Saturday, 21 March 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Management Releases 109-man Indictment List As Union Election Commences

Just like the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Ikudayisi Johnson has said during a press conference on Friday morning that the commission is expecting the traditional list of indicted students for the forth-coming Students’ Union election, the management of Obafemi Awolowo University has late yesterday evening reeled out the names of some 109 students who are allegedly currently been indicted.

As at the time of filing this report, the names of these 109 students are neither yet to be made public nor a concrete detail of their indictment explained as the commission leadership is currently meeting on the matter and promises to relay resolutions later to the press.

The Electoral Commission has earlier said that despite its resolution that it will not accept students who had participated in students’ protest within reasonable jurisdiction in time past as truly indicted, the commission will also not protect any indicted student found wanting of genuine allegations leveled against him or her.

“The Commission has resolved that certain students would not be permitted to aspire to Leadership Positions in the forthcoming elections as it is expected that Leaders in any society should not be people of questionable character or behaviour. This Commission will therefore not permit anybody she considers unfit for Leadership roles in the forthcoming elections. The decision as to who might and who might not contest will be based on the discretion of the Commission after the disciplinary committee list which would be given by the School Management has been consulted”

“Let me make this clear, this commission will not protect someone who has stolen before, this commission will not protect someone who has been involved in examination malpractice before, and this commission will not protect someone who has been jailed before.” Ikudayisi Johnson affirmed

It will be recalled that an indictment list was also given by the management to the 2014 Habeeb-led Electoral Commission  which contained the names of some prominent contestants including ENGELS (Secretary-General), MANDELA (President), ANCHOR (Vice President) and CHOCO MILO (Awo Hall Chairman) who were eventually suspended after the elections.
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