Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Youth: The Voting Power House

By Adigun Olayemi Paul 

As we journeyed through the part of making yet another history in our nation, it is time for you to determine the destination of it, it is you that will determine what you want not some cabals, you need to realize that voting for the right person is the sole aim of politics whereby politics is played with transparency and not brutality which has come to stay for some years now, you need to disbelieve that election is for some people and you not participating in it. Let me reiterate it that the decision you make now has a long way to go in determining the success of our democracy, whereas the term democracy draws down to the fact that it is for the people and by the people, folding your bare arms worsen the matter.

As a youth, you stand the chance to redirect the motto of our democracy in which all its functions are imbedded in you, needing the determination to arrest the mind of your fellow ones to vote for the right person, our democracy should be determined by the youth because the youths stand a chance to live more than the old ones whereby making it a total capturing when they have all gone, youths can determine the democracy of this country.

As virtually all the primaries has been concluded whereby the party faithfuls have determined their own candidates and elected their own flag bearers, it is equally the time for you all to envisage the qualities of these flag bearers and cast your vote to the person you think can help this country out of her condition. Browse out the profile of the candidates, check their manifestos, do more research rather than praising or criticizing. Unfortunately, many fall for propaganda here and there. Know that your vote is the strongest tool to determine the rate at which we want our country and democracy grow, I know that we are all elites but their should be a medium to gear you up towards the betterment of our country. You are all complaining about this and that about our politics, why not sit down and define some strategies to pull people together and educate them on the power of voting.

Nigeria operates an open ballot system of voting, this gives you chance to know the ethics of politics, your right is to vote and not criticize any individual as you are able to judge them through your fateful hands. Candidates will be cascading about to lure people into their great room, but may I tell you that a man of honour is honoured and vice-visa, do not let what you will eat in just few minutes be a destruction to you and many others for as long as four years to come, do not let them intimidate you with the school of thought of lies but rather get your fact ready and accurate so as to be able to vote for the candidate of your choice; who you think can make this country great!

USA and other developed countries in the world started from a point. Infact, today's beautiful Rome was not built in a day, but the fact still remains that in as much as you have the tool in your hands, then the decision is totally yours. Here comes another room for improvement and history telling scene. Building this nation belongs to all of us, it is our collective responsibility.
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