Sunday, 17 May 2015

''OAU SU Secretary General-elect, Hon. Seun Did Not Meet Election Requirement''

The Secretary General-elect of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union, Oketooto Oluwaseun Olanrewaju a.k.a Hon. Seun has been accused of violating one of the election guidelines that gave him the mandate to occupy his new office.

In an alleged exhibit studded message sent to us, Hon. Seun failed to meet the minimum 2.5 CGPA requirment for any contestant vying for any position at the Students' Union leadership. The sender also wrote "Well, I think it has been substantiated with the Exhibits I released. All you need is to sit and watch the drama as it unfolds at the Tribunal. You can't be ineligible for an election and have the Mandate...its never done and it can't stand. Ekiti(Electoral Commission chairman) is a failure and I am all out to prove that...thanks."

According to the guideline stipulated by the Electoral Commission during the conduct of the Union election, a result confirmation stamped by the Head of Department(HOD) of the aspirant's department must be submitted to the Commission of one of the screening exercise. In a release published by the Ikudayisi Johnson-led Commission during the electioneering process reads "We would however like to use this medium to inform all contestants that the 2.5 CGPA minimum requirement for aspiring to a leadership role will be adopted. A confirmation signed and stamped by the Head of Department will therefore be required during the screening process. For the purpose of Clarity, any contestant must at the instant of the screening process possess a CGPA of not less than 2.5"

The question from Great Ife students remains how Hon. Seun managed to submit the alleged inadequate results which is expected to have been stamped by his HOD and the Electoral Commission did not notice the inadequacy.

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