Monday, 16 February 2015

Editorial: Mission Is Possible

By Gbadamosi Elias

I wonder what I’ll call this generation of mine if Wole Soyinka could call his a wicked and wasted generation. With what nomenclature will I tag my generation if Pat Utomi could call his generation the one that ran away? What shall I call my generation that parades video vixens, drug peddlers, yahoo bandits and nudists as heroes and role models?

Young people of this generation, I cry you mercy to lend me your ears for the future we’ll lead is fast approaching.We all desire a new Nigeria and say it social media every day. We all crave an end to the numerous intractable problems bedeviling our country and we seek a beginning that will herald profuse prosperity for our country.

A new Nigeria will not be built in a day nor will it be built on the streets of Facebook and twitter. We will only be able to build a new Nigeria when we come out on the streets of NIGERIA to work assiduously for what we believe in. “Life is an oyster but it cannot be broken on a mattress”. For us to leave a lasting legacy, we must with both hands embrace knowledge for knowledge is the bedrock of any positive revolution. We must as a matter of fact downplay our interest in lousy entertainment and immoral fashion for both will only lead us to a primrose path. Let us not through ethnic chauvinism and religious triumphalism fall into the misprision of our heroes past. Ethic and religious sentimentalism are two deadly viruses that we must try to expunge from our genes for we can only change our individual and collective destinies when we unite.

Young people are the most resourceful in any society. The power to effect positive change lies within us. Let us channel all our strength to the onerous task of social re-engineering and nation building. Let’s strife to rediscover our lost values; let us develop ourselves spiritually, morally, socially and intellectually for the gargantuan task that lay ahead. Capable ones amongst us should not take the back seat when the overambitious and power-hungry ones hijack the center stage.

“To some generations much is given; from some generations much is expected”. Ours is not the generation that enjoyed proceeds of the oil boom. We are neither the ones that won the federal government scholarships nor are we enjoying qualitative education like our fathers and mothers did. Truly, Nigeria has not done much for us but we must still strive vigorously to expedite the holistic development of our dear country. Our children are coming and it will not be good to pass onto them this present mess called Nigeria. The mission to build a new nation is possible and the time is NOW.

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