Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Students' Union Water Project Is A White Elephant Project -Mozambique Hall Chairperson

The Chairperson of Mozambique Halls of Residence, Miss Ashimolowo Jumoke has described the water project executed by the Central Executive Council of the Ibikunle-led administration in her Hall as a white elephant project.

As parts of projects earn marked for inspection by the Union officers during the Union's inspection tour, the completed water system installation in Angola Hall and the one located at the upper part of Mozambique Hall were inspected by teaming stakeholders of the Unions including press men. In what seems to be a deal gone sore between the Hall Executive Council(HEC) members of Mozambique Hall and members of the Central Executive Council(CEC), the Chairperson of the Hall repeatedly affirmed that the waster installation in her Hall has not lived up to its expectation as it does not serve any meaningful purpose since it has been completed.
"This is not serving Mozambique queens"

"It is only serving this floor (she pointed to the nearest floor to the tap)" She reiterated

The Union president, Ibikunle Isaac in his reaction expressed shock at the statement of the Chairperson. He debunked Jumoke's allegation and stated the refusal of the C.E.C to collaborate with her team to execute the project as her reason for saying such thing. To further substantiate his claim, he ordered that the person in charge of the installation should come around and switch it on. Water eventually gushed out of the tap even though when the tour train reached the point, the place was dry having scores of empty buckets around waiting to fetch.

Angolans too were not left out in the dissatisfaction expression as they complained that the water installation in their Hall has not been serving them well even when the Union President had tagged the project as just been a palliative measure to alleviate their sufferings when the water supply from the school dam ceases.

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