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Fresh Allegation Of Fund Embezzlement Emerges As Ibikunle's Tenure Ends

The controversy plagued Ibikunle-led 2013/2014 parliamentary session may not have totally gone as fresh allegation of fund embezzlement and corruption emerges.

The already dissolved Halls Committee comprising the Chairpersons and Secretaries of the eight(8) undergraduate halls of residences via her Chairman, Akintimehin Andrew in a Release titled 'How Ibikunle & Oye Embezzled HEC Money' has said the outgoing Students' Union president, Ibikunle Isaac Motunrayo and the outgoing Students' Union Financial Secretary, Omolayo Oye have both decided to embezzle the N2.2m Union allocation that was released recently. This allegation is coming barely 2 weeks after the controversial Union elections were held.

Below is the Press Statement from the Halls Committee:

Solidarity greeting to the entire Great Ife Students from the halls committee of great ife student’s union Obafemi Awolowo university 2013/2014 parliamentary session, According to our Sacrosanct Constitution Article iii, section 42(1a,b&c) There shall be Halls Committee comprising of all Hall Chairpersons and the Hall secretaries. Article iii section 41 subsection iii states also that The Hall Executive Councils shall be entitled to a subvention of not less than fifteen percent of the Central Executive Budget for every parliamentary year and such subventions shall be distributed between all the Halls on ratio based on population per Hall.

Greatest ife and articulate Ife, if we keep quiet and let it go saying that some of us are graduating and moreover it is union money it is not our father’s money, even if we let go of the money our conscience will forever judge us and posterity will hold us responsible.

Death isn’t the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live….Norman Cousins

Some people might be asking why is this release coming at this point in time when the 2013/2014 students’ union executives have been dissolved and new executives have been elected, Greatest ife there is an adage that says "we manage to see even when we cry’’ so far so good the Ibikunle led administration which has been tagged as the most Corrupt Administration in the History of OAU Students’ Union received N5,927,926.56 with another N2.2million that was released some days before the last students’ union election to the students’ union account.

The Halls committee led by Hon. Akin(Fajuyi hall chairman) put a call across to Ibikunle, and Omolayo oye, over the Hall Executive Council (HEC) Subventions which was stated in our sacrosanct constitution it was then that we got to know that Ibikunle and oye had spent the 15% that belonged to hall executive council (HEC).

As constitutionally guided students, we wrote a letter to the Students Representatives Council (SRC) mandating the CEC to release our money, the SRC did as proposed by HEC by giving the CEC 72hours ultimatum to disburse our entitlement, but to our greatest surprise, the Leaders and some members of SRC i.e Speaker, Deputy speaker, B&F Chairman and his Secretary, Hon phenom from Agric etc, who mandated Ibikunle and Oye to release our subventions were the one pleading on behalf of Ibikunle that we should not allow this issue to be hijacked by some persons on campus just after the SRC sitting.

For peace and unity in our Union with pleading and lobby the Hall Executive Council (HEC) agreed upon an agreement letter that was signed by both HEC & CEC and N400, 000 was released from the supposed N885,000 , pending the time the last installment of the union money would be released by the management when the balance of N450, 000 with the 15% of whatever money that would be released will be given to HEC after 72hours of receipt, the Halls accepted the N400,000 which was shared as follows:

Awolowo Hall  N64,000
Fajuyi Hall N60,000
Mozambique Hall N57,000
Angola Hall N52,000
Moremi Hall N50,000
Akintola Hall N42,000
ETF Hall N40,000
Alumni Hall N35,000

Greatest ife and Articulate ife, since the release of that N400,000 Ibikunle and Oye had not been responding to HEC saying that no money had been released, surprisingly, some days before the last Students Union elections, we heard that N2.2million was released to the Union account as the last installment by the management, we put calls across to Ibikunle and Oye to release the HEC subvention that they were owing us, what they told us was that the union had been dissolved and they cannot release any money to HEC again, three days after we heard that Ibikunle and Oye were fighting over Union money when Oye said he is entitled to N200,000 from the money that was released. We Called the Speaker of the SRC who has always been pleading on behalf of Ibikunle to speak with Ibikunle and Oye to disburse our remaining subvention. Exert from Mr. Speaker Ramon Tiamiyu, and Hon. Akin's phone Conversation with . "You know my brother just left madam DSA’s office and she said your Halls week are illegal, why would they allow hall week to hold when the union has been dissolved and I told Speaker if our Halls week are illegal Mama DSA wouldn’t have come to attend Moremi hall week and she wouldn’t have even dropped money to support Moremi hall week".

Greatest ife and Articulate ife, though we have reported this case to the necessary authorities that Ibikunle and Oye should account for the last N2.2million that was released by the management since they claimed the union had been dissolved when the money was released, most of the chairpersons of 2013/2014 parliamentary session must have graduated by the time Ibikunle would be handing over union account.

We are writing this release for great ife students to read and most especially the elected representatives of the union under the administration that would be led by TY to audit the Ibikunle Led administration.

Secondly, to let students know that N2.2 million was released to Ibikunle and Oye when the union had been dissolved.

Thirdly, to let OAU students know that the chairmen and chairpersons of 2013/2014 parliamentary session were never in any way pact to the atrocities committed by Ibikunle and Oye.

The real reason for this is not because HEC was not given part of the money but we strongly believe that we are accountable to every great ife student.

Great ife students have the fundamental right to know how our collective monies and wealth were utilized, it should be recalled that HEC had to squize money from the rock just to execute halls week and our projects in the hall, while ibikunle was eating fat on our collective wealth even though it only reflects on his head and not in his body.

Greatest ife, if we must really eliminate corruption from this country we believe we must start from ourselves,let not quickly forget that F.Jay led admnistration kept 1.4 million for more than 3years even when there was no union and Ibikunle led administration had the opportunity of looting the money.

Our union tradition's and constitution greatly abhor corruption and inequality, but ibikunle has brutalized this and raped our constitution, It was in this union that an executive was impeached because he could not produce receipt for maggi, let alone this act of unaccountability by ibikunle's administration that Great Ife Students cannot checkmate and profer measures to see that ibikunle administration do not escape the consequence of their fraud to Great Ife Students.

‘'There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.’’… Andrew Carnegie

Greatest Ife, lastly we thank you all for your support and your assistance and for the opportunities given to us to serve you in our various halls of residence on campus. Thanks for being there when we needed you, thanks for believing in us, thanks for your support and constructive criticism, future offers most opportunity for our Earthly Apostolate.

Talent may be given, but Success you must learn as you continue with your Exams…best of Luck

Akintimehin E. Andrew
Hon. Akin (Fajuyi hall chairman)
Chairman, Halls committee
2013/2014 parliamentary session
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