Friday, 19 June 2015

OAU Student's Union Official Press Release On Adekunle Gold
This is the official press release from the office of the Social director.

 Revolutionary greetings to my fellow Nigerians. Without wasting too much time on pleasantries, I will love to cut to the chase and set the record straight. Wale Applause, a social media publicist and a former Social director of OAU student union was the one who connected me with the Adekunle Gold’s manager. Wale Applause demanded 300 thousand naira as the fee to get Adekunle Gold to perform. As you would expect, there were negotiations but at the end of the day, Wale Applause did not shift ground as he was bent on collecting the 300 thousand naira. I had to agree. I gave them 250 thousand naira and promised to pay the remaining 50 thousand after the performance but on getting to Ilorin to pick up Adekunle Gold, I was made to pay the remaining 50 thousand before he agreed to come back to Ife with me. In the bus conveying us back to Ife, I asked him which song he will be doing and he said he will be doing ‘Sade’. So I told him he cant just do that only song and leave the stage, that OAU students will want more.
I suggested to him that he should find a way to entertain the audience for at least 20 minutes and he assured me he would. He said and i quote “I know how to handle my audience”. This put my mind at rest and I enjoyed the rest of my journey back to Ife as I looked forward to a great night with Adekunle Gold. We got to Ife and we lodged him in a hotel and I started putting the final preparations together. Around 9pm, when the show started, I got a call from his manager demanding that Adekunle Gold must perform immediately as he has another event the following day. I was not told all this before I paid for his services and I definitely cant let him perform at the beginning of the show when he is supposed to be the main act and the main act as we all know should end the show, not start it. I kept him at the backstage, provided adequate welfare, he interacted with the media outfits around, we all laughed and enjoyed from the backstage.
Four hours later, around 1am, it was his time to entertain his fans who had waited all night for him. As he was about to go on stage, I reminded him of the importance of making sure he finds a way to entertain the students for atleast 20 minutes and he said I should not worry. To my surprise, Adekunle Gold went on stage and did his only song ‘sade’ and spent exactly 3 minutes and 42 seconds. The audience, as expected got really angry and we had a mob coming towards the stage. We quickly took him away from the scene, found our way to the student union building, the mob running after us. The students demanded more for the 300 thousand naira! Fortunately, we were able to get him to his hotel room unharmed. The next morning, the students came to the Union building to make demands. They insisted that Adekunle Gold must refund atleast half of the money.
The Union president then appointed some persons to follow me to the hotel to make those demands. We got there and conveyed the message to his manager. I called Wale Applause and he said I should talk to the manager and reach a compromise. The manager agreed that his artiste was wrong to breach the agreement he had with me and that they would refund half of the the money. Chinko Ekun, a student of OAU and a YBNL artiste was there when this conversation was ongoing and he even went to the ATM with Adekunle Gold’s manager to get the money. There was no argument whatsoever, it was a peaceful and straight forward negotiation with the manager. Adekunle Gold did not even come out of his room until after negotiations were over. I made preparations for his transport but he declined. I am still trying to understand how exactly we robbed him? Wale Applause then called after he found out I was going to collect half of the money. He said he will make sure i regret this. He also said he controls all the artistes in the industry and he will make sure none of them ever comes to OAU in the future. He promised to damage my name and also the name of the school.

Wale Applause is a very well respected alumnus of this great university which is we are very dissapointed with his actions. Wale Applause is a wounded lion who has refused to let go of the past. He brought Durella to OAU when he was the Social director but the show flopped because Durella refused to respect the traditions of Great OAU students. His fans felt insulted and did not allow him perform and the show was brought to an end abruptly. Wale Applause obviously still feels he has a score to settle with the school management.
The school management suspended the Student union during his tenure. With all due respect to Mr Wale Applause, he has to tender an unreserved apology to great Ife students as his actions have been erratic and devoid of the calmness and intelligence one would expect from an alumnus. I am also very disappointed in the media outfits who have been accusing OAU students of robbery without even asking for our own side of the story. It is very alarming the level of mediocrity in our journalism today. It is most painful that some TV stations have also been so unprofessional with the way they have portrayed this situation to the general public. We are powerfully and seriously considering legal actions.
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  1. Guys, you never put your mind at rest indeed! I wish you would win the legal issues. I wish you all the best at the court!