claimed to have finished a diploma course in Local Government two years ago.
Some ladies (names withheld) came into the security office to testify that one of them was robbed by her in 2012 while they were in 200 level in Moremi Hall (they are currently in 400 level).
While Kehinde was writing a statement, it was discovered that one of the phones in her possession, which she had earlier claimed ownership, was stolen. The owner was traced immediately and she came over to the security office to testify that the phone was stolen from her last Sunday in Akintola Hall.

Matters again got to a head between the university security unit and S.U security unit as to what the next step about Kehinde would be. After so much argument, it was agreed that Kehinde would stay over at the university security office overnight, and tomorrow morning, Tuesday 27th January, Students' representatives would meet with the security at the old security unit office at Utility to further the case.

Abiodun Omonijo
Head, Press Team

Vacancies: Supplementary Applications For JUPEB Tutors


Applications are invited from suitably qualified, competent and resourceful personnel for position of Tutors in the Foundation Programmes offered by Centre for Distance Learning of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in conjunction with Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB).


Qualification: Minimum of Bachelors Degree in Education, Science or Islamic Studies from a reputable University
PGDE, Masters or Doctorate Degree in related fields will be an added advantage
Minimum of 3 years cognate experience in teaching and grading at A' Level/IJMB classes for Cambridge A' Level Examinations and Joint University Preliminary Examinations
Good interpersonal and communication skills - verbal and written

Applicants must be specialists in any of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Islamic Studies

JOB LOCATION: Centre for Distance Learning Campus, Moro, Ife North Local Government Area.



Interested individuals should forward their applications with detailed Curriculum Vitae and Referees' Report (at least two Referees) as a SINGLE MS WORD DOCUMENT FILE within three weeks from the date of advertisement to:
All applications should be addressed to:

The Director,
Centre for Distance Learning,
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

NB: The position you are applying for should be indicated in the subject line of your email.
Candidates who have applied before need not re-apply.

Submission of online application closes by 11.59 pm on Monday, 6th February, 2015.

D.I. Ocan (Mrs.)
Administrative Secretary

Monday, 26 January 2015

Important Update: INEC Shortlists Adhoc Applicants As Screening Begins

With about 20 days to the start of the general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) has shortlisted applicants for the Adhoc job during the forthcoming exercise. The list can be seen in every Local Government Area secretariat nationwide. For peeps that registered with Osun state, the screening exercise starts tomorrow(27th January, 2015). You are required to go to your Local Government with which you registered alongside your valid Identity Card and Acknowledgement slip print out.

Efforts by the leadership of the Students' Union through the office of the Welfare Officer, Ajewole Martins a.k.a Ojogbon to ensure the list was pasted on campus however proved abortive today as INEC officials refused to give out the shortlisted candidates' list stating that the list cannot be pasted on campus because of the sensitivity surrounding it politically. Also referring to the last guber elections held in the state, "...this current list comprises of many people from different quarters and federal schools; the list for gubernatorial election was allowed on OAU campus because only OAU students were used for the election."

Mr Tobi Gbemisola, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University also confirmed to OAU Peeps News Agency that the screening begins tomorrow at every Local Government area. "Screening is 12 noon tomorrow. Go with your ID card.", "the local government you applied to work. The names were pasted there."

On this note, we will like to advise Great Ife students that applied for this job to go to their respective local government of residence chosen and check their names whether you get text message from INEC or not.

Kindly Share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Whatsapp Channels so as to reach as many students as possible who applied before the screening exercise ends.

Redeemers University To Suspend 22 Students For Not Attending Church Service

According to sources, Redeemers University is about to suspend 22 students today for missing church activities. The source who informed us said one of the students who missed not going to church had asthma attack and missed it, but their porters felt it’s none of their business. The students have been asked to go and inform their parents of the suspension and parents are planning to storm the school this morning. This is what they are fighting for. The school’s students handbook already made it clear that ‘Absence from corporate worship hours’ will attract a deduction of 10points from the offenders total 100 points.

So parents now wonder why the school is planning to suspend them, which will make them not seat for their forthcoming exams and will also make them cough out another N400,000 as school fees. Above is what one of them sent, underlining the penalty for their offense, which clearly says it’s a reduction of 10points.

The source also made it clear that she is very much aware that Pastor Adeboye does not know how some of these porters victimize some of the students. She said when the bold ones among them confronted their porters that their offence does not warrant a suspension, they told them, we know, we just want to make you scape goats.


NDDC Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship 2015


As part of our Human Resource Development initiatives, NDDC is embarking on a Post-Graduate Foreign Scholarship Programme to equip Niger Deltans(  with relevant training and skills for effective participation in the Local Content programme of the current Administration as well as compete globally in various professional fields. The Scheme is for suitably qualified applicants with relevant Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree from recognized Universities in the following professional disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Medical Sciences (M.Sc. Public Health excluded)
  • Computer Science/Technology
  • Geology
  • Geosciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental or Gas/Oil Law
  • Project Management


First Degree with minimum of 2nd Class Lower Division for those wishing to undertake a Master’s Degree programme and a good Master’s Degree for PhD candidates from a recognized University.
Applicants must have gained admission for a Post Graduate Programme in any of the listed disciplines above, in a foreign University.

Applicants who have already enrolled in overseas’ universities are NOT eligible to apply.
Guarantor’s written consent of good conduct of the applicant from any of the following persons from the applicant’s community/clan.

a. Member of National Assembly
b. Chairman of the LGA.
First class traditional ruler.
High Court Judge
Persons with evidence of cult membership or criminal record shall not be considered for the award.
Applicants must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC).
Applicants must have a valid Admission Letter from a Foreign University.


Application must be made on-line at the Commission’s website:
( with the following attachments:
Recent passport photograph
Local Government identification letter.
Post Graduate (PG) admission letter from Overseas University.
Relevant Degrees from recognized University.
N.Y.S.C Discharge Certificate
Successfully completed application form will be assigned a registration number automatically.
Print the hard copy of the on-line generated acknowledgement for ease of reference.
All shortlisted applicants will be posted on NDDC website.
For further enquiries please contact:
Director, Education Health and Social Services (NDDC)
Mobile: 08063280649; e-mail:

All completed applications must be submitted on or before Friday 28th February, 2015





Project Let Go: Organizer Reels Out Terms And Conditions

The much anticipated "Project Let Go" organized by Oluseyi Jude AJANI, a final year student of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at Obafemi Awolowo University, he is also the CEO, JANICUTS- OAU, a trailblazing fashion brand is finally here. The event slated for this Friday, 30th January 2015 will start by 3pm with a red carpet with DJ Haysparcz treating donors to a frenzy atmosphere.Popular Ore Ajewole and MC Sleekie will be anchoring the program to make it real.

Terms and Conditions have been made known by the organizers of the event to ensure proper and successful participation of Obafemi Awolowo University students and staff. These terms include:
  • All clothes brought to the venue must be clean, presentable, as all clothes collected go to the needy.
  • Dirty, worn out or torn clothes are not acceptable.
  • The sole purpose of this project is to encourage today's youth to inculcate a habit of giving freely.
Project Let Go is proudly supported by JCI, OAU Peeps, Heart 2 Heart, ANUNSA and other organizations.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Awolowo Hall, Angola Hall Lose As OAU Premier League Kicks Off

It was a cheering moment in Fajuyi hall today as the home team defeated the Machines of Awolowo hall in an opening fixture of the 2013/2014 OAU Premier League. Awolowo Hall settled for a 4-2 loss in a game that was dominated by the Fajuyians. Alji, who was the talisman for the Fajuyian team troubled the defense line of the Awoites and found the back of the net 3 times leaving the visitors with an herculean task of overturning the defeat in the return leg.

Also, in the dusty and sandy pitch of Angola hall, ETF hall team controversially whitewashed the home team 6-4 making them the team that has scored most goals in the tournament.

There were massive turnouts at the venues of the two games played today as fans came out in their numbers to support their various teams.
The OAU Premier League is tournament organized by office of  the Director of Sports, Students' Union. The four male Halls of Residence are involved in the competiton; Fajuyi hall, Awolowo hall, Angola hall, and ETF hall.

In a very similar sporting atmosphere, Campus Journalists of Obafemi Awolowo University converged earlier today for a Sport Fiesta. The event which took place at Fajuyi Hall pitch witnessed members of the campus press coming together to engage themselves via various sporting activities amongst which were Football and Draft game. The Sport Fiesta was put together by the executive members of the Association of Campus Journalists(ACJ) for the purpose of bringing all campus journalists together which was achieved after all. Members of the Red Cross Society were also on ground to take care of any unforeseen accident.

Photo Credit: Mr Deejay (ACJ)

Remi Sonaiya Campaign Posters Flood OAU Campus

One of the presidential candidates for next month's poll, Professor(Mrs) Oluremi Comfort Sonaiya is now one of the top considerations by humans of Obafemi Awolowo University as her campaign posters are seen at every nook and cranny of the university campus.

Sonaiya who is a former lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages of the citadel will be contesting under the platform of KOWA Party. According to her, she is the change Nigerians crave for. “If you really want change, this is it!”

Some students who spoke with correspondents of OAU Peeps News Agency said they will prefer a neutral person like Remi Sonaiya to become the next president as against popular demands for Jonathan and Buhari stating the various unethical approaches been employed by the two to convince Nigerians to vote for them as bad, dividing and violence-provoking. While some students believe KOWA Party is most likely to win Obafemi Awolowo University community during the February Poll, many are of the opinion that the next president will emerge from the candidatures of General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress(APC) and President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

In other news, Pastor Tunde Bakare is expected to speak on “Nigeria Beyond 2015” in Obafemi Awolowo University next week in a programme organized by the Hall Executive Councils of Angola Hall.

Apply For HEINEKEN International Graduate Programme

Are you a driven, internationally mobile graduate that is ready to be challenged in a high-pace environment at one of the world’s most respected organisations? Are you ready to push yourself, both professionally and personally, to reach excellence in locations around the world? If so, HEINEKEN is looking for YOU!

The International Graduate Programme at HEINEKEN is a highly competitive programme with even higher expectations for those that make it through the selection process. Your past experiences have taken you this far but now it is up to you to take advantage of what HEINEKEN offers you to develop yourself into a Senior Manager within the HEINEKEN organisation. This requires you to be flexible, self-sufficient, open to feedback, gracious, and, of course, always represent the HEINEKEN organisation appropriately by staying true to the values of HEINEKEN: Enjoyment, Respect, and Passion. We expect all three from our International Graduates and will not settle for less.

If you believe you can deliver on these expectations at HEINEKEN then you will have a world of opportunity at your door. HEINEKEN offers you a truly global experience; we have operating companies in over 70 countries around the world, which makes us the world’s most international brewer. You will spend 18 months getting to know our operating companies by doing three 6-month assignments in three different countries within a specific function.

If you are ready for the experience of a lifetime, begin the application process!

Minimum Criteria for Eligible Applicants:

A degree or will graduate before September 2015 – preferably a Masters

If applying to Finance, your degree needs to be in Finance, Economics, Business or a similar degree

If applying for Supply Chain, your degree needs to be in science or engineering

If applying for Procurement, your degree needs to be in business, financial, commercial, economic, or technical discipline

No more than 2 years of professional work experience in your chosen function (voluntary and internships do not count)

At least 6 months must be gained working, studying, or volunteering outside your home country

To speak at least two (preferably three) languages in business fluency. One of which must be English.

A desire to live and work abroad

To have proven leadership skills

To have an affinity with your chosen specialization

To have a genuine interest in other countries and cultures

To be able to demonstrate your drive and desire to succeed

To have a drivers’ license (for Marketing & Sales applicants)

Apply now:

Happy Birthday To President Ibikunle Isaac Motunrayo

We felicitate with the President of Great Ife Students' Union, Comrade Ibikunle Isaac Motunrayo, GCAF(Grand Commander of all Aluta Forces) on his birthday. We wish him more fruitful years on earth coupled with sound health and fulfilment. You are celebrated this day IBK!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Pastor Tunde Bakare To Speak On "Nigeria Beyond 2015" In OAU

This is to inform all the students of Obafemi Awolowo University about a seminar that will be coming up on 28th January, 2015 at Oduduwa Hall by 12:00noon. The seminar is tagged - Nigeria Beyond 2015. 

According to the Chairman of Angola Hall, Ibiyemi Joseph, the seminar is non-political and not a religious based one as it is designed to properly sensitize Great Ife students on their various choices during the forth coming 2015 General Election as they relate to the future of this nation. The programme is organized by the Hall Executive Council of Angola Hall.
A seasoned speaker and politician, Pastor Tunde Bakare will be the Guest Speaker for the day as Yinka Odumakin, a leader of the Afenifere group and Paul Alaje, a former Students' Union President of OAU will be special Guests of Honour for the day.

Yay! Come one, come all.

11 OAU Students Escape Death After School Bus Caught Fire

The rate at which fire destroy things these days in Obafemi Awolowo University is increasingly alarming. Just yesterday evening, one of the commercial buses operating within the University campus caught fire along Road 1. The bus according to a report by Yemisi Tolulope on her Blog got burnt with 11 OAU students escaping unhurt. According to eye witnesses, it took the intervention of the fire fighters from the OAU Fire Department to arrest the situation as they successfully put out the fire.

Photo Credit: Yemisi's Blog

Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 Young Investigative Journalist Award Initiative

2015 Young Investigative Journalist Award Initiative

You’re invited to apply for the 2015 young investigative journalist award initiative.


Oikomedia, SciFY, Cafebabel, and The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”


  1. A cash prize of two thousand Euros (2.000 €) for the best journalistic research
  2. A software tools prize for data journalism that will be announced with the hackathon


20 March 2015
Young Investigative Journalist Award Initiative


  • Only natural persons from 18 to 30 years old (on the Opening date of the Contest) regardless of nationality and place of residence are eligible to take part in the Contest.
  • Participants are not obliged to have a journalism degree from a public or private school, or to be journalism students. Natural persons meeting the age requirements are eligible to participate, even if they do not have professional experience in the field of journalism.
  • Participants are required to undertake the following actions:
  1. To fill out the application form available in the especially designed webpage of the Organizer and
  2. To submit the research online. In case that the research is submitted in a language other than the Contest´s official language (Greek), it should be accompanied by an official translation.
  • Research shall be submitted in accordance with the following criteria:
  1. As 7z, ZIP, GZIP or TAR files with maximum size 50 MB or
  2. Accompanied by links with relevant content. Links should be active during the whole Contest and 3 months after its Closing date.
  • Participants are allowed to carry out journalistic research on any of the fields mentioned below, concerning citizens who live in Greece and events that have taken, take or will take place in Greek reality within its geographical territory. The central elements of the journalistic research shall be the active civic and political participation, the public interest, the supervision of the work and the decisions of Greek public authorities, the action of civil society, the action of private and public legal persons in Greece, as well as the impact all these activities have on society as a whole or on economy.
  • Research can deal with any of the following fields, either alone or in combination:
  1. Society
  2. Politics
  3. Economy
  4. Environment
  • Participants are allowed to submit digital, television, radio and multimedia (video and slideshow) journalistic research.


For any information concerning the Contest, participants and third parties can send an e-mail to: or

Credit: Naija Writers' Coach

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Government College Katsina Releases Buhari’s Academic Credentials(Pictures)

For some time now, the secondary school certificate issue of the All Progressives Congress(APC) presidential flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari has been a major story everywhere. At last, the secondary school he attended has finally released his academic credentials detailing his results upon his request.

See the picture of the certificate below as obtained exclusively by Premium Times

You can download it here

Our Leaders -A Poem By Jodekss Gloatkenf

So goes the moon exchanging guard with the sun

The sun repeating the repeated roll firing down the moon with his giant gun

Life is full of changes; constant is changes

Which is why, why the sun shrieks, teeters about, finding his way to shine his sun on souls

So same remains the earth

So same remains this campus filled with big beards

Doing learners with their good gray hairs

To win wits in their ends

What do you expect?

As it happens above

It happens to this dirt's stove.

The campus is heated up
Hands that need votes are vying for fame now
Lobbying with pleases is what we hear now
You see them on their knees, drably dope
Pleading friends and fiends they the hope
Of cause both bad and good minds need to win the cup
Perhaps to fail us again
Or lift this varsity's face that is down up from this filthy water-rain.

Leaders should lie like a lizard limping up and down nodding
Aye just for just just
Against chameleon; the excrete it gives clings till life leaves.

-Jodekss Gloatkenf

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015 General Election: Buhari, Jonathan & Others To Begin Debates On January 28

The Nigeria Elections Debate Group on Monday in Abuja said the 2015 presidential debates would hold between January 28 and February 5.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NEDG, Mr Sola Omole, disclosed this to newsmen after a meeting of the board, hosted by the former Chairman of Daar Communications Plc, Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

Omole said that the Directors-General of the Presidential Campaign Organisations of the 14 participating political parties would open the floor on January 28.

This, according to him, will be followed by the Vice-Presidential debates, billed for January 29.

He said the debates involving the presidential candidates would hold in two sessions and would climax on February 5.

Omole said the group had contacted all the parties involved, adding that they all support the idea.

“We believe that debates are very important components of the democratic process aimed at giving the candidates the opportunity to speak directly to Nigerians.
“We want the Nigerian community to get used to the business of debating issues and we feel that this is a very strong part of building that culture.

“We have met with all the political parties, those we couldn’t meet directly, we contacted their senior officials and they are very supportive of the initiative,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that NEDG is a coalition of broadcast, civil society and professional organisations, committed to deepening the country’s democracy.

It is also aimed at entrenching an enduring democratic culture through organised television debates since the return of democratic rule in 1999.

NEDG has put together the presidential debates to give the Nigerian electorate an opportunity to hear directly from all the presidential candidates.


GSF Pastor Emerges New UJCM President

The current President of Gospel Students' Fellowship(GSF), Pastor Muyiwa Olasehinde has been chosen as the University Joint Christian Mission(UJCM) set-man for the next one year.

During the final service which doubled as the Thanksgiving and Induction service marking the UJCM's beginning of the semester programme, new set of leaders who will be in charge of the coordinating body were announced and prayed for.
Pastor Muyiwa Olashinde  from Gospel Students' Fellowship(GSF) and  Pastor Ayilola Oyeleke from Anglican Students' Fellowship(ASF) were inducted as the UJCM President and Assistant President respectively. Other executive members cutting across almost all the sister fellowships of UJCM were also announced during the service.

The outgone UJCM President, Olumide Ajibola however expressed his appreciation to the entire fellowship for the privilege he was granted to serve. The attendance had in attendance numerous Christians from various fellowships under the umbrella of UJCM. Also present were some members of the Centaal Executive Council(CEC) of the Students' Union including the Union President.