Wednesday, 20 May 2015

OP-ED: 5 Useful Tips For The Fresh Students

Adigun Olayemi

It is a great joy for you gaining into one of the best universities in Nigeria. You have stressed yourselves through rigorous reading for your UTME and Post-UTME and it fortunately paid off. I am sure you were very joyous when you checked and saw your name on the JAMB and the school portals. I congratulate you for your admission into Obafemi Awolowo University.

Before i proceed, let me at this junction tell you some useful secrets of success in this institution.

As soon as you enter the campus, make friends with some of your course mates. Make good and zealous friends, collect their numbers and make sure you chat or call them when you want to ask questions. Try to make good friends, keep company of good ones and be of good friend to them too.

In this institution, one important thing that you have to do is to attend classes. Some lecturers do discuss what will come out in their tests and exams with the students during lectures. Therefore, try as much as possible not to skip classes whatsoever because attendance counts a lot here. Your attendance must be up to 75% before you can write any examination. Do not be tired of classes, some may be stressful, boring but try to grab what the lecturer teaches for that day.

Read always, read everyday! Try to read at least three hours daily. Read what you are being taught per day. Let your brain grab something for the day. Do not shift your reading to during test and exams only when the pressure will be much. Commence your reading as early as possible. Reading brightens the brain and brings the best out of you during examinations.

Be determined to do anything given to you in class. Hardwork pays for those that does it diligently. In anything you are doing, in any course you may have found yourself, be determined to make it. Leave your past and face your present, because your present is what determines your future and life. Be zealous, diligent and positive in doing things.

Obviously, prayer is over everything. Pray everyday to achieve your goals. Prayer is the key to every good and bad things. Wisdom comes from God only and not from man. Solve it spiritually through prayer. Pray as if you are not reading and read as if you are not praying.
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