Friday, 1 May 2015

There Will Be No Strike During Our Tenure -OAU SU PRO-elect

The just concluded Students' Union election ushered in new executives for the Union, in this exclusive interview with Olanrewaju Oyedeji, the PRO-elect of the Students' Union has made his stance known on several issues, especially those as regarding welfare of students on campus.

The PRO-elect who is a student of Department of International Relations has said the Union under Comrade Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY is a diplomatic and progressive Union that is not interested in strike action or disruption of academic activities. He however expressed dissatisfaction on ways issues have been handled over time, regarding them as 'erratic approach to issues especially when jawjaw is needed'.

Ojedokun Emmanuel also known as Immanuel kant said during his campaign he did not have a manifesto, rather he has an action plan, part of which includes proper dissemination of information to students. Information dissemination he said will be brought to the departmental level and every PRO of every department will work hand in hand with the PRO of the Union, by doing this dissemination of information will be made more effective. The PRO-elect was also of the opinion that the Association of Campus Journalist, OAU Chapter is meant to be part of the Students' Union in her struggle, although he admitted that the any journalism body is meant to be neutral but still retaining objective reportage as a watchword.

He also revealed efforts being made by the emerging Union leadership to ensure students' participation in Great Ife radio. According to him, the university management is scared that the students may hijack the radio station but the Students' Union has allayed that fear, very soon students will be able to work with the radio. Kant said the Manager of the radio station, Mr Damola Crown has agreed to these having reached a compromise with the PRO-elect.

On suspended students, the PRO-elect said efforts are in top gear to ensure that the suspended students are reinstated but there are efforts to make them withdraw their cases from the court which will ensure the case been approached diplomatically. Also in the course of the interview, Kant insisted that there will be no strike during the tenure of the emerging Akande Omotayo-led Union leadership as the welfare of students will be paramount. He also said personal interest will not be his watchword.

Photo Credit: Ojedokun Emmanuel's facebook wall
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