Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hon. Seun Has To Prove His Eligibility –Ibiyemi

The former Angola Hall Chairman and an aspirant to the post of the Secretary General of the Great Ife Students’ Union during the last elections, Comrade Ibiyemi Joseph has said the much embattled Secretary General-elect of the Union, Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun has to come out to prove his eligibility so as to wash himself clean from the allegations levelled against him.

Ibiyemi who confessed to have had a prior knowledge of this allegation against Hon. Seun even during the election said he did not bring it up then because he had little or no evidence to raise any dust during that time so as not to tarnish his image.

“Though I have been aware of that matter even during the election but I couldn’t do anything due to the fact that I don’t have evidence and I won’t like to tarnish his personality nor challenge his victory”

“...but recently as I went online and I saw the result, I was so baffled and I would have been a coward to see such a thing and not asking questions”

However, Ibiyemi confirmed to us that he has written to the Election Petition Committee to ask Hon. Seun questions about his results for the sake of posterity and sanctity in our Union. Ibiyemi went further to say that despite his urge to know the real truth in the matter on ground; he holds no grudge against Hon. Seun in person because they are friends. He also said he has even accepted Hon. Seun as his Union’s Secretary General but he has to prove to us.

The former Angola Hall Chairman also played down propaganda from some quarters that the 2.5 CGPA minimum requirement was never a Union thing before now and no one should be crucified on that basis.

“A law will always be a law. When we got the form, it was clearly stated that we must meet up to 2.5 and if any candidate does not meet up with that, I am not sure the candidate is qualified. The candidacy is even wrong from the beginning.”

“I could see some people reporting that the 2.5 was forced on us by management, yes, let’s say that but why didn’t they challenge that from the beginning before the election. Why now that these things are coming up that some people are proving that it shouldn’t have been 2.5. No! I won’t support that. He should have known that if he has met up with the requirement, he could have gone for it and if he has not met it, I see no reason why he should not be disqualified.”

In a similar response, Hon. Captain who came second runner up after Ibiyemi for the Secretary General post during the election also said he has concluded plans to challenge Hon. Seun’s eligibility before the Election Petition Committee. This he said owning to nothing but to protect the image of our Union.
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