Thursday, 12 February 2015

2015 Dream Seminar v1.2: Break The Box

The Dream Seminar is a seminar with the vision to guide young minds to become their dreams and accomplish their God-given purpose in life.This edition of dream seminar is tagged: Break The Box. We aim to modify the traditional saying that posits that "to be extraordinary, you have to think outside the box". We propose that d box be broken and that the mind should be allowed to soar.

Home to this edition would be Oduduwa Hall with a capacity of 1,000 people on the 14th of March, 2015 by 10am.The event would be streamed live and would feature two major Speakers: Rev. Fr Victor Ogunyemi who is the Founder of Inspire Youth Network Nigeria and Dr. Ijadunola. The program promises to be amazing as it is packed with mouth watering activities and presentations.

Box-Perience which would feature young people who have embarked on the journey of breaking their boxes and exhibit the challenges that they faced in their quest. EXPRESSION segment which would portray creativity which emanates from breaking of all limitations placed on the mind.It would include areas such as technology, agriculture etcetera. Another Feature is the Broken Boxes Lounge which would feature broken boxes on display. Young Nigerians who have embarked on the journey of breaking the boxes would exhibit offsprings of their adventures. Other activities would include: *Live-Music * Poetry * Crusaders * Project Dream

In summary, the aim of the team is to organize a seminar that will not only motivate people but also show them the rough patches that they will face along the way and to help guide them on the journey towards realizing their dreams.

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