Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Earlier You Know -Gbolagade


Finally, Resumption!!! Many of you have waited for it, I could sense the feeling in you guys when the freshmen resumption date was postponed but finally it’s here. Being a freshman is one of the best experiences you'll have in this school; you can make legions of new friends, start fresh with them and see some amazing structures for the first time. It can be simply "wowing" and above all, that new smell of freedom in the air that cannot be compared to anything. Of course, as a freshman the spotlight is always on you, all the older students have their eyes glued on you and also some stallites have this "catch them young" policy so please moz girls, BEWARE!

I am not trying to paint the stallites black, in fact most are always willing to help and I am sure you will confirm this firsthand when you ask them with that timid voice "please where is 1000slt?" but some will try to manipulate you and subject you to their egos. Spot the difference and rebuke the latter.

The freshman feeling is nice, but what you should be curious about is the direction of your fate on this campus. Now is when you should start asking questions, making strict decisions and going a long way to prioritizing. Know what your standards of success are and live up to them, know the difference between having good grades and being a true embodiment of knowledge and umpire of wisdom.
Due to the academic workload some freshers are faced with for the first time in their life, they tend to ignore learning; they focus more on making good grades. As a freshman you must be ready to subject yourself to rigorous learning. You must also note that learning goes way beyond the scope of academics (“What interferes with my learning is education.” Albert Einstein). On this campus when you do the assigned work to the best of your ability you'll get good grades, but do the extra work whenever you are motivated to learn, the credit counts towards your future success.

Learning involves intellectually curiousness. An intellectually curious person always wants to know more, he/she asks questions about the "why" of every issue and he/she wants to know beyond the surface and always willing to dig deep in search of knowledge. Making good grades is not bad, in fact good grades will get you through on  this campus but the challenges beyond the walls of this campus requires something more practical and real which learning will offer you  the qualities to overcome them. This university will present to you a platform to widen your intellectual horizons. Exploit this opportunities and become a part of intellectual community-a community that will challenge you to develop and ultimately become a producer of knowledge in your own right.

 Don't bask too long in the euphoria of being a fresher. The University can be such an enlightening experience but it also requires a lot of dedication and sacrifices. You have to make it an experience to remember because here in OAU, nothing will be handed to you, you'll have to work for it. You are a freshman now, what would you have learnt/achieved when you become a graduating "roughman"?. The world belongs to those who take initiative.


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