Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Does The Exam Really End? – Pope Jay

For those who have seen the teachers of the basic schools prepare when they have promotional examinations and some other exams, doesn’t it ever push you to wonder when the exams all end? We all get that “ordinary sign board, I no go read” syndrome after writing most major exams and I have often wondered if this feat is quite achievable considering the fact that reading is more of a subconscious activity and we often confuse it with studying which is more conscious and voluntary.

So you write WASSCE, NECO SSCE, UTME and POST UTME and you start to feel as though your exam days are over but in actual sense if you pass these exams, you are headed to one of the “House of Exams” and if your “House of Exams” happen to be Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife…Congratulations! Your Work has just begun!

You finally graduate from school (either by crook or credit), and it seems as though the exams are over but then you either choose to further your education (go back to the “House of Exams”), get a job (where you will be examined directly or indirectly from time to time) or become an entrepreneur (where unseen factors are examining you, your failure/success then determine whether you are another Warren Buffet or just another passerby). To cut the long story short, the exams don’t end. The examiners, scope, venues and forms of the exam; these are the things that change most times.

Having established this fact, an inference that can be drawn is; if the exams don’t end, the learning cannot too (except a man wants to keep on failing). However, one beautiful fact about learning is that unlike studying it does not only entail reading and so if you are not much of a reader (which you should also work on), there are other ways to learn that may seem more “interesting”; listening to audio messages on the topic, seeing demonstrative videos etc. By doing these things, you can actually develop yourself on a topic without opening a lot of books and on the long run you are preparing for one exam you might write in the future.

Most, if not all, of us Great Ife students just concluded exams and are presently recuperating and recovering lost blood but I simply want to implore and admonish us that in the midst of our eating and drinking, we should try to learn whatever we can. That movie you saw today, the book you started yesterday, the radio show you listened to might be the basis of your exam tomorrow. BE PREPARED!

Pope Jay
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