Friday, 9 January 2015

Meaning Of Some Smartphone Features You May Not Know

Today, many of you see these features LTE, OTG, OTA, SNS and NFC on smartphones, without actually knowing what they stand for or do to your phones. Have you being wondering what these hi-tech features of smartphones and other mobile device mean and their functions in your phone? Now lets break them down for your understanding.

1. LTE - This stands for Long Term Evolution and a phone that has LTE simply means that that phone is 4G network enabled.

2. OTG - This stands for On The Go meaning that devices with OTG supports USB On The Go. In other words, with such devices, you can use USB devices like flashdrives and printers directly with the phone.

3. OTA -it means Over The Air and therefore devices that support OTA can receive device updates and can easily be updated without needing a PC..

4. SNS -it stands for Social Network Service. Devices with SNS simply mean that the device can easily establish social networks of people via notable social network mediums.

5. NFC -this stands for Near Field Communication. It works like bluetooth but at a very short range for sharing files. It is more secured to use and you don't need to pair or set up anything before making use of it. You can even use it to pay bills and as a travel ticket if your phone has NFC.

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