Wednesday, 24 June 2015

ACJ Breaks Silence Over Hon.Seun, Ibiyemi Battle For Legitimacy

The recent Press Statement of the Association of Campus Journalists has not only addressed the attacks on their members but it has also relayed to the Great Ife community her view on the Hon. Seun versus Ibiyemi issue.

The release reads in part:

We cannot put out the blazing fire of our pen’s ballpoint without putting ink to paper on invariably, currently, the most controversial debacle in the Student Union and extensively on this campus – the tussle for power, right to office; and the sudden as well as mysterious interpretations of the OAU SU Constitution.

It yet remains a hot matter as to who is the rightful leader between both parties since no other activity has questioned Ibiyemi’s independence and self-declaration as the Secretary General of the Union and Hon Seun’s Congress-staked approval as the Secretary General of the same Union!

Although this sudden turn of events has caught us not unawares but has surprisingly unsettled our intellectuality and subsequently heightened our thirst for the truth, we are yet to conclude on the mysteries, revelations and prospective resolutions of the protracted issue. Forthwith, the Press refuses to take a side or stand at this crucial moment. And at the same time, we do not seek to undermine the power and decision of the Congress. However, the decision of the Congress can be suggestive to provocations bearing in mind that the submissions of the Electoral Petition Tribunal was refuted and refused acknowledgment and very few or none seemed not to interrogate such.

As of the moment, no concrete answer as regards the class of Hon Seun’s CGPA before and during the elections has been provided by any member of the CEC or even the congress-elected and approved Secretary General himself.

To this end, we hereby put forward a well-known case study which is the debate of the legitimate certification and qualification of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhamamdu Buhari. Let us remember vividly that the allegation was not unearthed during his previous contests in the years 2003, 2007, and 2011 until it appeared that the then incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was close to exiting the famed Aso Rock. A thought to ponder upon.
While the TY-led administration did promise accountability and transparency during the electioneering process, the ACJ does not for now desire to assert that albeit the accountability status is being proven, the administration’s transparency in all quarters remain profoundly questionable.

Note that the truth is one-sided in all its dealings and implications. And so we resonantly are. Therefore, be assured that we shall keep them on their toes, we shall invade the deepest of oceans for placed mysteries behind their engagements and make reveal the necessary truth at all times irrespective of whose personality or integrity is at stake.

The ACJ is no mouthpiece of the Student Union or the School Management as we only seek and strive to inform and brief the general public of the University community on the spellbinding goings-on of the society that concern them. Without mincing words or mudding information, we shall continue to stand with a stalwart view to asserting the strength of the pen.
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