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Bridges: Ojogbon Weeps Again, Accuses Engels & Others Of Attempted Destruction

The Welfare Officer of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union, Ajewole Martins O. a.k.a Ojogbon has once again wept! Sometimes last semester, shortly after resumption from the fee hike struggle break, Ojogbon wept over some disturbing issues to him. Click here to read that report.

Below is the Press Statement from him:

For those who can recall, Ojogbon wept “1” was released on October 31, 2014 as a result of happenings on campus then and I named it “1” knowing fully well that there are some specialists in defamation of character, reactionaries, nihilists, cynics and noise-makers that will not allow sleeping dogs to lie. Here is Ojogbon wept “2” to clear the air that has been polluted with lies by our self-made comrades. My weeping this time is because of common sense that is becoming uncommon in our society, because of the people that cover themselves with garment of intellectualism without the cap of rationalism.

On the construction of the bridges that link Fajuyi to Akintola hall and Fajuyi to Awolowo hall

“The truth is the end and aim of all existence, and the world originates so that the truth may come and dwell therein. Those who fail to aspire for the truth have missed the purpose of life. Blessed is he who rests in the truth, for all things will pass away, but the truth abideth forever”- Buddhism.

I will like to narrate this small appreciative story:
Young lady: Good evening, please are you Ojogbon?
Ojogbon: Yes, what can I do for you ma?
Young lady: Nothing much than to appreciate your office for the construction of those bridges; rolling up her trouser to show me the scar of wound she sustained when she fell into the one beside Akintola hall last semester when it was in bad state.

I will like to base my explanation on the following:


From my statistics, I discovered that on average, there are 7500 movements per day across the bridge beside Akintola hall which make it the most used pedestrian bridge on this campus and 79 out of 100 people that passed through this place before the construction usually experienced one challenge or the other which sometime leads to injury. Also 2670 movements per day across the one linking Fajuyi to Awolowo Hall. Was there need for this project? Let me leave the answer to Great Ife Students.


If not for irrationalism, why the self-acclaimed intellectuals should be thinking, writing and assuming irrationally. Is it not funny how those bridges turned our comrades that do not know the price of common cement and nails became Quantifiers and Valuers? Quantifying bridges that the contractor used cement, iron plates, iron rods, granite, sands, pipes and different artisans to be #100,000.00; forgetting other miscellaneous. I understand your situation and your plights… you wouldn’t have questioned this if the money was used for unproductive intervention in matter that are of no relevance.
For well-meaning Great Ife Students who may have interest in knowing the financial implication of the bridges to the union; the amount is #325,800.00. It was estimated by the contractor not me, the receipt for the bridges is attached with this release. For those interested in the stage by stage analysis of the bridges cost-wise; feel free to contact the contractor on: 08034959760 and seek audience with him. He is in the department of civil engineering. I will also like to humbly advise our “able” quantifiers to calm down for the constitutionally recognized committee to do their job.


This question was also asked by our self-acclaimed comrades as comment on their recent released on the union projects; particularly the bridges. But I found the question to be rhetorical because this project was included in my manifesto and Great Ife Students supported it with their votes. My concern is to identify the problems being faced by our students and solve them if I can or refer them to the appropriate quarters for solution if I cannot. After all, some of us are living in self-help hostel in Awolowo hall; it was built by visionary leaders who saw the need for hostel accommodation during 1979/80 parliamentary session after which nothing physical to show for our unionism.


"The test of every religious, political, or educational system and even beliefs or idea is the man that it produces."-Amiel

The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurement anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me… people do change! - George Bernard Shaw

These quotes go in line with what I saw on the night of Friday 16th of January, 2015; when I met our own Com. Oluwole Olubanji (Engel) and Com Ayo on the just constructed bridge beside Akintola claiming that they were evaluating “what I said the union constructed with #345,000 ( instead of #325,800)”. Evaluating it by these evaluators was not the problem but the destructive manner (shaking and pulling of the handrails, jumping on it; all these on damp concrete) by which they were doing their evaluative work when I caught them. I also heard these same set of people were caught at the one between Awolowo Hall and Fajuyi Hall claiming their doing the same thing in the midnight.


“My son, money is of less value when the amount is mentioned”- Mrs R.A Ajewole (my adorable mother).

These words has been my watchword in any position I find myself, so anybody that is looking for a way or ways to defame my character through their so-called “misappropriation of fund” should go and check my records as PRO, DOS and President of ISU OAU, member of Electoral committee in my department, the PRO for FESSU OAU and finally; the branch manager of Jobak Investment Resources Limited Ijebu-Ode branch between year 2007 to 2009 (property and facility management company) before coming to OAU to further my study. I find this write up very imperative not because of today that is being toyed with by the specialists in character defamation but tomorrow which no one knows. For example, speaker of house of assembly was impeached in this country because of some allegations which involved stealing of fire extinguisher in Adekunle Fajuyi Hall when he was a student in this school; which was not true according to findings… He just transferred 1 out 3 active fire extinguishers from 1st floor to 2nd floor that had non-active one; not knowing that these people that tagged him thief then will follow him to his future. Therefore, OAU students should be prepared to help me out incase they (slanderers) raise this allegation in the nearest future.


I wish to tender my unreserved apology to Great Ife Students on this issue; the mistake was as result prototype (the metal bridge at the back of computer building) used for the project. I promise to do something on this issue.

I will like to conclude this piece by using the words of Winston Churchhill which say: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks”… Determination and commitment with the fear of God are my watchwords.

Aluta continua, Victoria ascerta.

Ajewole Martins O. (Ojogbon)
Welfare Officer, Great Ife Students’ Union.

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