Thursday, 4 June 2015

We Will Employ Experts To Calculate Hon. Seun’s CGPA –EPC

The Election Petition Committee (EPC) of the Great Ife Students’ Union for the 2014/2015 session hearing the petition of Awotiwon Ibiyemi questioning the eligibility of Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun, the Students’ Union Secretary General has concluded to employ the service of experts to help with calculating Hon. Seun’s CGPA.

With one week in office, the fate of the mandate given to Hon. Seun by the generality of Great Ife students is yet to be determined. The sitting of the Election Petition Committee that was initially scheduled to hold on Wednesday morning was postponed till the evening.

Following the Committee’s cross examination of the documents tendered by the defendant in the case before it to substantiate the result he used in contesting for the post of the Secretary General of the Students’ Union, the members of the committee failed to reach a common ground as they had divergent opinion and interpretation of what CGPA should be.

Some of the members of the Committee feel Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate (CGPA) can be aggregated at any time, be it during the Harmattan or Rain semester while others said CGPA can only be obtained at the end of a session, that is, after two semesters. The later believe the only thing you will get at the end of a particular semester is Grade Point Aggregate (GPA).
Another high point of divergence in the committee’s opinion lied strongly in the calculation of the CGPA itself. The members after calculating the results had varying aggregates. With this, the correct and accurate way of calculating CGPA is in serious doubt by the committee.

The Committee following the many disparities in its member’s opinion on CGPA calculation and what CGPA actually means has resolved to employ the services of experts to help in giving a professional assessment, calculation and interpretation of the CGPA.

“We want to adjourn this meeting now and employ the service of experts to come and do the calculation before us.” The Secretary of the Election Petition Committee submitted.

The committee chairman was conspicuously absent from the meeting likewise the petitioner and defendant. Judgement for the case has been adjourned till further notice.
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