Thursday, 29 January 2015

Voissapp Partners OAU Peeps For Reliable News Reportage

Voice Of Informed Social Students(VOISS) has eventually been launched in Obafemi Awolowo University partnering OAU Peeps News Agency as one of the media partners to serve the community with reliable news reports.

Voissapp is a social informative platform for communication and information dissemination on campus. Through the platform, students of a higher institution (OAU only for now) can post gists, communicate with course mates, receive information and materials from class reps and lecturers directly, get campus news from reliable sources. Information and upload of materials and lecture notes from class reps and lecturers at the corners notifies you both online and offline via sms.

The platform functions like most social networking site, you can post, like, dislike and comment on posts. Voissapp is your campus buddy. Now you shall not miss classes or miss a material due to lack of information.
According to the brains behind the project; the CS Team (Kelvin Umechukwu, Oyewale Ademola, Makanju Perfect, Odu Oluwafemi, Aladeusi Olakunle, Otuoniyo Harny, Adomokai Peter, Ogunyemi Timilehyin, Alaka Azeez, Ashiru Bamidele, Ayankoya Ibukun, Abidoye Victor), new features will soon be added to the application such as VOISS chat which will enable you to chat with friends on campus, meet new people on campus and get more social informative interaction. Other features are forum, VOISS timetable and so many more. The website is up and running and people can sign up now and start using it but the android app is still undergoing debugging and will be available on the play store for download on February 1. You can access the website by visiting

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