Monday, 18 May 2015

Electoral Commission Cannot Ascertain The Real CGPA Of Students -EC Chairman

The chairman of the Great Ife Students’ Union Electoral Commission, Ikudayisi Johnson Olawale a.k.a Ekiti who was in charge of the 2014/2015 Students’ Union election that gave Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun the mandate to serve as the Union’s Secretary General has come out to say that it is not in the power of the Electoral Commission to ascertain the real CGPA of students during elections as this is the sole duty of the Division of Student Affairs(DSA) of the University.

In response to our questions on the widespread allegation against Hon. Seun’s eligibility to contest the last election, Ekiti insisted that the Commission which he led could not have known the real CGPA of Hon. Seun except if the Division of Students Affairs(DSA) verified that irrespective of the documents submitted by him to the Commission and their own results assessment.

“It is not in our power to determine the final eligibility, underline and capitalize final eligibility of any aspirant to contest any election. If anybody is raising any issue, it is because people lack the explicit knowledge of how the Electoral Commission operates or runs or works”

“It is part of our guidelines that people must contest election with their latest CGPA.”

“What the Electoral Commission does is that, students will be screened, students must obtain their forms and they must submit in conjunction with other documents we requested from them and we will now compile their list and send to the Division of Student Affairs(DSA) for final verification of CGPA.”

“ It is the power of Division of Students Affairs(DSA) to determine the final eligibility of students to contest based on CGPA”
He also explained that there is no way the Electoral Commission can confirm the veracity of result submitted to them except the Division of Student Affairs(DSA) help with it.

“It is even a criminal offence in the first instance to hack into your account to get your CGPA. It is the Division of Student Affairs(DSA) that is saddled with that responsibility and power”

Ikudayisi Johnson a.k.a Ekiti also laid emphasis on the prerogative of the Division of Students’ Affairs(DSA) by citing the instances where the Electoral Commission got letters from the DSA after sending the lists of aspirants vying for various positions in the Hall Executive Council(HEC) and Students Representative Council(SRC) elections that some of them did not meet up with the minimum required 2.5 CGPA and they did not contest as their names did not appear on the ballot papers.

He however said that it was not thesame case for the Central Executive Council(CEC) as the commission did not get any response as to the eligibility of any CEC aspirant based on CGPA from the Division of Student Affairs(DSA), hence, all the aspirants ran unhindered and were qualified.

“On CEC election, up to today, I asked the Secretary of the Commission just now, he told me that up till today that he has not gotten any letter or message as regards those that ran for the CEC election that none of them is ineligible. What that implies is that everybody that ran for CEC election was eligible”
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