Friday, 22 May 2015

Finalists Suffer Setback In Registering Special Electives

The course registration for harmattan 2014/2015 has finally began but laden with challenges as expressed by Great Ife students.

Even as students are glad that the long awaited course registration has been activated, they have however continue to express the problems and challenges that come with the registration as they cannot register courses without completing the Teaching Assessment Form online. According to some students, they cannot even assess most lecturers that took them on some of their previous courses because their names are not online. "Whenever I try clicking one of my courses, it will tell me that the Course Lecturer(s) for that course is yet to be defined by his/her HOD. To Assess the Lecturer, inform the Course Lecturer(s) to request his/her HOD to define him/her in the Course Allocation Form on the E-PORTAL for Rain 2013/2014 Session."

It will be recalled that many students also experienced similar challenges last session and many could not register their courses not until the Teaching Assessment Form was suspended. The current problem being experienced will definitely delay some final year students who had plans to register Special Electives on time so as not to be held back on that basis from graduating.
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