Tuesday, 31 March 2015

2015 General Elections; A Momentous Feat For Our Democracy

By David Adetula


Congratulations to the people's General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory in the 2015 #NigeriaDecides. He has taught me and many other Nigerian youths the essence of resilience and doggedness in pursuit of success and excellence. I have been bothered and I remain bordered about the 'old wine in new skin' who surround #GMB. These ones are dangerous creatures in sheep clothings who are more than capable of turning Buhari against the masses in record time. Sai baba needs to be very careful!

Hmmm, I do not really know how best to describe President Goodluck Jonathan now but with all sincerity and honesty of heart, the much needed foundation for our democratic setting has been laid today. Big thanks to #PGEJ. Despite all odds, I will remember Jonathan for giving us relatively free & fair elections and passing the #FOI bill into law. These amongst many other things he gave us. I personally laughed when you said your ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian, but I was shocked when I heard he called the General even before the final result announcement. All I can say for now is God bless you Mr President and I wish you God's best in your future endeavour.

...and to the real victors of today, we Nigerians! I celebrate with my fellow patriots who gallantly stood by and remained undaunted in the agitation and pursuit for democratic manifestations. You voted and your votes counted real good for the very first time. Congratulations #Nigeria.

If there is a request I wish to make now from Nigerians this day, it is, that the feat of our democracy that has been achieved tonight must be fervently and jealously sustained by us at all cost. Let these leaders know that your Voter Card is now permanent. Like the Yorubas will say 'Pason ti a fi na iyale n be lori aja fun iyawo' meaning 'the cane we used in flogging the first wife is still on the ceiling for the second wife'.

Finally, I proudly join numerous Nigerians today to celebrate the success of our democracy. I now hope the preachers of division and violence in Nigeria in 2015 (including US) can now eat humble pie. I am indeed very glad we will start getting it right from now on.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
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