Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Egypt Calls For A Nigeria-Egypt Led Force Against ISIS In Libya

The Egyptian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Ashrat Salama, has called on Nigeria and the Africa Union (AU) to collaborate against the terrorist group, Islamic State and ensure the establishment of a multi-national force against it.

This, he said, is necessary to ensure that the terrorist group does not spread on the continent.

Speaking against the backdrop of air strikes recently carried out on IS targets in Libya by the Egyptian Air Force, Salama told journalists in Abuja monday that contrary to the propaganda by IS, no civilian was killed in the offensive.

Egypt carried out the offensive on IS training schools and ammunition storage in Libya in retaliation for the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by the group.

Salama particularly noted that it was necessary for Nigeria to work with Egypt to combat the terrorist group because both nations are not far from each other.

Both nations, he added, could also lead the call for a multi-national force on the continent as powerful voices in the AU.

“Nigeria is already achieving results with the multi-regional force with Chad, Cameroun and Niger, so we need something like this as we are dealing with similar issues,” he urged.

Although Egypt is ready to work to secure the region, the matter of IS is a bigger issue, he added.

“We can do this by sharing information, mobilising forces, co-ordinating strategies, form a coalition from the AU to be supervised by a multi-task force. If you do not support the fight against the terror group because it is not in your country, before you realise it, it could be in your neighbourhood,” he said.

The envoy added that to be nonchalant about IS is like shutting one’s door against fire.

“It is too big for Egypt alone, you cannot go just because you are provoked, you have to plan well. We must not give a chance to these terrorists,” he added.

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