Friday, 5 June 2015

Students' Union Demands Finance Books Of Faculty & Departmental Associations

The TY-led administration in a bid to curb what it tagged 'exploitation from within' has decided to check and review the finance books including the budgets reflecting revenue and expenditures of faculty and departmental associations.

A meeting of faculty and departmental association Presidents and Vice Presidents had been called by the Vice President of the Students' Union, Oladunjoye Opeyemi a.k.a Oprah sometimes before she was sworn-in which ended in deadlock owning to arguments by the attendees that she was yet to be sworn in and has no constitutional right to summon them as the letter read, not even when they have all been sworn-in in their various capacities.

On the 3rd of June, the meeting was reconvened by the Union Vice President again at Students' Union Building(SUB) which was attended by considerable number of invitees. Oprah started off by apologizing for what transpired in the previous meeting and sought for their understanding.

Following the agreement of Presidents and Vice Presidents in attendance to Oprah's plea, the meeting continued to discuss the major agendum of the day which was the serious concern about the 'exploitation' of fresh students by some departmental and faculty associations. According to Oprah, some associations charge their fresh students as high as N11,000 as dues which she felt was not justifiable. The departmental association of Architecture department, IFASA was cited as one of those charging their fresh students exorbitantly.
Upon Oprah's repetition of the word exploitation, objections were raised by some of the attendees saying she cannot be sure if it was really exploitation as portrayed. They believe some departmental and faculty associations charges are justifiable as they give these students packages worth what they have paid. Hence, the word 'exploitation' is not justifiable.

A departmental president further said the case which was supposed to be the discuss is the reported issue of departments (headed by HOD) telling her fresh students to pay another money apart from their school fees. He said this payment is no way justifiable. A department in the Faculty of Sciences was mentioned as a case study in this allegation.

The meeting however after some hours reached a common ground of the initial position of the Students' Union Vice President that faculty and departmental associations should submit the finance record of revenue generated from their students and the expenses incurred on packages and programmes for them. It was also proposed that the matter be discussed at the level of the Students' Representative Council parliament of the Students' Union.

Other issues discussed during the meeting include security, registration and renewal of associations and welfare of students in general. Other Students' Union leaders present at the meeting include the Secretary General, Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun and the Public Relations Officer, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant.
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