Tuesday, 30 June 2015

OAU 6: Students' Union Maintains June 30 Deadline Given To The Management

The Students' Union of Obafemi Awolowo University has insisted and maintained the June 30 deadline given to the university management to reinstate the remaining six (6) suspended students.

In a recent Press Statement co-signed by the Public Relations Officer, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant and the President, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY, the Union has retained her initial position that the Union will not recline to start practical action towards the reinstatement of the suspended students as preparations toward that are in top gear.
"The June 30th deadline issued by the congress of Great Ife students is fast approaching. We will not recline to start practical action towards the reinstatement of the suspended students as we are already making preparations to do. By June 30, we will have exhausted the grace of consultation and dialogue. We are very expectant that the university management will yield to our demand before sorting to the last options."

It will be recalled that the Students' Union leaders told the Congress of students on the 16th of June, 2015 their efforts so far at ensuring the reinstatement of the suspended students and the resolve to end consultations and dialogues come June 30. The deadline was eventually adopted by the congress as part of the resolutions.

The suspended students include Olubanji Oluwole, Adabale Olamide, Adewumagun Johnson, Ibirogba Samuel and Sanyaolu Olajuwon.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Meet OAU Graduate With Three First Class Degrees

On the 27th of June this year, Onoriode Reginald Aziza, a graduate from the prestigious Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University will be having his graduation ceremony from Cambridge University. Bellanaija profiles the outstanding excellence of Onoriode in an interview. Relax and read:

The star of today’s show is deserving of all the celebration we can muster because he has distinguished himself on three different levels of academic pursuit. Graduating from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife , with a first class degree, he went on to achieve the same feat at the Nigerian Law School. In June 2015, Onoriode Reginald Aziza graduated from the Cambridge University with another first class degree.

Onoriode’s father is a retired civil servant, and his mother is a professor at the Delta State University. Talking about his parents, he says that his father counselled consistent hard work.

We love the raw honesty and brilliance of Onoriode’s story! “Although I had a penchant for childish excesses, good parental discipline and support from my siblings led me in the right path, and into starting my schooling at a tender age. I believe this gave me a spirit of extreme determination, a trait I believe, is my most distinct feature."

When you read the story, you’ll know why our excitement knows no bounds.
I Was Never a Genius
After strenuous struggles at the prestigious Kings College Lagos, I was admitted to study law in Obafemi Awolowo University at 15. Young, naïve and free-spirited, I took up the challenge of studying law – and a daunting challenge it was! My initial years were rough. I initially had a writing style used across all examinations, but wildly fluctuating grades quickly taught me to pick courses only after careful enquiry, and tailor examination answers to the tastes of the particular lecturers. After initial skirmishes with unpleasant grades, I later became consistent and my CGPA hovered around a 4.4 from the second semester of my third year until my very last result. The fact that I am the only first class graduate of the Faculty of Law in the last four years confirms the difficulty of the task.

The Daunting Feat of Law School
Proceeding to the Nigerian Law School at 20 presented even more challenges: I was forced to compete with my colleagues in the Yenagoa Campus and with the five other campuses of the Law School system; I was exposed to seminar-styled lectures sometimes running into six hours in length with only a thirty minute break, as opposed to the maximum of two-hours I was accustomed to in the university; I was compelled to challenge myself on a national scale against the best and brightest of students around Nigeria; and I was constantly reminded that as the best graduating law student from OAU, I had to replicate this excellence on a national scale. I had the benefit of fantastic lecturers at the Yenagoa Campus of the Law School who showed me the nuances of the system and how to make the most of it. After ceaseless hours of working through the year and during the externship programs, I sat the bar examinations and made my 2nd first-class and finished as the second best in Nigeria.

I recall joking with my friends that whilst I do not have the dexterity of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo on a football pitch, I may have the ability to score a hat-trick of first-class results. The Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge was the venue, the flagship Masters of Corporate Law (MCL) Degree was the target and I prepared myself for an epic battle of intellect.

Funding a Masters in Cambridge is a big issue. Prior to resumption, and facing the prospects of having my admission revoked, I wrote ceaselessly to prominent Nigerians, Senior Advocates, Governors, Ministers and Governments, requesting funds and promising to be bonded in service to them or to the country upon my return if granted the funds. As expected, my entreaties were met with a mixture of deafening silence and tenuous, pontifical excuses. Thankfully, I finally secured a scholarship just in time to commence the program.

Cambridge and the MCL brought competing to an entirely new level. The minimum eligibility requirement to take the MCL was a first class in the university, and the course admits a maximum of 25 students in the world. With an eventual cohort of 23 students spread through 16 countries and all continents, including students who had concluded doctoral programs, and students working in the Central Banks and Securities Commissions of their home countries, I had no doubt that around and beside me were some of the best and brightest brains in their respective countries. The prospect of learning with and competing against them was scary and refreshing in equal measure. Whilst realism told me it would be difficult, optimism told me it is possible.

Lionel Messi of Academic Excellence! Hello Hat-trick
From my first breath in Cambridge on September 29th 2014 to my final examination on June 5th 2015, I was motivated by a single goal: ensure the world knows that the best students in Nigeria can compete with, and excel against the best students in the world. I had no precedents to work with as none of my friends who had finished from Cambridge before me made a first-class. Fortunately, I was classmates with an amazing senior colleague of mine from OAU (who like me, also made the first class in Cambridge). His presence gave me a compass with which to navigate the academic seas of Cambridge amidst the tumultuous waves of a crashing Naira exchange rate, without sinking my boat.

Whilst ensuring a realistic sense of what was important, I ensured I made the most of Cambridge. I traveled, met new people, explored and experimented (sometimes determining not to eat the cuisine of one country more than once in a particular week)! I secured vacation placements with law-firms in London, attended balls, garden parties and formal dinners, undertook a pro-bono project with the Law Faculty, served food to the homeless on the streets of Cambridge, and locked myself in the library when needed. At the end of the second term, of my 4 courses, I had secured 3 first class results and 1 first class with distinction. Mathematically, even with a term left, the deal had been done, and nothing but an absolute shipwreck in my final term could deny me the hat-trick. The final term went just as well as the previous terms and finally, the results were officially released: I had my 3rd first-class in the bag, and I was just 23! The 1st first-class felt good, the 2nd first class felt great; the 3rd was outright emotional: saying I was on the Mt. Everest of ecstasy does not do justice to the feeling!
Keep Raising the Bar
Borrowing from the wisdom of an old English judge, it appears that those with a taste for fairytales seem to think that in some Aladdin’s cave, there is hidden a virtue variously called ‘natural talent’ or ‘genius’ and something in the art of reproduction confers it on some children and not on others, which makes them excel better than others. Whilst I cannot attest to the truthfulness of this claim in other disciplines, I know it is non-existent in law. I can attest to the fact that I was born with no knowledge of commercial law, civil litigation, or competition law: knowledge of the law resides in the pages of books. I thus believe, as did Justice Melville Fuller of the US Supreme Court, that “the world furnishes many examples of the superiority of the truly earnest and laborious mind over the merely intellectual.” Academic excellence therefore does not reside in in-born gifts but in unrepentant effort. Irrespective of your circumstances, I urge you to set the goal, raise the bar, and pursue. Dreams are neither too big nor goals too high, but minds are either too small to conceive them or arms too short to achieve them. Yes, you can!

Culled from Bellanaija

B Sharp Drops New Single Titled 'Your Grace'

We featured B Sharp on our platform here sometimes in May where he told us about his new song he was yet to release then. (Read the interview here). Bsharp is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University and an upcoming artiste.

'Your Grace' is finally out and I can bet you, it is no way below expectation... I have listened to it and wow!!!... it is cool and the lines are awesome!

'Life's like a race in a maze,
God's grace gives us pace to win the race.
Though the days might get dark and be filled with haze,
God's grace will shine like rays to lighten our ways.'

Those lines are original but get more lines from B Sharp's Poetic Worship titled YOUR GRACE. He practically exhausted every word that rhymes with Grace.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Students' Union Probe Committee Divided Over Terms Of Reference

Students' Union Probe Committee Divided Over Terms Of Reference

The Probe Committee constituted by the congress of Great Ife students to facilitate the handing over of the Union properties from the previous administration to the current one has argued variably on the terms of reference guiding its operation.

OAU Peeps News Agency spoke with some members of the Probe Committees immediately after the deadlocked handing over meeting and they had different interpretations of their terms of reference as relating to their presence in the meeting.

The acting Secretary of the committee, Abiodun Idis a.k.a Banjris who confirmed to us that the SU president is aware of the meeting and he called him this morning to go and attend the meeting since the committee is in charge of handing over. He said he does not why TY himself was not present in person.
In the acting Secretary words, the members of the committee have been saddled with the responsibilities of proper handing over of Union account and also Union properties. A member of the committee also present in the meeting, Ayo Adebayo a.k.a Triple A opined that one of the responsibilities of the Probe Committee is to collect all the Union properties from Ibikunle-led administration and report to the Congress where it will be handed over to the new Union excos.

In a contrary opinion, another member of the committee, Sodiq Oyeleke a.k.a SDK said it was not in their terms of reference to collect any Union property from the former excos. He said the function the Probe Committee was saddled with was to facilitate the handing over from the previous administration to the new one. SDK went further to commend the DSA who in his opinion has played a motherly role by facilitating the meeting that will ensure the proper transfer.

The Students’ Union Vice President, Oprah who came to the venue of the meeting several minutes after the meeting was reluctant to speak to the Press about the issue at first but eventually said they are aware of the meeting but did not show up because the Congress has told the Probe Committee to be in charge of the transition.

OAU SU Excos' Absence Forestalled Handing Over Of Union Properties

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA), Obafemi Awolowo University facilitated handing over event of all Union projects, properties and account by the Ibikunle-led administration to the TY-led current tenure suffered set-back as a result of the absence of the current Students’ Union executives’ absence.

The meeting that was supposed to start 2:00pm did not begin until some few minutes to 3pm when the acting Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Dr (Mrs) L. M. Durosinmi arrived with her aides to the venue that was obviously set for the event.

Dr (Mrs) L. M. Durosinmi recognized the presence of the past Students’ Union executives, Electoral Commission chairman, the Probe Committee members, SRC members, Judicial Council members and the Pressmen present.

The absence of the members of the Students’ Union Central Executive Council (CEC) served as a major barrier for the proper transfer as they were not on ground to receive what the outgoing Union Officers brought.

Controversy initially ensued when one of the Probe Committee members said they are the ones in charge of ensuring all Union properties and have been mandated by the Congress to expediently ensure that is done. Hence, they were present to receive those properties from the past Union leaders. In a show of disagreement by the previous executives, they insisted the constitution is clear about the transfer of the Union properties and account as it makes no provision for any Probe Committee.

In the submission of the former SU president, Ibikunle insisted that he, alongside all the CEC members that served during his tenure have been audited and cleared by the Budgetary and Finance Committee. He futher said the only thing needed is the current excos to come and get all the needed documents and properties from them.

After various arguments and submissions from stakeholders present, the acting Dean, DSA concluded that the former executives submit copies of the audit report of the Budgetary and Finance Committee that cleared them after which they will come back anytime the present SU executives are ready to receive the properties, projects and account.

“I just want copies, not original, the audited copies from the last Finance Committee. Is that okay? And when the new excos are ready to take over the properties, we would know and we will call you to hand over. Good afternoon!”

No member of the Students’ Union CEC was present at the meeting.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

ACJ Breaks Silence Over Hon.Seun, Ibiyemi Battle For Legitimacy

The recent Press Statement of the Association of Campus Journalists has not only addressed the attacks on their members but it has also relayed to the Great Ife community her view on the Hon. Seun versus Ibiyemi issue.

The release reads in part:

We cannot put out the blazing fire of our pen’s ballpoint without putting ink to paper on invariably, currently, the most controversial debacle in the Student Union and extensively on this campus – the tussle for power, right to office; and the sudden as well as mysterious interpretations of the OAU SU Constitution.

It yet remains a hot matter as to who is the rightful leader between both parties since no other activity has questioned Ibiyemi’s independence and self-declaration as the Secretary General of the Union and Hon Seun’s Congress-staked approval as the Secretary General of the same Union!

Although this sudden turn of events has caught us not unawares but has surprisingly unsettled our intellectuality and subsequently heightened our thirst for the truth, we are yet to conclude on the mysteries, revelations and prospective resolutions of the protracted issue. Forthwith, the Press refuses to take a side or stand at this crucial moment. And at the same time, we do not seek to undermine the power and decision of the Congress. However, the decision of the Congress can be suggestive to provocations bearing in mind that the submissions of the Electoral Petition Tribunal was refuted and refused acknowledgment and very few or none seemed not to interrogate such.

As of the moment, no concrete answer as regards the class of Hon Seun’s CGPA before and during the elections has been provided by any member of the CEC or even the congress-elected and approved Secretary General himself.

To this end, we hereby put forward a well-known case study which is the debate of the legitimate certification and qualification of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhamamdu Buhari. Let us remember vividly that the allegation was not unearthed during his previous contests in the years 2003, 2007, and 2011 until it appeared that the then incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was close to exiting the famed Aso Rock. A thought to ponder upon.
While the TY-led administration did promise accountability and transparency during the electioneering process, the ACJ does not for now desire to assert that albeit the accountability status is being proven, the administration’s transparency in all quarters remain profoundly questionable.

Note that the truth is one-sided in all its dealings and implications. And so we resonantly are. Therefore, be assured that we shall keep them on their toes, we shall invade the deepest of oceans for placed mysteries behind their engagements and make reveal the necessary truth at all times irrespective of whose personality or integrity is at stake.

The ACJ is no mouthpiece of the Student Union or the School Management as we only seek and strive to inform and brief the general public of the University community on the spellbinding goings-on of the society that concern them. Without mincing words or mudding information, we shall continue to stand with a stalwart view to asserting the strength of the pen.

Students’ Union PRO Meets Campus Journalists Over Press Attack

Campus Journalists in Obafemi Awolowo University under the aegis of Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ) met with the OAU Students’ Union Public Relations Officer, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant over attack on media practitioners on campus.

In a report centralized by the ACJ which reflects on the totality of the discussions that held during the meeting, a host of questions begging answers since the assumption of office of the Central Executive Council of the Students’ Union were presented to the Union through the PRO, Mr Ojedokun Emmanuel.

Some of the questions read thus:
 Was it not ACJ that stood as a representative of the entire student body to monitor the activities of the then Electoral Commission as well as work with them to ensure a free and fair election as we have always been known to do?
 What crimes have campus journalists committed to provoke such treatments?
 And why should individuals who work tirelessly and impartially without a demand for remuneration from any quarter suffer humiliation and rights violation?
 What does the Student Union have to hide, what skeleton is in their cupboard?

The PRO has the following as readied responses to our allegations:

If the ACJ and the Student Union are at loggerheads, the grounds – that is the students – will suffer irreparable losses which range from poor and improper flow of information to general trench of misinformation.

Hence, the Union will never infringe forthwith on the rights of any recognised member of the Association of Campus Journalists of which are you and I. If there is anything we want to achieve as an administration, it is to have a symbiotic relationship with the ACJ.

In every society, crises are bound to erupt, however, it is the duty of every Homo sapien to curb such. The SU PRO claims to have seen a variety of propaganda on different pages in line with the alleged threats on the ACJ member bodies that include OAU PEEPS, Lukmon Fasasi Blog (LFB) and WHAT News Agency (NEONATAR BOARD).

The PRO debunked direct participation in the attacks on the recognised ACJ member bodies and vowed to bring those in question to justice if a repetition of such rape of freedom holds. He said that “We will not do ourselves any good if we continue to portray ourselves as a rascal Union.” Hence, subsequent attacks on campus journalists are not welcome. He further admitted being wrong to have challenged OAU PEEPS and LFB to remove posts on their blogs regarding the case on the basis that the concerned parties did not carry out thorough investigations while admonishing them to objectively write and report.

On the Hon Seun case, he submitted that “whoever are involved are members of the Union and should be treated as equals.”

On the NEONATAR eviction, he reveals that he had from the outset promised to swear an oath of silence but had to voice out due to the unnecessary “political colouration”. He iterated that NEONATAR occupied an illegal structure fashioned out of the SUB with the space directly opposite the Sports Director’s office. He also revealed that all occupants were served evacuation letters since a total revamp of the SUB was intended. And he stated categorically that even if any media body has a right or entitlement to such provision, it shall be the mother body of all press outfits and media set-ups on this campus – being the ACJ – to help ease the burden of their responsibilities and accessibility by the student populace.

On the delay or disapproval of permission to mount banners at the SUB, the PRO said such was only subjected to a decision jointly reached by all members of the Union leadership to embark on a massive renovation of the Student Union Building as well as its surroundings. OYAMAG, a registered member body of the ACJ was at the fore of this particular attack just recently and the PRO claims as a revelation that the erstwhile Student Union leadership charged individuals and associations who mounted banners at the SUB and the then constituted Electoral Commission that saw to this present Student Union’s emergence had some of its members levy individuals as well as associations with payments from #10,000 to #20,000 to mount small-sized banners. Consequently, according to him, the Student Union moves to circumscribe the act and stop the misappropriation that emanates from such end.
Let it be declared that our silence must never be mistaken for cowardice or trepidation. We are dogged fighters and never shall we be deterred from speaking the truth or reporting corroborated information to the public at any given place or time.

Thus, to curb such and secure futuristic protection for members of the press of this institution, we hereby submitted that an undertaking shall be signed by the Student Union and the ACJ to safeguard, insure and guarantee the safety, protection, security, freedom of expression and enquiry cum investigation of every recognised and registered pressman at all times without preference or prejudice towards their objective tendencies cum priorities and investigative actions cum reportage. And the Vice Chancellor, The Public Relations Officer, Chief Security Officer, Dean, Division of Student Affairs, Hall Wardens, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Non Academic Staff Union (NASU), NAAT, Student Representative Council (SRC), Judicial Council and a crop of others not enumerated shall be copied that:

 The ACJ shall operate without fear of prejudice or any form of victimisation from any angle on and off campus.
 For transparency conditions and reasons of fair reportage, information and news stories that affect the general well-being of the entire studentry shall be relayed by the leadership of the Student Union through the ACJ to the general campus populace at all times.
 The Student Union shall through the ACJ refuse and refute the acknowledgment of any press or media outfit that operates on/for this campus not registered with the ACJ on an annual basis. This has been erstwhile facilitated by the University Management and forthwith supported by the Student Union.
 At all campus events, set up by students or outsiders, the ACJ shall never be denied entry for the purpose of coverage and reportage. This in no way exclude any meeting or sitting of the recognised arms of the Student Union Government irrespective of the manner of its call, that is open or indoor.
 The ACJ shall be kept abreast of all happenings on campus by the Student Union and forthwith by their own efforts garner information themselves.
 The security of the ACJ team must and shall always be guaranteed in so far as they strive for the interest of the University society to inform and notify them at all times.
 The SU, in tandem with the TY’s promised transparency and accountability, shall operate a symbiotic and reciprocated relationship with the ACJ in all its dealings at all times.
 There shall be the integration of all media setups and press outfits in the ACJ as it is the University’s constituted encompassing body. Hence, the ACJ shall as a constituted authority be responsible for the certification of all student media set-ups and press outfits with a physical-based presence and online-based operations, print and broadcast divisions of the University.

At the time and compilation of this release, the ACJ already had the words of the PRO and we hold them as his bound and obligation to present our submissions to the CEC and validate our requirements as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

OAU Matriculates Freshmen Today

OAU Peeps Congratulates the freshmen of the Obafemi Awolowo University as they officially become students of the University.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Vacate Office Of Secretary General, Campus Connect Initiative Tells Hon. Seun

The Campus Connect Initiative (CCI), Obafemi Awolowo University branch has late last week demanded that the congress-reinstated Secretary General of Great Ife Students’ Union, Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun should vacate seat in line with the Tribunal declaration.

In a press conference organized by the Initiative, the leaders argued that the Tribunal maintaining its fairness having been persuaded by evidence presented before it gave a magnanimous decision sacking the 'elected' Secretary General from acting as the Secretary General of the Union for Electoral Fraud and lack of the required 2.5 CGPA and as such, the decision should be respected.

The SU President in person of Omotayo Akande a.k.a TY was also berated for not respecting a judicial order but rather resolving to use a congress to pervert the decision of the Tribunal in favour of Hon. Seun.

“In order to pervert Justice, the President in the person of Omotayo Akande called a Congress of Great Ife students’, a body as provided in the Constitution of the Union and provided with Legislative Power in tandem with the Students representative Council under Section 6 to do a broad day rape of Justice by taking 10 resolutions from his co-preventers of Justice in a Campus which comprises of nothing less than 30 thousand bonafide Students. How can 10 students' speak for majority? Why didn't he ask students to Vote as the power of Voting is more accommodating?”
After several argument, the Initiative came to some resolution which include:
• Seun Oketooto should vacate the office of the Secretary General of our dear Union because he has been declared ineligible by the Tribunal on charges of Electoral Fraud and lack of the required CGPA of 2.5.
• ASUU, Alumni bodies who have been playing advisory role to the Union should intervene.
• The Management, Students, Press and the Public must NEVER recognize Seun Oketooto as the Secretary General of OAU Students' Union.
• All correspondence signed by Seun Oketooto should be disregarded.
• Seun Oketooto must face charges of fraudulent Misrepresentation, false pretence and Perjury.

Present at the meeting are popular campus leaders including Seun Fakorede (Phakoo), Awotiwon Ibiyemi Joseph (Ibiyemi), Comrade Fakiyesi Samuel, Ayo Toluwalase Shedrack (AY-Toes), Ojo Bright I. (Hon. Bright), SI Unit and others.

The Campus Connect Initiative (CCI) made a wave on campus during the 2015 General Election campaign period as they tried unsuccessfully to bring the Nigerian Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo to OAU campus.

PANS Invites You To Her Fresher’s Party

The Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, OAU invites the entire Students Community of the Obafemi Awolowo University to her freshers party which is scheduled to hold on Saturday June 20, 2015.

The party is simply tagged “OVERDOSE” and the;

Venue- Pharmacy Foyer.

Time- Red Carpet: 7:00 pm

Party: 8:00pm

Performing Artistes- Kezmo, Jaido P, T long, Damova and a lot of other artistes

Host – VJ Lexie, MC Slimz
Gate fee- Guys: 500

Girls: Free

Great Ife Turn Up! It’s simply an Overdose of fun!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

OAU Partners With ILRI To Improve Chicken Productivity

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Bamitale Omole, on 26th May, 2015 signed the Collaborative Research Agreement for the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG), signaling the beginning of ACGG implementation in Nigeria. ACGG is a 5-year research-for-development (R4D) partnership being implemented in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Tanzania Livestock Research Institute, Wageningen University, PICO-Eastern Africa and Koepon.

ACGG aims to develop public-private partnerships that will deliver genetically improved chickens to smallholders, especially women. Past efforts to improve productivity and increase profit in smallholder chicken production in sub-Saharan Africa had little impact because they used exotic breeds developed for intensive feeding systems. Exotic birds are not suited to extensive systems and require high investments in feeds, veterinary support and energy. ACGG will deploy highly productive chicken breeds and work with all the actors along the chicken value chain. The project will test five improved breeds of chickens from Africa and India on-station (to determine their productivity) and on-farm (to determine their adaptability to the low-input systems of the smallholders).

“Improved genetics to be tested and distributed in Nigeria”, the PI said, “include the ShikaBrown® developed by National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI), Zaria, the FUNAAB Alpha available from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), the Kuroiler developed by Kegg Farms in India, the Fayoumi developed in the Fayoum Governorate in Egypt and the Fulani ecotype developed by the Bororo clan of the Fulani people. ACGG-Nigeria will work in 5 agro-ecological zones ranging from Kebbi to Rivers, Taraba to Lagos and Nasarawa to Delta States”.

Expected ACGG outcomes are, among others:

i) Determination of the chicken breeds preferred by poor farmers, especially women, based on scientifically gathered production and socio-cultural data;
ii) Smallholders’ access to those preferred breeds that have productivity that is at least 200% more than the unimproved local breeds;
iii) Increased empowerment of women smallholder farmers in the chicken value chain;
iv) A national Innovation Platform, as a network of stakeholders, to ensure sustainable access of smallholder farmers to at least two of the genetically improved breeds.

ACGG-Nigeria is led by Prof. E.B. Sonaiya of the Department of Animal Sciences, OAU, as the Principal Investigator (PI), Prof. Mrs. O.A. Adebambo (FUNAAB) and Prof. I.A. Adeyinka (NAPRI, Ahmadu Bello University) as co-PIs. There is a full-time National Project Coordinator, Dr. O. Bamidele, and 5 Zonal Coordinators: Prof. W.A. Hassan (Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto – North-West), Mr. A. Yakubu (Nasarawa State University, Keffi – North-East), Prof. Mrs. U. Ogundu (Federal University of Technology, Owerri – South-East), Dr. Mrs. F. Ajayi (University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt – South-South) and Dr. Mrs. O. Alabi (Landmark University, Omu-Aran – South-West).

Friday, 19 June 2015

OAU Student's Union Official Press Release On Adekunle Gold

 OAU Student's Union Official Press Release On Adekunle Gold
This is the official press release from the office of the Social director.

 Revolutionary greetings to my fellow Nigerians. Without wasting too much time on pleasantries, I will love to cut to the chase and set the record straight. Wale Applause, a social media publicist and a former Social director of OAU student union was the one who connected me with the Adekunle Gold’s manager. Wale Applause demanded 300 thousand naira as the fee to get Adekunle Gold to perform. As you would expect, there were negotiations but at the end of the day, Wale Applause did not shift ground as he was bent on collecting the 300 thousand naira. I had to agree. I gave them 250 thousand naira and promised to pay the remaining 50 thousand after the performance but on getting to Ilorin to pick up Adekunle Gold, I was made to pay the remaining 50 thousand before he agreed to come back to Ife with me. In the bus conveying us back to Ife, I asked him which song he will be doing and he said he will be doing ‘Sade’. So I told him he cant just do that only song and leave the stage, that OAU students will want more.
I suggested to him that he should find a way to entertain the audience for at least 20 minutes and he assured me he would. He said and i quote “I know how to handle my audience”. This put my mind at rest and I enjoyed the rest of my journey back to Ife as I looked forward to a great night with Adekunle Gold. We got to Ife and we lodged him in a hotel and I started putting the final preparations together. Around 9pm, when the show started, I got a call from his manager demanding that Adekunle Gold must perform immediately as he has another event the following day. I was not told all this before I paid for his services and I definitely cant let him perform at the beginning of the show when he is supposed to be the main act and the main act as we all know should end the show, not start it. I kept him at the backstage, provided adequate welfare, he interacted with the media outfits around, we all laughed and enjoyed from the backstage.
Four hours later, around 1am, it was his time to entertain his fans who had waited all night for him. As he was about to go on stage, I reminded him of the importance of making sure he finds a way to entertain the students for atleast 20 minutes and he said I should not worry. To my surprise, Adekunle Gold went on stage and did his only song ‘sade’ and spent exactly 3 minutes and 42 seconds. The audience, as expected got really angry and we had a mob coming towards the stage. We quickly took him away from the scene, found our way to the student union building, the mob running after us. The students demanded more for the 300 thousand naira! Fortunately, we were able to get him to his hotel room unharmed. The next morning, the students came to the Union building to make demands. They insisted that Adekunle Gold must refund atleast half of the money.
The Union president then appointed some persons to follow me to the hotel to make those demands. We got there and conveyed the message to his manager. I called Wale Applause and he said I should talk to the manager and reach a compromise. The manager agreed that his artiste was wrong to breach the agreement he had with me and that they would refund half of the the money. Chinko Ekun, a student of OAU and a YBNL artiste was there when this conversation was ongoing and he even went to the ATM with Adekunle Gold’s manager to get the money. There was no argument whatsoever, it was a peaceful and straight forward negotiation with the manager. Adekunle Gold did not even come out of his room until after negotiations were over. I made preparations for his transport but he declined. I am still trying to understand how exactly we robbed him? Wale Applause then called after he found out I was going to collect half of the money. He said he will make sure i regret this. He also said he controls all the artistes in the industry and he will make sure none of them ever comes to OAU in the future. He promised to damage my name and also the name of the school.

Wale Applause is a very well respected alumnus of this great university which is we are very dissapointed with his actions. Wale Applause is a wounded lion who has refused to let go of the past. He brought Durella to OAU when he was the Social director but the show flopped because Durella refused to respect the traditions of Great OAU students. His fans felt insulted and did not allow him perform and the show was brought to an end abruptly. Wale Applause obviously still feels he has a score to settle with the school management.
The school management suspended the Student union during his tenure. With all due respect to Mr Wale Applause, he has to tender an unreserved apology to great Ife students as his actions have been erratic and devoid of the calmness and intelligence one would expect from an alumnus. I am also very disappointed in the media outfits who have been accusing OAU students of robbery without even asking for our own side of the story. It is very alarming the level of mediocrity in our journalism today. It is most painful that some TV stations have also been so unprofessional with the way they have portrayed this situation to the general public. We are powerfully and seriously considering legal actions.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

OAU Student Wins Big In iROKO Engineering Competition

Oluwasayo Oladeji, a student of the faculty of Technology of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife has won a whooping sum of one million naira IrokoTv Engineering competition. 

According to OAUchristians.com -  Oluwasayo Oladeji one million naira at the IrokoTv Engineering competition last week Wednesday, 10th June 2015.

The OAU technology came out top out of about 200 students that participated. According to Jason Njoku, founder of iROKO, Sayo had 324 out of 400. “So we have a winner. Oluwasayo Oladeji came first in the Engineering at iROKO test. His score was 324/400. It took a little time to verify the results and for him to collect the outsized cheque as surprisingly, he isn’t based in Lagos” He said also further stated that iROKO hopes to hire about 15-20 engineers before the end of July.

“Our ambition is to hire 15-20 engineers and we expect to complete the process before the end of July. We are offering roles to the 10+ engineers out of the May cohort this week.”


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Monday, 15 June 2015

OAU SU President Calls for Congress

OAU SU President Calls for Congress


The President of the OAU Students Union, Hon TY, has called for the first Congress in his tenure. The congress is to hold on Tuesday, 16th June 2015 at the Afika Amphitheatre by 3:00pm.

  The official press release below;
‘Having firmly resolved to perpetuate the growth of the Students’ Union of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria, with the view to promoting our GENERAL WLEFARE for the purpose of maintaining health and honourable society...’ PREAMBLE OF OUR SANCROSANT CONSTITUTION
Our union is the only platform for us to collectively, concertedly and constructively advance our causes.
The congress is the highest decision making body on campus and its resolutions are binding on all.
To harmonize our heterogeneous ideas, proffer holistic ways forward and address the sordid welfare condition, rekindle our consciousness and deepen our sense of collectivism and belonging.
We hereby call for a mother of all congresses which is scheduled as follows
TIME: 3pm
Come one, come all
Omotayo Akande (TY)