Saturday, 14 March 2015

OAU Students Gather To Break Boxes At Dream Seminar 102

Dream Seminar 102 came alive today with about 2000 students of Obafemi Awolowo University and some secondary schools gathered together at Oduduwa Hall as earlier as 10:00am in the morning to Break The Box!

In an event powered by the National Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) OAU chapter, Dr K. T Ijadunola who was the first speaker for the day spoke on the attitude towards building a successful career. The medical practitioner who is an alumnus of OAU highlighted the important attitudes which include developing a penchant to hardwork and excellence, need to be creative, confidence and never underestimating the power of good network.

The second guest speaker of the day, Fr. Victor Ogunyemi who is the founder and coordinator of Inspire Youth Network, Abuja dared the audience to be odd. According to him, daring to be odd requires one to be different in actions, original, independent minded, believe and have attitude.

“You have to be different in the way you do things. Even a saint does not do things the way other people do things”

Ogunyemi corroborated his urge by stating that so far the intention is positive, nothing should stop anyone who dares to break the box. He cited examples of some persons who dared to be odd but in a negative way and are billionaires today. How much more when the motive is right? He asked.

The event was spiced up with thrilling performances by the Crusader, Fili-David, Mr Matthew Ojo and Ceee Jaey. A session of Box-Perience featuring the popular campus OAP Deji Onadeko, Akinlose Similode and the former President of NFCS; Tony Joy was also an high point of this edition of Dream Seminar.

The chairman of the Organizing Committee, Sanni Francis appreciated everyone for coming around as he told them the first Project Dream before them. He challenged the attendees to be part of the social media boost for Dream Seminar by liking and following their handles on Facebook (, Twitter ( /dream_seminar), and Instagram (dreamseminarbreakthebox).

Dream Seminar 102 was sponsored by various organizations and bodies including Janicuts, AIESEC and OAU Peeps.
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