Tuesday, 31 March 2015

President Jonathan Releases Statement On 2015 Presidential Election Result

Fellow Nigerians,

I thank you all for turning out en-masse for the March 28 General Elections.

I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word. I have also expanded the space for Nigerians to participate in the democratic process. That is one legacy I will like to see endure.

Although some people have expressed mixed feelings about the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I urge those who may feel aggrieved to follow due process based on our constitution and our electoral laws, in seeking redress.

As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else.

I congratulate all Nigerians for successfully going through the process of the March 28th General Elections with the commendable enthusiasm and commitment that was demonstrated nationwide.

I also commend the Security Services for their role in ensuring that the elections were mostly peaceful and violence-free.

To my colleagues in the PDP, I thank you for your support. Today, the PDP should be celebrating rather than mourning. We have established a legacy of democratic freedom, transparency, economic growth and free and fair elections.

For the past 16 years, we have steered the country away from ethnic and regional politics. We created a Pan-Nigerian political party and brought home to our people the realities of economic development and social transformation.

Through patriotism and diligence, we have built the biggest and most patriotic party in Nigerian history. We must stand together as a party and look to the future with renewed optimism.

I thank all Nigerians once again for the great opportunity I was given to lead this country and assure you that I will continue to do my best at the helm of national affairs until the end of my tenure.

I have conveyed my personal best wishes to General Muhammadu Buhari.

May God Almighty continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I thank you all.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR
Federal Republic of Nigeria
March 31, 2015

2015 General Elections; A Momentous Feat For Our Democracy

By David Adetula


Congratulations to the people's General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory in the 2015 #NigeriaDecides. He has taught me and many other Nigerian youths the essence of resilience and doggedness in pursuit of success and excellence. I have been bothered and I remain bordered about the 'old wine in new skin' who surround #GMB. These ones are dangerous creatures in sheep clothings who are more than capable of turning Buhari against the masses in record time. Sai baba needs to be very careful!

Hmmm, I do not really know how best to describe President Goodluck Jonathan now but with all sincerity and honesty of heart, the much needed foundation for our democratic setting has been laid today. Big thanks to #PGEJ. Despite all odds, I will remember Jonathan for giving us relatively free & fair elections and passing the #FOI bill into law. These amongst many other things he gave us. I personally laughed when you said your ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian, but I was shocked when I heard he called the General even before the final result announcement. All I can say for now is God bless you Mr President and I wish you God's best in your future endeavour.

...and to the real victors of today, we Nigerians! I celebrate with my fellow patriots who gallantly stood by and remained undaunted in the agitation and pursuit for democratic manifestations. You voted and your votes counted real good for the very first time. Congratulations #Nigeria.

If there is a request I wish to make now from Nigerians this day, it is, that the feat of our democracy that has been achieved tonight must be fervently and jealously sustained by us at all cost. Let these leaders know that your Voter Card is now permanent. Like the Yorubas will say 'Pason ti a fi na iyale n be lori aja fun iyawo' meaning 'the cane we used in flogging the first wife is still on the ceiling for the second wife'.

Finally, I proudly join numerous Nigerians today to celebrate the success of our democracy. I now hope the preachers of division and violence in Nigeria in 2015 (including US) can now eat humble pie. I am indeed very glad we will start getting it right from now on.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Release On 2014/2015 Session Accommodation For Freshers & Stalites


Newly admitted students in OAU are to request for bed spaces on the University's e-portal as from 10 am on Saturday 4th April, 2015.

Prospective final year students in all Faculties except (Clinical and Dentistry) interested in residing in the Halls of Residence in the coming 2014/2015 academic session are to apply for bed spaces on the e-portal on Thursday 30th April, 2015.

This will be based on first come first served.

Preferential accommodation application must be submitted @ DSA on or before Friday 24th April, 2015 along with a signed letter from the Director, Medical and Health Services.

Final year students who are interested in double bedded accommodation are to apply through appropriate Hall Wardens.

A date for balloting (if any) shall be communicated as soon as possible.

Prof. Yinka Adesina,
Vice Dean, Students' Affairs

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Election Results: Jonathan Takes Early Lead As Buhari Acquires More States

Ekiti State

AA: 94 ACPN:534 APC:120,331 CPP:330 HDP:94 KOWA:108 NCP:377 PDP:176,466 PPN:388 UDP:60 UPP:145

Ogun State

AA:584 AD:1,927 ACPN:3072 ADC:1364 APA:1930 APC:308,290 CPP:978 HOPE:332 KOWA:432 NCP:815 PDP:207,950 PPN:4,339 UDP:562 UPP:597

Enugu State

AA:433 AD:269 ACPN:479 ADC:478 APA:715 APC:14,157 CPP:237 HOPE:110 KOWA:203 NCP:761 PDP:553,003 PPN:407 UDP:1,623 UPP:290

Kogi State

AA:700 AD:427 ACPN:1089 ADC:761 APA:1001 APC:264,851 CPP:967 HOPE:144 KOWA:190 NCP:399 PDP:149,987 PPN:476 UDP:180 UPP:156

Osun State

AA:377 AD:1667 ACPN:1731 ADC:937 APA:1306 APC:383,603 CPP:1029 HOPE:132 KOWA:255 NCP:767 PDP:249,929 PPN:599 UDP:124 UPP:159

Ondo State

AA:386 AD:1237 ACPN:2406 ADC:1227 APA:1139 APC:299,889 CPP:1012 HOPE:184 KOWA:223 NCP:846 PDP:251,368 PPN:734 UDP:184 UPP:221

FCT Abuja

AA:139 AD:240 ACPN:342 ADC:288 APA:674 APC:146,399 CPP:347 HOPE:83 KOWA:165 NCP:473 PDP:157,195 PPN:269 UDP:95 UPP:96

Oyo State

AA:6331 AD:6282 ACPN:8979 ADC:5000 APA:4,468 APC:528,620 CPP:6,674 HOPE:839 KOWA:1,312 NCP:1895 PDP:303,376 PPN:2842 UDP:1069 UPP:3665

Nasarawa State

AA:40 AD:74 ACPN:95 ADC:105 APA:310 APC:236,838 CPP:131 HOPE:4 KOWA:48 NCP:222 PDP:273,460 PPN:164 UDP:23 UPP:33

INEC boss, Prof. Attairu Jega has said results announcement will continue by 8pm to allow for sufficient time for the other state commissioners and RECs to come with their results.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Deadline For 2015 OAU Peeps Recruitment Application Extended Till May 10

This is to inform the general public that the deadline for the 2015 OAU Peeps News Agency recruitment application has been extended till Friday 24th April, 2015. This new provision is to enable interested fresh students who will be resuming for the new session to be privileged to be part of the Obafemi Awolowo University's number 1 campus news portal. So far, we have received scores of applications, what are you waiting for?


OAU Peeps News Agency metamorphosed into a full-fledged online News Magazine on July 21, 2014. We are a hub of information primarily designed to serve students, staff, alumni, aspirants and friends of Obafemi Awolowo University with the latest undiluted, truthful and real news on campus and beyond in the 21st century style of digital journalism.

Our media is aimed at also creating a great opportunity for the voiceless and commoners with unheard voices within and beyond OAU Community to speak their mind objectively. OAU Peeps News Agency among many other redefining virtues champions Freedom and Justice.

OAU Peeps News Agency creates an avenue for young, aspiring, talented and developing Journalists and Media practitioners to build their journalistic capacity by offering them the platform to express themselves and practise in the modern style even right from when they are still students.

As parts of plans to ensure students and staff of Obafemi Awolowo University are incorporated into this plan, we are happy to announce that our recruitment exercise for this quarter has finally commenced.


To qualify for consideration, applicants MUST be:

- Registered FULL Time student of Obafemi Awolowo University (including UG, PG, Predegree) and newly admitted students who are yet to resume.)
- Ready and willing to work with other members (Team Spirit possession)
- Passionate to practice journalism


You are required to visit the 2015 OAU Peeps recruitment portal where you will be able to fill the online application form. Interested applicants will be contacted in due course and intimated with other recruitment processes.


24th April, 2015

For further enquiry, kindly send us a mail via recruitment@oaupeeps.com or call 08138276857

Saturday, 28 March 2015

NUESA OAU Suspended, President Reacts

The management of the Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University has suspended the students' association of the faculty; Nigerian Universities Education Students' Association(NUESA) following the insistence of the Electoral Committee on conducting the association's election after the faculty management had told the Committee to suspend the election for the mean time until all issues rocking NUESA are sorted.

Below is the reaction of the NUESA president, Obisesan Ayodeji Philips to the allegations leveled against his leadership.


“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” -Martin Luther king Jr

The whole episode that unfolded at the last parliamentary sitting of our dear association, Nigerian Universities Education Students’ Association (NUESA) held on 23rd March, 2015, and the resultant effect of the suspension of the body has generated several criticisms, castigation, arguments, vociferation, etc, from NUESITES towards me, the President of the association. But I belief that some responses might not have been elicited if the people understand the reason behind my reaction at the meeting. However, before I proceed with my elucidation, I must first apologize to all NUESITES for walking out on them at the gathering. “I am very sorry”. But as earlier said, this is not without reason.

Without being periphrastic, I must say that the last report presented by the audit committee is invalid. Several figures being recorded are not correct and this I believe is deliberate on the part of the audit committee as it is aimed at “something”. These inaccuracies affect the reports on the office of the President, the vice president, the welfare director, the director of sports and the director of socials.

Let me note at this point that from the beginning of this administration, the proposed expenditure was more than the proposed revenue. About N1,200,000 was budgeted as revenue but about N950,000 was the actual income generated. Consequently, the actual cash given for each office was not up to the official amount allocated.

The problem now is that the audit committee did their auditing based on the “theoretical” income rather than the “practical” one. For the presidency, N56,620 (the off budget agreed) but N47,000 was reported, N21,500 (actual amount) instead of N12,500 reported on trip to Abuja by two executives for three days. Also, there was a false accusation from a member of the committee that I collected a sum N10,000 from an alumnus despite the fact that I gave out his phone number for verification.

In the case of the vice president, some projects were not executed due to this issue of limited fund. The amount approved for her was therefore higher than the actual money given to her. But she was also audited based on the approved amount. Now, she is asked to refund the money she didn’t receive. This same situation goes for the welfare office. He received N120,000 but N133,010 was audited, the director of socials collected N56,200 but N57,200 was audited, the director of sports received N12,000 for NUESA week but audited based on N15,510.

It is apposite to point out here that these were not the case when the audit exercise was conducted. We were audited based on the amount collected. I was therefore dazed when I saw the opposite in the report. Meanwhile, Mr Speaker’s audit report was not like that. He was audited based on the N3,000 he collected not the N64,000 approved for his office. I saw all these as a form of defamation and aspersion on the executive council. Seeing this, I raised an objection, but Mr Speaker would not grant my request. And so I walked out. Please note, I admit that this was not supposed to be my response and once again I tender my sincere apology for the action.

Furthermore, the diversity of opinion between the executive council and the Education Students Representative Council (ESRC) on the use of the recent income that NUESA generated (N550,000) just immediately after the NUESA week must also be mentioned here. While the executive council proposed that the fund be used for some capital projects, the ESRC wanted it reserved for the succeeding administration. This, I reported to one of our staff advisers and the faculty management. They gave the executive council the approval to proceed with their proposed projects which include laying of tiles in the secretariat and the faculty library and many more.

The faculty management, having seen the disparity in the leadership of NUESA, decided to suspend her election slated for 26th March, 2015. But the insistence of the electoral committee on the conduct of the election led to the eventual dismissal of the association by the faculty management.

Greatest NUESITES, articulate NUESITES, I have written this to clear up every form of negative impressions that have been created about the executive council with all forms of propaganda from various quarters. And I believe I have been able to do so.

Obisesan Ayodeji Philips
NUESA President 2013/2014

2015 NWAG Scholarships Essay Contest

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) plans to award 37 one-time scholarships, one per state of origin as well as one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in the amount of fifty thousand Naira each, to Nigerian female undergraduate students in Nigerian universities.

NWAG, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta Georgia, was founded in April 2000 by the then Consul General’s wife, Mrs. Dayo Keshi with a mission to empower women, youth and children in their adopted community in the United States and in their home country, Nigeria.

As at 2014, NWAG has successfully awarded a one-time, one year scholarship to 405 female students in Nigeria and 42 students in the USA.

The current NWAG President, Mrs. Abby F. Ebodaghe, who looks forward to the 13th Annual NWAG Scholarship Awards challenges female undergraduates from unrepresented or minimally represented states and universities to participate this year and change that picture. She is calling on families to encourage their daughters to take advantage of this opportunity.


“What is the one system in Nigeria, such as educational, political, health care, financial…, that you feel if changed would have the most beneficial impact on Nigerians, and why?”


The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG)
NWAG Essay Competition And Scholarship


Fifty thousand naira one-time scholarship for 37 applicants, one from each state.


May 30, 2015


Interested prospective applicants are advised to click here to download an application form.
Completed application can be submitted with all required documents by pdf or word version to NWAG either electronically via e-mail at nwagscholarship@yahoo.com or by regular mail to P.O. Box 14542, Atlanta, GA 30324.

And all electronic submissions must be in pdf or word format.
All applications must be POST-MARKED BY May 30, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications may not be faxed or hand-delivered.
Applicants are required to submit the following documents together with their completed application form:
Proof of State of Origin- Letter of Origination from the university or a letter from your local government office
Two letters of recommendation from any two of the following: Church Pastor/Mosque Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson or One of your Lecturers.
1 Letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Head of Department.
Photocopy of your current university student identification card
A current photograph of yourself
An explanation of why you need and should receive the scholarship-(not more than one-half typed page).
A type-written, double-spaced, two-page essay on:
“What is the one system in Nigeria, such as educational, political, health care, financial…, that you feel if changed would have the most beneficial impact on Nigerians, and why?”


Kindly send your questions to nwagscholarship@yahoo.com.

Very Important Instruction For OAU Fresh Students As Registration Commences

The Senate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, has approved that the University should resume for the 2014/2015 academic session on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

The highlights are as follow:
April 6, 2015 – On-Line Screening for fresh student Commences.
May 3, 2015 – Fresh Students come into Residence for 2014/2015 Harmattan Semester.
May 4, 2015 – On-Line Registration for Courses for 2014/2015 Harmattan Semester Commences.
May 4- May10, 2015 – Orientation Week for Fresh Students.
May 11 – May 15, 2015 – Clearance at Faculty and Admission Offices.
May 10, 2014 – Returning Undergraduate Resume.
May 11, 2015 – Harmattan Semester Lectures Begin
May 20, 2015 – Faculty/ Student Colloquium
June 2, 2015 – End of Normal Registration for courses
June 3, 2015 – Late Registration with Penalty
June 16, 2015 – End of Late Registration with Penalty
June 16, 2015 – MATRICULATION

Candidates who made Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their first choice and took the Obafemi Awolowo University Post UTME are advised to check their names from the list of candidates admitted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on the Obafemi Awolowo University Website (www.oauife.edu.ng) or e-portal.oauife.edu.ng and follow the procedures for registration as laid out. Confirmation of admission on the OAU website shall commence with the payment of non-refundable acceptance fee of N20, 000.00 (fresh students only).

Candidates shall thereafter continue with the registration procedure as detailed out on the e-portal of the website as provided above i.e. (www.oauife.edu.ng) or e-portal.oauife.edu.ng.

Candidates are required to pay appropriate charges as indicated below with a copy of payment slip downloaded on OAU e-portal to any of the branches of the following banks:

Zenith Bank Plc United Bank for Africa Plc Access Bank Plc
Skye Bank Plc IBTC Stanbic Bank Plc Fidelity Bank Plc
First Bank Plc Diamond Bank Plc Manstreet Bank Plc
ECO Bank Plc WEMA Bank Plc Union Bank Plc
Guarantee Trust Bank Plc

The schedule of other charges for the session is as detailed below:



2. and a Development Levy of Eighteen thousand naira (N18,000.00), which is paid once and for all by Fresh Students throughout the duration of their studentship in the University.
i) Faculty of Administration (Diploma in Local Government Studies) Tuition – 63,300.00
TISHIP (Tertiary Institutions Students Health Insurance Prog.) – 1,600.00
TOTAL N64,900.00
ii) Accommodation: – N3,090.00
(Freshmen will be provided accommodation on first come first served basis)

Candidates who have been offered admission should upload their credentials including Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age. Each candidate will be required to submit his/her Registration certificate Form as downloaded to the Faculty Secretary. They will also be required to present the print out of the certificate form for further screening on resumption.

All screening are to be done on-line. All freshmen are expected to complete their screening before they come to campus.

1. Log on to the University e-portal using your Registration Number and the Password you used last on the portal.
2. Complete the following forms correctly on the e-Portal.
(i) CERTIFICATE FORM (for not more than two sittings)
The Course Registration Form will only be available upon:
(a) Successful filling of forms (i) and (ii) above.
(b) Payment of appropriate Charges at the banks.
Please note that 2000 spaces only are available for each of the Special Electives except SER 001 and LIB 001, which are compulsory for all Fresh Students.
3. Problems, if any, will be addressed on-line using any of the following options:
(i) Online help in the e-portal
(ii) Six Hotlines will be available for contact (the Hot lines will be available on the e-portal)
(iii) E-mail:- isis@oauife.edu.ng can be used as well.
LAW/ARTS/SOCIAL SCIENCES/ADMIN/EDU.ARTS (Extra Semester Rain/Harmattan) N19,700
SCIENCE/EDM/EDUC. SCIENCE/TECH/AGRIC (Extra Semester Rain/Harmattan) N30,700
(i) Faculty of Administration, (Diploma in Local Returning Students N55, 300.00
Government Studies)
(ii) Faculty of Administration, (Diploma in Local Extra Semester N54, 050.00
Government Studies) (Rain/Harmattan)
Returning Students are required to pay the appropriate charges as indicated above as well as a sum of N1, 600 for TISHIP (Tertiary Institutions Students Health Insurance Programme) into designated accounts in the banks listed above.
Students with extra semester(s) are required to pay appropriate charges including TISHIP as indicated above. They should in addition, obtain clearance from their Heads of Departments to enable them log on to the e-portal for registration.
Students should access the e-portal from any Cyber Café anywhere for their registration as stipulated above.

Fresh undergraduates and final year students will request for Bed Space Allocation placement directly on the e-portal and payment of appropriate fees including accommodation. Candidates will be required to print 3 copies of Bed Space Clearance Forms from the e-portal which must be duly signed by the student and the Hall warden.

Students are required to keep one of the completed Bed Space Allocation Forms, submit one to the Dean, Student Affairs and the last copy to Hall Warden to qualify him/her to OCCUPY the bed space allocated. Please note that failure to submit the Bed Space Clearance Forms automatically disqualifies the Bed Space Allocation.

Apart from fresh undergraduate students, final year students are also given priority for accommodation. Other spaces available (if any) will be balloted for.

On behalf of the University administration, we wish all students a wonderful, peaceful and rewarding 2014/2015.

Please do ask questions if you are not clear about anything.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OAU Decides 2015: Faculty Of Sciences Results

Elections started very late in Faculty of Sciences as against the earlier announced time. BOOB was used as the polling unit as all the departments(Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology & Physics) in the faculty had to come down there to vote. The turn-out there was quite impressive as the faculty had one of the highest voters.

There was a problem of Ballot Paper shortage as many voters had to go back to their hall disenfranchised. Below are the results of the elections in Faculty of Science:

The Welfare Officer

Secre Nene - 107
Chinko - 322
Baba-D - 009
Hakim - 015
Void - 015

The Financial Secretary

Herkinz - 029
Godson - 119
Jerry - 074
AY-SUG - 225
Void - 026

The Director of Sports

Binzu - 172
Faleti - 099
Coach - 167
Void - 026

The Director of Socials and Culture

Phenol - 157
Igba - 136
Shomo Davies - 149
Don Kings - 005
Void - 26

The Public Relations Officer 

Abbey - 014
Ogidan - 039
Samysynthesis - 174
Austine - 005
Immanuel Kant - 214
Void - 025

The Assistant Secretary General

Kelvino - 274
Jesse Luther King - 167
Void - 032

The Secretary General 

Ibiyemi - 095
Hon. Seun - 094
Captain - 217
Sammy H Peters - 030
Void - 037

The Vice President 

Oprah - 336
Pearl - 122
Void - 015

The President

Azaro - 003
Phakoo - 067
Ojogbon - 004
Hon. Bright - 005
TY - 283
Great Paul - 093
AY Toes -001
Void - 017

We will bring to you results of other faculties once they finish counting them.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Re: A Call To Order By Muslim Students' Society Nigeria

By Ayodele Ibiyemi

On Wednesday, 18 March, I woke up to see a release pasted on notice boards in my hostel by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria. It goes thus:

A Call to Order

Ordinarily it is not our habit to join issues with every Tom, Dick and Harry, but maintaining a pregnant silence in this instance may be tantamount to tacit approval of the dastardly act of insulting and mockery of other people’s faith.

The Muslim students in OAU hereby use this medium to call the attention of all and sundry to the sensitivity of the provocative actions of those who take perverse joy in mocking our faith in the name of celebrating their costume day.

We hereby warn severely those who choose to use the Islamic dress codes (both males and females) which are sacred symbols of Islam; as garments for jest and mockery. This barbaric act is offensive to our faith and would not be taken with levity.

Those behind these actions should bear in mind that this reprehensible action of theirs is capable of disrupting the peaceful atmosphere in the university, a similar case which happened in the University of Ibadan (where a non-Muslim who wore the Muslim attire was mobbed) is still fresh in memory and we would not want an occurrence of such situation in this University.

Another area of concern is the possibility of the use of this Islamic attires by non-Muslims to impersonate and perpetrate heinous crimes while portraying Islam in bad light.

On a final note, we hereby issue a stern warning to any individual or group that choose to allow their hedonistic inclination to becloud their sense of reasoning to the extent of having no regard for other people’s faith. While Islam respects other people’s religion, it also has zero tolerance for the mockery of its symbols.

“And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allaah, lest they insult Allaah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus, we have made fair-seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall inform them of all that they used to do” (Suratul- An’aam verse 108)

“O you who believe, take not as protectors, helpers, and friends those who take your religion as a mockery and fun from among those who received the scriptures (Jews and Christians) before you, and nor from among the disbelievers; and Fear Allaah if you indeed are true believers.” (Suratul Maidah verse 57).

General Secretary, MSSN

I deem the release offensive and here is a rejoinder:

Re: A Call to Order

To go straight to the point, this is a reaction to a statement released by the General Secretary of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Chapter which ‘sternly’ warns people from wearing Islamic religious clothing for the departmental costume days. I agree that it is quite sensitive to wear sacred clothing representing other faiths mockingly, especially in a religiously delicate society that we have now created. While other faiths are affected by this act, using that as an excuse would be lame because it is not stated in the codes of other religions that it is wrong and most other religions do not even have official clothing, only clothing either copied from other countries or derived by spiritual leaders.

It was written that ‘This barbaric act is offensive to our faith and it would not be taken with levity.’ That is a threat which itself is capable of inciting people. In a secular state where we all have complete freedom to wear anything as long as it does not contravene the university Dress Code which was recently revised and publicized.

As a matter of fact, it is our Muslim sisters who are contravening the University law by wearing veils which covers their identity. On the issue of ‘the possibility of the use of these Islamic attires by non-Muslims to impersonate and perpetuate heinous crimes thereby portraying Islam in a bad light.’ I believe that MSSN is only avoiding the big issue and taking up the minor and inconsequential one, the University Management, a few weeks back issued a statement on the Dress Code for members of the University Community which states that ‘the identities of all students MUST be revealed at all times.’ While this is a sane law, considering the state of security in our nation and the secular nature of our society, we all know that the law does not cater for the Muslim sisters who wear veils. While this is right according to their faith, it is inconsistent with the law of a community they voluntarily joined.

If not for religious tolerance, what we should do anytime we see any veiled Muslim sister in our hostels or in the academic area is to alert the security unit of the University or hold her down and demand for her identity to be revealed. If only we had been doing what we are supposed to do, maybe MSSN would have had bigger issues to contend with. A Muslim friend, while attempting to justify the release said that maybe they are already working on reconciling the law and the Islamic faith but even if they are doing anything, it is not enough because I know the trauma a Muslim colleague of mine goes through each time we are to write an exam.

By citing the UI incident, they mean that it is possible for Muslims to mob anyone who wears purportedly Muslim attire in a manner they deem offensive, that would amount to breaking the law and I am extremely sure that people from other faiths won’t let the issue slide. Another question is this: What exactly is ‘offensive’? When does wearing a cloth I like become offensive in a secular democracy? Whose law would that be? People wear Jalabias as nightwears or casual wears and it has even become a fashion trend amongst youth nowadays.

That can only work in a ‘Sharia’ state and not a secular state like ours. They cannot bring what obtains in the Arab world down here and we need to agree with the fact that we only practice a syncretized version of the ‘revealed’ religions and our cultures as Africans. When I consulted with a respected Muslim colleague, he told me that it is offensive to mock Islam as stated in the Holy Quran but nowhere is it expressly stated in the Quran that Muslims should attack or mob those who do it. If all religious associations attack everyone who they feel is mocking their religions then we would all become murderers in the name of religion.

On a final note, MSSN does not have any right or authority to issue a ‘stern warning’ to anyone except Muslims who are members of the society, what they should have done is to discourage people from doing what they deem offensive to their religion. As a student and a stakeholder in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, I hereby demand that MSSN retract the offensive statement they released. I wish us all a peaceful existence in Ife. Thank you.

Ayodele Ibiyemi

OAU 2013/2014 Rain Semester Examination Timetable

You can now download/check the timetable for the 2013/2014 Rain semester examination timetable online.

According to the timetable, examinations will start on 31st March and end on 24th April, 2015

Click here to download/check

BREAKING NEWS: Management Releases 109-man Indictment List As Union Election Commences

Just like the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Ikudayisi Johnson has said during a press conference on Friday morning that the commission is expecting the traditional list of indicted students for the forth-coming Students’ Union election, the management of Obafemi Awolowo University has late yesterday evening reeled out the names of some 109 students who are allegedly currently been indicted.

As at the time of filing this report, the names of these 109 students are neither yet to be made public nor a concrete detail of their indictment explained as the commission leadership is currently meeting on the matter and promises to relay resolutions later to the press.

The Electoral Commission has earlier said that despite its resolution that it will not accept students who had participated in students’ protest within reasonable jurisdiction in time past as truly indicted, the commission will also not protect any indicted student found wanting of genuine allegations leveled against him or her.

“The Commission has resolved that certain students would not be permitted to aspire to Leadership Positions in the forthcoming elections as it is expected that Leaders in any society should not be people of questionable character or behaviour. This Commission will therefore not permit anybody she considers unfit for Leadership roles in the forthcoming elections. The decision as to who might and who might not contest will be based on the discretion of the Commission after the disciplinary committee list which would be given by the School Management has been consulted”

“Let me make this clear, this commission will not protect someone who has stolen before, this commission will not protect someone who has been involved in examination malpractice before, and this commission will not protect someone who has been jailed before.” Ikudayisi Johnson affirmed

It will be recalled that an indictment list was also given by the management to the 2014 Habeeb-led Electoral Commission  which contained the names of some prominent contestants including ENGELS (Secretary-General), MANDELA (President), ANCHOR (Vice President) and CHOCO MILO (Awo Hall Chairman) who were eventually suspended after the elections.

Examinations To Begin March 31st

In what seems to be like a no going back on the previous decision of the university management of Obafemi Awolowo University, the newly pasted time-table has revealed that the Rain sememster examinations will commence on March 31st, 2015.

Confirming this was via tweets by the outgone Students' Union president, Ibikunle Isaac Motunrayo, he wrote: "On the rumored election break: please disregard the rumour. Exams start March 31st as earlier scheduled"

“Some Almajiris Invaded SUB On Thursday” –Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has revealed that some almajiris were at the Ken Saro Wiwa Students’ Union Building to cause mayhem on Thursday when asked by pressmen if the Ikudayisi-led commission has received any security threat since its constitution.

This shocking revelation was made by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Ikudayisi Johnson a.k.a Ekiti while addressing the press on how far the commission has gone on its preparation towards the forth-coming Students’ Union elections.

“Some almajiri came here yesterday, the two of them are suspended. These people came from the almajiri’s ancestry” Johnson said

It became obvious in the course of the chairman’s explanation that the supposed almajiris are some suspended students who are yet to be reinstated and a rusticated admitted student. According to the commission, their grievances and concerns were that the proposed Union elections cannot commence because of the short period allowed for campaign thereby proposing that the elections be held during examination time. These alleged invaders also accused the Electoral Commission of purposely scheduling the election the way it is to favour their candidates for the election.

The Commission however said it is not moved by any of the claims of these ones because they are not coming from legitimate students.

“Students who can access their e-portal are not even raising concerns but it is the almajiris that are doing that. If any issue is going to come out, let our legitimate students do this and not almajiris”

Still bordering on security matters, the Electoral Commission has also resolved not to allow any person into the venues that will be used for the manifestoes of the Students’ Union elections once such is not wearing his or her university Identity Card(ID Card). This decision was taken to forestall the repetition of security breach experienced during the previous elections. The commission enjoins all students that will be coming for the Manifestoes at all levels to come wearing their ID Cards to prevent any form of embarrassment.

Julius Berger Plc Is Recruiting

The multinational Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is calling for applications from various fields including Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Supervisor, Controlling/Accounting/Financials, Information Technology, Internship, General Administration, Production and Manufacture, Public Relations/Communication, Secretary/Assistant, Surveying and other

Read details and apply:


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OAU Decides 2015: Electoral Commission Releases Election Timetable



1 Tuesday 17th, March –  Thursday 19th March, 2015: Sales of Nomination Form
2 Wednesday, March 18th – Friday 20th March, 2015:  Press Conference Screening of Contestants Begins
3 Friday 20th March, 2015: End of Sales of Nomination Form (II), End of Screening of Contestants
2 Friday 20th March, 2015: Hall Executive Council (HEC) Manifestoes
3 Saturday 21st March, 2015: Hall Executive Council (HEC) Election
4 Sunday 22nd March, 2015: Press Confrontational Debate for all Central Executive Council (CEC) Aspirants
5 Monday 23rd March, 2015: Manifestoes for All Central Executive Council (CEC) Aspirants
6 Tuesday 24th March, 2015: Central Executive Council (CEC) Election
7 Wednesday 25th March, 2015: Students' Representative Council (SRC) Election
7 Sunday 29th March, 2015: Students' Representative Council (SRC) Leadership Election

The dates for the Union Leadership Retreat and Swearing-in are yet to be announced

I Trust Buhari But Doubt His Environment – Bakare

The General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, on Tuesday said although he trusts the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), he doubts the credibility of “his environment.”

It was clear that Bakare was talking about Buhari’s party, the APC.

The pastor addressed Christians at the annual Lenten lecture of the Island Club in Lagos.

He enjoined Christians to vote wisely, saying , “I believe in contact without contamination.”

Bakare, who was the running mate of Buhari on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change in the 2011 presidential election, said he was not a politician but a nation builder.

He said whoever loses the presidential election should accept the winner and join hands to move the nation forward.

He said, “If Buhari wins, let President Goodluck Jonathan accept defeat. Whoever loses is not a loser. And if President Goodluck Jonathan wins, Buhari should accept this as the will of God.”

Speaking on fasting, he urged Christians in the country to examine the true spirit behind the Lenten fast, saying fasting was not an antidote to problems but an opportunity to submit to the will of God.

The pastor attributed the wrong attitude of Christians to fasting to biblical illiteracy.

He maintained that the true fasting ordained by God was explained in Isaiah 58, highlighting the need to help the poor and be led by God to observe it.

He said, “It is essential for adherents to critically examine the spirit behind the fast with a view to ensuring that it is not an
attempt to obtain righteousness before God.”


Monday, 16 March 2015

How To Check Your Admission Status On OAU E-portal

At last, the admission status of newly admitted students (2014/2015 session) has been updated on Obafemi Awolowo University e-portal.

To check the Admitted Status for 2014/2015 session, click on "CHECK ADMISSION STATUS"

Christian Botany Students Visit Covenant Orphanage Home

The body of Christian students of the Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University on Sunday visited the Covenant Orphanage Home in Moro, Osun state to reach out to the children there.

The Botany Students’ Christian Fellowship (BSCF) in her usual manner was again in Moro with scores of her members to have a nice time with the children there and also to give to the Orphanage home. The children were treated to a great delight as the event set them on a high to participate in various fun-filled programmes including riddles & jokes and quizzes. These children rejoicingly told their visitors and aspirations not minding their current circumstances. “My name is Oluwasanjo, I want to become a Pharmacist” One of the children opened up.

The President and Coordinator of BSCF, Samuel Alabi while giving his charge to the children encouraged them to see themselves beyond their current state as the outside world cannot wait to see their manifestations in no time.

“These are some things in our lives that we cannot control. I want to tell you that you are not the only one in this journey, we all have our stories”

He however prayed for the children that the giant lying in their lives will rise. The woman in charge of the Home, Mrs E. O. Oroyomi in her words appreciated the Christian botany students for sparing their time to come and bless them spiritually and materially. She also referred back to the time she was young as she was always visiting orphanage homes the way the botany students do, not knowing God was preparing her to set up something like this.

BSCF Sisters’ Coordinator and Chairperson of the Orphanage Home Visitation Committee, Temitope Olatunji in her Vote of Thanks remark appreciated God, the Home, lecturers of botany department that supported the project, all executive members of BSCF and all students of OAU who were part of the trip for their time and sacrifice. The event came to a close with a photo session where everyone joyously participated.

OAU Decides 2015: O. Busayo Steps Down As Azaro Joins Race

One of the candidates wishing to go for the post of Secretary General of the Obafemi Awolowo University’s Students’ Union, Olatunde Busayo also known as O. Busayo has decided to step down. When asked why he decided to stand down, he claimed that he has too many things he is handling already and will still find himself holding some more tasking positions come next session, hence, his decision to end the ambition.

Olatunde Busayo is the outgoing president of the National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (Nasels), OAU. Backing out of the election leaves other candidates like Hon. Seun, Sammy H. Peters, Ibiyemi, Adejobi Captain to slug it out among themselves.

Azaro joins race

In other news, the 2015 Student’s Union Election of Obafemi Awolowo University is getting hotter as another popular student, Odutan Ahmed aka Azaro joined the race to become the president of the student’s union. Azaro was the clerk of the house for the outgoing administration but resigned from the post few weeks to the end of the administration.

Ahmed Oduntan Azaro is popular among OAU Students but got himself in a hot mess recently when he lied to the OAU populace that he didn’t tender any letter of resignation but only to confess later that he did. He has since apologized to the students and stated reasons behind his action.

It will be interesting to know how Azaro will fare at the polls as he has equally popular candidates who have started their campaign strategically before now


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nomination Forms To Sell At Traditional Price Of N100 -Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission 2014/2015 parliamentary session has assured Great Ife students that the price of the nomination forms for the forthcoming Students' Union elections will remain at its traditional price of N100.

In a press statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the Electoral Commission, Adejuwon Jude Feranmi on Sunday, 15th March, it stated that the commission has a very limited time to conduct a free and fair election which is expected to be the most widely participated elections in the history of the Union.

Salient issues were also addressed in the statement. The commission has also decided to stick to the  2.5 CGPA minimum requirement for aspirants to be qualified to contest. A Voter Education Campaign is also expected to kick off soon in the bid to sensitizing the generality of students on how to vote and why they should be participating in the elections.

On the issue of timetable for the elections, the commission wrote: "This commission within the short time we have to carry out this task will provide a participant- friendly election time table that will be communicated as soon as practicable. However, it can be ascertained that the sale of nomination forms at the traditional price of N100 will kick off on Monday, the 16th of March, 2015. We hereby advise the contestants to all offices to get their nomination forms at the level of SUB as from Monday"

As electoral processes continue, examinations are expected to begin in about 14 days time if the consideration by the school management to give the students a 2-week election break fails.

Cloudshot Launches Voissapp For Android OS

The mobile application of the Voice of Informed Social Students (VOISSapp) has finally be launched. The launching was part of events lined up for the Dream Seminar held at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University on Saturday.

The Chief Executive Officer of the community application, Kelvin Umechukwu while addressing thousands of students during the launching said the Voissapp was borne out of desire to break limitations and solve problems peculiar to the community.

“Have you ever missed a class because you didn’t know about it? This is the gap VOISSapp has come to bridge”

“Connect with friends, course mates, class reps and lecturers in one platform built for you.”

“Share latest information, gossips and amazing experiences on campus on VOISSapp”

“Voissapp is now available for android OS and can be downloaded on Google Playstore.”

Kelvin also used the medium to appreciate the members of his team who were present at the launching for working together to ensure the reality of the project

SRC Constitutes Electoral Commission & Election Petition Committee

The Students’ Representative Council of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union has finally constituted the Electoral Commission and the Election Petition Committee after the first parliamentary sitting aimed at doing that ended in scuffle.

Following the provisions of Article V, Sect. 60 (1) of the sacrosanct constitution of the Students’ Union which reads “there shall be an Electoral Commission consisting of Electoal Officers constituted by the S.R.C. at the end of every parliament.”, the Electoral Commission was constituted with its membership cutting across all thirteen faculties. The following are the ratified members of the Commission:

Ikudaisi Johnson – Dentistry – Chairman
Ganiyu Jamiu – EDM – Secretary
Adejuwon Jude – Arts – Public Relations Officer
Akano Sulaiman – Law – Financial Secretary
Adedara Adewale – Education – Member
Bakare Ahmed – Technology – Member
Agbaje Tosin – Clinical Sciences – Member
Olanlokun Yusuf – Pharmacy – Member
Ogundele Kayode –Basic Medical Sciences – Member
Jayeoba Opeyemi – Administration – Member
Bello Taofeek – Sciences – Member
Sanyaolu Azeez – Social Sciences – Member
Alabi Damilola – Agriculture – Member

In pursuant of Article 3, Sect. 59 (1), the Election Petition Committee was constituted with nine members having Adeyemo Akintunde, Akinokun Afiz, Oni Babajide and Oyedele Babatunde as Chairman, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Financial Secretary respectively.

Even though there is no official statement from the Commission yet neither as to when the nomination forms will start to sell nor the time the elections will come up but an insider revealed to our correspondent that all the electoral processes may not last longer than this week.

Levuz Writes' Held Her First Seminar With Prominent Speakers In Attendance

Levuz Writes’ Organization of Nigeria (LWON), Obafemi Awolowo Chapter held her first fun-filled writing seminar titled: “This Friday” on the 13th of March, 2015 at SSLT 2. The topic of the seminar was “How to build the art of creative writing in contemporary Nigeria” with three prominent guest speakers in attendance; Prof Gbemisola Adeoti (Director Institute of Cultural studies, OAU), Dr E.T.O Babalola (Faculty of Arts, OAU), and Dr O.S Oyelade (Faculty of Law, OAU).

Dr O.S Oyelade who confessed before starting his presentation said he is not into writing per say but he was able to deal with the topic from the legal perspective by giving some tips on how to be a successful writer. Dr E.T.O Babalola, however discussed the topic extensively as he shed more light on writing and its types.

The English lecturer also stressed the need for young writers and students to cultivate the habit of reading now as the time will come that they will not be able to read again. “To be a creative writer, you need to read because a time will come when you will not be able to read again not due to sickness, death or mental illness but there will be no time”.

Prof Gbemisola Adeoti wrapped up the seminar by enlightening the audience on how to be a successful writer, he also used his own experience in the field of writing to enlighten them.

T.C Creations was present in the first edition of this seminar to entertain the attendees. Speaking with the President LWON after the seminar, Mr. Akintola Ayodeji thanked God for the success of the seminar. Ayodeji said he has achieved his aim by inviting those three great men to educate writers on creative writing as he hope to bring more creative writers for the subsequent editions of the seminar.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tired Of OAU? Application For 2014/2015 Inter-University Transfer Commences

Are you tired of the Nigeria's best public university? Do you think you have to leave the Africa's most beautiful campus?

This is to inform you that application for inter-university transfer for 2014/2015 session has commenced.

Application Forms can be collected at Admissions Office, University Hall Extension (New Secretariat Building), Room 216 after producing a Bank Draft of the sum of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) from the following banks: OAU Microfinance bank, ECOBANK, Skye Bank, Diamond bank, First Bank, Fidelity Bank, Wema Bank, UBA, GTB, Zenith Bank and Access Bank addressed to The Bursar, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Duly filled forms must be submitted on or before Tuesday 7th April, 2015. Academic Transcripts addressed to The Registrar, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife must reach the University before the deadline.

Elections: OAU Management Considers 2 Weeks Break, Exams To Start April 13

There are reports that the management of Obafemi Awolowo University is considering giving her students two weeks break to be able to exercise their franchise in the forthcoming general elections thereby extending the calendar of the session.

Various strong indications have continued to emerge from both the lecturers and students corners that the earlier scheduled 31st of March for the commencement of the Rain semester examinations for this session is most likely not to stand as the university management is considering an adjustment to the calendar because of the forthcoming general elections. From what can be possibly inferred from the expected adjusted calendar, the school will officially go on break in a fortnight and academic activities will resume on April 13, two days after the elections must have been over.

With this possible provision, a week out of the two weeks for the break will serve as the lecture-free week and examinations commence immediately on resumption. Reactions from most students' quarters about this development have shown acceptance as they believe the management now see reasons with them on the need to allow them participate in the forthcoming elections. In what seems to be an opposite reaction by Gbenga, a finalist in the Faculty of Education, he said he does not want any break until he writes his final paper. "We don't need any break, let me write my exams and leave this school."

OAU Students Gather To Break Boxes At Dream Seminar 102

Dream Seminar 102 came alive today with about 2000 students of Obafemi Awolowo University and some secondary schools gathered together at Oduduwa Hall as earlier as 10:00am in the morning to Break The Box!

In an event powered by the National Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) OAU chapter, Dr K. T Ijadunola who was the first speaker for the day spoke on the attitude towards building a successful career. The medical practitioner who is an alumnus of OAU highlighted the important attitudes which include developing a penchant to hardwork and excellence, need to be creative, confidence and never underestimating the power of good network.

The second guest speaker of the day, Fr. Victor Ogunyemi who is the founder and coordinator of Inspire Youth Network, Abuja dared the audience to be odd. According to him, daring to be odd requires one to be different in actions, original, independent minded, believe and have attitude.

“You have to be different in the way you do things. Even a saint does not do things the way other people do things”

Ogunyemi corroborated his urge by stating that so far the intention is positive, nothing should stop anyone who dares to break the box. He cited examples of some persons who dared to be odd but in a negative way and are billionaires today. How much more when the motive is right? He asked.

The event was spiced up with thrilling performances by the Crusader, Fili-David, Mr Matthew Ojo and Ceee Jaey. A session of Box-Perience featuring the popular campus OAP Deji Onadeko, Akinlose Similode and the former President of NFCS; Tony Joy was also an high point of this edition of Dream Seminar.

The chairman of the Organizing Committee, Sanni Francis appreciated everyone for coming around as he told them the first Project Dream before them. He challenged the attendees to be part of the social media boost for Dream Seminar by liking and following their handles on Facebook (http://facebook.com/dreamseminar), Twitter (http://twitter.com /dream_seminar), and Instagram (dreamseminarbreakthebox).

Dream Seminar 102 was sponsored by various organizations and bodies including Janicuts, AIESEC and OAU Peeps.

2015 List Of Highest Paid Female Musicians In Nigeria And Their Fees

2015 List of highest paid female musicians in Nigeria and their fees.

No 1. Asha- she holds the number one spot with 8-10 million naira per show within and outside Nigeria.

No 2. Omawumi- this chick currently rocks nigeria with her live band performance, take it or leave it she earns 3-4 million Naira per show.

No 3. I want to give the number 3 spot to Tiwa Savage, the Marvin queen, though since she became pregnant she hasn't been called for several shows, but she still earns a fee of 1.8- 2million naira per show.

No 4. Waje- she is still keeping her game tight and earns between 1.6 - 2million naira per show.

No 5. Yemi Alade- I am sure you all will agree with me that this chick is the hottest chick in nigeria right now. She is one of the highest demands. And her fee is between 1.5- 1.9 million.

No 6. Cynthia Morgan- yes Cynthia morgan, the dance hall goddess is not smiling at any show promoter or organizer, she currently receives a non negotiable fee of 1.5 million naira.

No 7. Seyi Shay holds my, no seven spot, she receives between 600k- 10milion per show.

No 8. Chidima, Miss kedeke, she has drastically dropped in the market as her demand is low at the moment but she currently receives between 500k- 1million

No 9. Eva- at my no 9 spot is Eva, she currently receives between 400k - 800k per show.

No 10. Niyola- she holds the number 10 spot on my list with a fee of- 300- 600k

Compiled by Saint Joseph Ovensehi @talent_arena Sourced from various industry experts.


FUNAAB Trains OAU Students On Agriculture Business

Final year students of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, recently visited the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) to learn basic skills, on value addition and strategies of agricultural enterprise, that would enhance their studies.

While receiving the students at the university’s Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC), Dr Oluwafunmilayo Oluwalana told them to dream big but start small.

She also encouraged them to seek and acquire knowledge in their youthful days, since information was vital to development. She noted that the main challenge facing the agricultural sector in Nigeria was in the area of value addition of agricultural products, as she urged relevant stakeholders to find lasting solutions to the problem. She also charged the upcoming agricultural entrepreneurs to develop a business plan through which they will be properly guided to make headway in the industry.

“We have three mandates in the university: teaching, research and extension. Here in AMREC, we focus on value-added processing and agricultural business management. We bring agriculture to you as an enterprising adventure. And so far, three of our products in AMREC have been patented and we have been able to develop many products.”

Speaking on how to make agricultural business profitable, Dr Oluwalana disclosed that before one goes into agriculture business, one needs to know what makes the product special, who will buy the product and the name of the company, among other things.

Mr ‘Lasun Somoye of the centre also shed light on the Media and Farm Broadcast (MFB) Programme of AMREC in translating agricultural research findings into media materials, with emphasis on audio-visuals as well as extension publication, for dissemination to stakeholders in agriculture across the South-West.

Others who sensitised the students were Mr Adesanya Olukayode of the Extension and Adaptive Research (EAR), Mrs Adeloye Temitope of the Training and Farm Demonstration (TFD) and Mr Rotimi Onifade of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Programme.

According to a student leader of the OAU team, Bukola Ojo, the purpose of the visit was to enable them acquire more knowledge in agricultural technologies, which had led them to inspect various projects and locations in the university, such as the bakery, ‘garri’ processing factory, cashew nut factory and Palmwine factory, among others.

Ojo added that the visit was part of the basic requirements needed to pass the course on ‘Agro-Industrial Technology, Generation and Utilisation,’ with the primary purpose of developing appropriate technology in crop production, noting that FUNAAB was chosen for the visit because it had carved a niche for itself among the leading universities in the country in the area of agricultural practices.

Mr Adesanya of the EAR highlighted some of the areas the university had been able to impact on farmers, processors and funded projects.

“Our programme is saddled with the responsibility of taking agriculture trainings to schools, particularly, secondary schools, to stir up their interest. Through our ‘Agricultural in School Project,’ we have been able to organise trainings in cassava production, fish farming and so on. We also collaborated with other extension projects like CAVA II Project, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” he said.


Iphone 6 Given Out As Pharmacy Students Celebrate Week

The Pharmaceutical association of Nigerian Students(PANS), OAU held her week between Monday 2nd March and Saturday 7th March 2015. The PANS week which officially kicked off on Monday 2nd March 2015 with a mass publicity gained public attention on Wednesday 4th March 2015.

The Guest Speaker of the opening ceremony did not only talk about ---- but also gave back to her alma-mater by giving out an Iphone 6 to a student via raffle draw. The programs continued on Thursday with the annual Sade Olafimihan Inter-faculty Debate where the host team, The House of Magma, did not let the golden prize leave her house. However, the Faculties of Basic Medical Sciences and Law came second and third respectively.

The association continued her week on Friday with a heath outreach, pharmalympics where the students of the faculties were involved in a number of games and a variety night where different performers entertained the students with their craft. The PANS week came to a close on a high note with the a Dinner and Award night on Saturday 7th March 2015.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

THIS FRIDAY: Learn How To Build The Art Of Creative Writing

Levus Writes' Organization of Nigeria (LWON), Obafemi Awolowo University chapter presents her 1st annual seminar.

OAU SU Parliament To Constitute Electoral Commission Today

Revolutionary regards!!!

This is to notify the ever conscious and progressive parliamentarians and the ever tatan gallerians of the historic parliamentary sitting which is schedules as follows:

Date: 11/03/2015
Venue: Awo Cafe
Time: 5pm

Matter Arising
Debate on Audit Report
Constitution of Electoral Commission
Constitution of Electoral Petition
Note: All parliamentarians are enjoined to be there.

Rt. Hon. Ramon Bola T

Apply For Procter & Gamble OAU Internship Program


The Internship drive is for final year OAU students . Our aim is to pre-select exceptional under graduates for future internship openings in Procter and Gamble.

This opening is not limited to any specific field of study but only graduates with second class upper degree and above will be considered this time. The job openings cover departments like Customer Business Development (Sales), Supply Network Organization, Marketing, Customer Market Knowledge, Human Resources e.t.c. Successful candidates will be considered for openings across Procter & Gamble departments in Lagos, Ibadan, and Agbara. Note that no specific field of study is required for any particular department.

Candidates successful with this online application will be invited for a test. You can also join our facebook page: www.facebook.com/pgwestafrica . Practice questions will be available for you to download on our facebook page to help you prepare in time for the test.

Procter and Gamble is the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company in the world with strong brands like Pampers, Ariel, Always, Gillette, Oral B just to name a few. We have been in existence for over 176 years globally and 21 years in Nigeria. For more information about P&G the company and our brands please visit http://www.pg.com/ and this website http://www.experiencepg.com/ . We wish you all the best with your application!


This opening is not limited to any specific field of study but only OAU students with second class upper degree and above will be considered this time.

Requisition Number: IME00000085

Apply Now

Sunday, 8 March 2015

2015 OAU Peeps Recruitment Exercise Commences (Apply Online)


OAU Peeps News Agency metamorphosed into a full-fledged online News Magazine on July 21, 2014. We are a hub of information primarily designed to serve students, staff, alumni, aspirants and friends of Obafemi Awolowo University with the latest undiluted, truthful and real news on campus and beyond in the 21st century style of digital journalism.

Our media is aimed at also creating a great opportunity for the voiceless and commoners with unheard voices within and beyond OAU Community to speak their mind objectively. OAU Peeps News Agency among many other redefining virtues champions Freedom and Justice.

OAU Peeps News Agency creates an avenue for young, aspiring, talented and developing Journalists and Media practitioners to build their journalistic capacity by offering them the platform to express themselves and practise in the modern style even right from when they are still students.

As parts of plans to ensure students and staff of Obafemi Awolowo University are incorporated into this plan, we are happy to announce that our recruitment exercise for this quarter has finally commenced.


To qualify for consideration, applicants MUST be:

- Registered FULL Time student or staff of Obafemi Awolowo University (including UG, PG, Predegree) and newly admitted students who are yet to resume.
- Ready and willing to work with other members (Team Spirit possession)
- Passionate to practise journalism


You are required to visit the 2015 OAU Peeps recruitment portal where you will be able to fill the online application form. Interested applicants will be contacted in due course and intimated with other recruitment processes.


24th April, 2015

For further enquiry, kindly send us a mail via recruitment@oaupeeps.com

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Botany Students Hold Week As BOTANISCA 2015 Comes Alive

The students of the Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University under the ages of National Association of Botany Students' (NABOS) are in for it again this year as they roll out schedules for this year’s BOTANISCA week.

BOTANISCA which had its maiden edition last year with a scintillating and educative event held at Oduduwa Hall is now here again.

THEME: Botany, the unmined gold dust

BOTANISCA 2015 has a lot of programmes lined up for the event including an Inter-varsity Debate (featuring UNILAG, KWASU, EKSU, UI, WUSTO, FUNAAB and host OAU), Inter-Class Football League, Public Lecture and Award Ceremony.

Day 1 – Monday, 9th March 2015 – Corporate Day – Department of Botany
Day 2 – Tuesday, 10th March 2015 – Exhibition, Sports & Awareness Day – Department of Botany
Day 3 – Wednesday, 11th March 2015 – Intervarsity Debate Competition – BOOB
Day 4 – Thursday, 12th March 2015 – Public Lecture & Award Ceremony – Oduduwa Hall
Day 5 – Friday, 13th March 2015 – Traditional Day – Department of Botany

Distinguished guests expected at the event include the Deputy Governor of the State of Osun, Chief (Mrs) Titilaoye Tomori, Oba Jimoh Oyetunji Olanipekun (Ataoja of Osogbo), Professor A. O. Isichei (President, BOSON Nigeria), Mr Ola Asherifa Kayode (Asherifa Estate, Ile-Ife) and the hosts; Professor Bamitale Omole (Vice Chancellor, OAU), Professor W. A. Muse (Dean, Faculty of Science), Dr A. M. Makinde (Head of Department, Botany OAU). The guest lecturer is Dr Olusesan Odewale, Director of NIFOR, Benin City.

Jonathan Visits Ife Again, Meets Yoruba Leaders

We informed you earlier that the Nigerian Air Force NAF-280 chopper was sighted hovering over Obafemi Awolowo University campus yesterday. Just as it was predicted, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was in Ife earlier today at the palace of Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade to meet with Yoruba Obas in furtherance of his intensified re-election campaign.

OAU Students Jostle For Kumuyi's Seat After Crusade

The respected cleric and General Superindent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi was in Obafemi Awolowo University for the first time in about thirty years in the course of this week for a two-day crusade tagged: Power in the name of Jesus; a programme put together by the Christian Mobilization Committee of the varsity.

Kumuyi while preaching to thousands of people at the new crusade ground, said, “Nigerians should take their destiny in their hands. People should not be discouraged by whatever problems they are facing now, either as individuals or as a nation”.

He noted that there were two different kinds of people in the world, saying while some saw themselves as “grasshoppers”, others equally looked themselves as “conquerors”.

He said, “There is need to be like the biblical Caleb, who never allowed the towering, scary figure of the giants they saw to dissuade him from entering the land of Canaan. Caleb gave a positive account of what he saw and encouraged others to be optimistic. You are what you think you are.”

At the end of the crusade on the first day, just as Pastor Kumuyi stepped down the podium, scores of people at the venue of the crusade ran towards the podium to seat and touch the seat where Kumuyi stood up from. It was not clear what motivated their action but our conversation with one of those that jostled for the seat revealed that they believe their action with faith can give them their desired miracle just as the woman with the issue of blood in the bible did.

The program was brought to a close the second morning after a Bible Study session.

Nigerian Air Force NAF-280 Hovers Over OAU Campus Again

By Abiodun Omonijo

For those who remember, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan paid a visit to Obafemi Awolowo University in the first week of December, 2014 when he had a meeting with Yoruba elders as part of moves to garner votes towards the forthcoming elections.

Meanwhile, It was also widely reported in the media, that the President was booed (and stoned) by disgruntled students of the University community, an allegation which was denied by the University authority.

Today however, the Nigerian Air Force, NAF 280 chopper which was used in conveying the President off the University campus was sited again as it landed on the University’s football pitch, the same place where it landed about three months ago. The pilots and crew of the chopper alighted and were seen discussing with members of OAU security team which included the deputy Chairman of the Security Committee, Prof Sola Ajayi, the Chief Security officer, Dr Paul Ogidi and other officers.

After about an hour of landing and discussion, at about 3:30pm-4:30pm, crews of the NAF 280 boarded and took off in the chopper. What is however surprising is that for a couple of minutes after takeoff, the chopper kept hovering over the University campus.

This is a norm with security agents making an aerial surveillance of a place before the arrival of National personalities to ensure maximum security.

This however raised questions of whether the President or another dignitary would be on a return visit to Ile-Ife as elections draw even more closer.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Professor Akinlo To Deliver OAU 273rd Inaugural Lecture

The 273rd Inagural Lecture of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria will be delivered on 10th of March, 2015 by Professor A.E. Akinlo.

Professor Anthony Enisan AKINLO is a Professor of Economics, with a PhD in Monetary and Development Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in 1995. He joined the services of the University in 1990 and rose to the rank of a Professor in 2000. He has over 100 publications in the areas of reforms and growth.

He has served the University in various capacities: Head, Department of Economics, 2002 to 2006; Director of Centre for Industrial Research and Development (now Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies), 2007 - 2011, and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, 2013- to date. He has equally served in various committees of the University. Professor Akinlo has participated in many international sponsored Research works and carried out consultancies for such organizations as IDRC, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), Population Research Fund (NPF) and UNDP.

Prof. Akinlo is happily married to Dr. (Mrs.) O.O. Akinlo and blessed with children.