Thursday, 25 June 2015

Students' Union Probe Committee Divided Over Terms Of Reference

The Probe Committee constituted by the congress of Great Ife students to facilitate the handing over of the Union properties from the previous administration to the current one has argued variably on the terms of reference guiding its operation.

OAU Peeps News Agency spoke with some members of the Probe Committees immediately after the deadlocked handing over meeting and they had different interpretations of their terms of reference as relating to their presence in the meeting.

The acting Secretary of the committee, Abiodun Idis a.k.a Banjris who confirmed to us that the SU president is aware of the meeting and he called him this morning to go and attend the meeting since the committee is in charge of handing over. He said he does not why TY himself was not present in person.
In the acting Secretary words, the members of the committee have been saddled with the responsibilities of proper handing over of Union account and also Union properties. A member of the committee also present in the meeting, Ayo Adebayo a.k.a Triple A opined that one of the responsibilities of the Probe Committee is to collect all the Union properties from Ibikunle-led administration and report to the Congress where it will be handed over to the new Union excos.

In a contrary opinion, another member of the committee, Sodiq Oyeleke a.k.a SDK said it was not in their terms of reference to collect any Union property from the former excos. He said the function the Probe Committee was saddled with was to facilitate the handing over from the previous administration to the new one. SDK went further to commend the DSA who in his opinion has played a motherly role by facilitating the meeting that will ensure the proper transfer.

The Students’ Union Vice President, Oprah who came to the venue of the meeting several minutes after the meeting was reluctant to speak to the Press about the issue at first but eventually said they are aware of the meeting but did not show up because the Congress has told the Probe Committee to be in charge of the transition.
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