Thursday, 29 January 2015

Awoites Disrupt OAU Premier League Match As Hall Edged Past Angola

The OAU premier league continued on Tuesday with the Angolans losing to the machines of Awo hall in a match played at the Awo Wembley and best described as half football, half combat.

The match was a very interesting one as one particular Awo machine who proved to be more than machine and more of a transformer bagged a hatrick against the Angolans. Another machine also cheated the Angolans with his height, nodding a throw in to give the machines a total of four goals which was enough for them to win the match. The transformer who was definitely the man of the match nicknamed after the Manchester City star; Sergio Aguero was definitely a beauty to behold with the ball and he definitely gave the Angola Defenders something to go home with.

On the other hand, the Angolans who had a rough first half suffering a 2-0 defeat in the half (courtesy of Aguero) brought their game on in the second half after making some substitutions. Their first goal happened a few minutes into the second half when an Angolan referred to as Alfa launched a shot from outside the box, an Angolan by the name Clinton also contributed to the score line giving the Angolans their second goal and the third goal was scored by a ruthless Angolan striker whom the machines later fouled to earn their second red card of the game after a machine had earlier been sent off on picking up his second yellow card.

The red cards caused controversies which later led to a couple of fights breaking out interrupting the match for several minutes. The Awoites of blocks 2 and 3 also contributed to the event by pouring scarce water on players and fans of both sides. The match finally resumed after the unofficial “break in transmission” with the efforts of the Angolans leading to no avail. The game eventually ended 4-3 in favour of the Awo Machines.

Also at ETF Stadium, the Gentlemen of ETF hall also taught the Fajuyians a few things in a 3-1 defeat. The league continues on Saturday

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